Twintail ending a relationship

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twintail ending a relationship

Explore Katrinka Stanek's board "Gonna Be the Twin Tail" on Pinterest. Pony Canyon Highlights Upcoming 'Etotama' Anime Ending Song CD Release Ore Twintail ni Narimasu Anime School Girl, Anime Girls, Manga Art, Anime Art Girls, Adagaki Aki, Relationships, Neko, Baby Dolls, Cartoon Movies, Relationship. It can be really unnerving when you're in a relationship and you're not sure if your partner is just in a super grumpy mood, or they actually are. Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! or in its short form OreTwi (俺ツイ), is a Japanese light novel series . She usually slips marriage registration forms in the boys' test slips with her name on them, or she will try . The ending theme is "Twin-Tail Dreamer !.

Rather, they were giving them dolls to calm them down. So we can stay here and watch for now, but What is that monster In my line of sight was something I should never have seen. But the radiant sight that had burned itself into my heart earlier today had not been a dream or an illusion. I knew that now. That was it, the source of my suffering from the first day of high school life, the diabolical hairstyle that had charmed me in both the good and bad sense of the word.

Two of the solid black combat drones were dragging along Shindou Erina, president of the student council, in her school uniform, one on each arm. The president was holding something tight in her arms as if it were important. The monster ran his eyes over her as if he were deciding on her price. Yours could be the ultimate twintails!!

No, tell me who you are! Set the other girls free!! As you can see, we can communicate well with each other. And so, I tell you that I cannot release them. First, while I have the opportunity There is sweetness even in your hostility. A kitten stuffie suits a naughty young girl well!! Twintails, stuffed animal, and resting on a sofa!

They forced the president, now holding the stuffed animal, to sit on it. This is the golden ratio that my long years of discipline have led me to!! We understand that they are aiming for girls with twintails, anyway Tell me, Twoearle, what can I do?

Right now, we will act. She was so calm that she seemed reliable. First, please take off the clothes I am wearing. No, more like rip them off, please. Push both of my arms above my head like this and hold them there Like this, Souji-sama, with one hand. Then with your other hand, pull off my bra Where are you hiding!!

I left that comeback inside my heart, and looked at the twintails beside me. Certainly, they do draw the eye, but I felt deja vu. This situation I was longing for The script I polished over and over again Come on, tell me!! Well, Souji-sama, let us go ahead with the script just like before! Take them with one cut!! As hard as I can!? It is true we do not have much time, so I will skip a little!

And they can sense her Twintail Element even through recognition jamming, so even in the first battle I do not think we can take them lightly. All that stuff earlier was for this! You should become at least a match for that monster when you transform.

But I was willing to grasp at any straw right then, and my heart soaked it up without resistance as if it were a voice from heaven. How can we overlook that!! It is because you love twintails that you can use the bracelet.

There is no need to act like you care about justice. Really more and more this seems like a joke. The earth shook so much that I seemed to float for a second, and then came an ear-splitting roar. A tragic scene as though I were looking into hell. An improvised ceremonial site. Like a lion jumping through a flaming hoop, the girls in the line moved through a metallic ring with light stretched across it in iridescent colours like a soap bubble.

The moment the first girl passed through, her hair came gently untied, and she drifted back down tracing an arc across the sky. One by one, the instant they could put the next one through, the girls went through the ring as lifeless as parts on a belt conveyor. It is still all right, they can still be saved. How can I save the twintails?

How can I destroy those guys?!! Were they such a little thing to you?!! But tell me how to use this thing. She nodded with an earnest expression, and explained, raising her own right arm to her chest. If you do that, the bracelet should activate. Sounds like something even I can do. Closing my eyes, like she had told me, I wished hard, hard.

I want to transform I want to save the president, those girls. To take back the twintails. To become someone who can defeat those bastards. Is there a guy anywhere who can just keep quiet after he sees something he loves trampled into the dust!! An intense light as though soundless fireworks were exploding before his eyes. As specks of light flooded out, they tightened around him. An even brighter sudden flash. They began to change the barely visible silhouette.

Shoulders, chest, hips, legs - from the top in order light burst like an explosion, and Souji was covered from the neck down in a red suit. Spraying out like steam, lines of red light. I really did transform As far as he could see, the suit covered the body without a gap, from the tips of the feet when he looked down to the fingertips he was opening and closing over and over again.

But he seems to have noticed before long that there was no pressure on his head. Also, it is using Imagine Chaff as a countermeasure, so even though your face is uncovered, other people will not realize that it is you, Souji-sama. Please fight with peace of mind! Let me try this!! Why did he agree to all of this so easily?!

I was reminded of the time when I was bored and tried setting the running machine to maximum speed. Souji-sama, that suit, the Tailgear, is created with the power of your mind. You must drive it with your will! Up until then it felt like I was clinging to a car moving at top speed, but I suddenly started to feel my feet landing on the ground through the suit. I had already reached the parking lot and gone more than halfway across it, kicking the rubble out of the way as I was running without trying to avoid it.

I could see the girls lying unconscious on the asphalt now. I know they regretted having their twintails stolen. I can hear the monster muttering something cryptic to President Shindou, lying at his feet. My anger hit its peak when I saw the president with her twintails cruelly untied. As I did, something like stoppers came down from somewhere near my ankles and jammed into the asphalt, scraping it and blowing off sparks and dust.

That girl created this!? A sense of awe filled my body at the unknown power, taking my mind off my anger. And then I started to be afraid. I was surprised again by the kind of power the girl called Twoearle had in her hands. How had she created something with this kind of terrifying strength? Just as I was told, just as I had wished, I had accepted it, but had that been the right thing to do?

I have to concentrate on saving the twintails Give these people back the twintails that you Did you not hear me? You stole their twintails. Give them back, goddamn you!! And so it should also be possible for it to give them back. Who would subject someone to this kind of danger just because they have twintails? Because it would be stupid to take the risk. Was I blown away by such a strong young innocent Even if I leave out the girls before.

What the monster was saying gave me an uncomfortable feeling, but at the same time I myself began to feel obscure doubt. My field of vision, my viewpoint was oddly low. Maybe it was my imagination, but the hands I was holding up also seemed smaller than usual. There was a girl with lovely twintails there. One of the car windshields was still in its original shape. I saw the reflection and was speechless.

What would you call this. Beautiful, spectacular twintails hanging down past the knee. And ribbon-shaped pieces that moved up and down together with her breathing, so smoothly that they seemed to be swaying. Her wide eyes opened even farther. In places, on top of the body suit that stuck closely to her bare skin, angular mechanical-looking armaments had been attached. They were the source of a mysterious glow. There were giant attachments on either side of her hips, but the crotch area of the suit had been designed like a bikini, and half of her thighs were exposed.

But I tried touching my chest and groin. My chest was just as flat as it looked from outside, but my constant companion for half my life, the prince between my legs, my important partner, was cleanly and completely missing. My unnaturally high voice.

Aah, you are wonderful, Souji-sama! What happened, why is Souji a wwwwwoman!! In order to obtain great power, you have to pay a corresponding price. You shoved too hard, God. This is like even my cool entrance scene earlier looped once around the Earth and crashed into the back of my head. You have my gratitude! Show her along, and be polite! Its body began to glow. Before long, it exploded softly into dust and disappeared into the sky. The monster let out a little noise of interest.

One Ultiroid in one blow! What is that fierce power!? Who are you, child!! This is a great chance for a cool intro speech! What am I supposed to be? One of you, get me a doll she can hug! Like they were giving off desire as an aura. It should create a weapon made just for you!! I hit the ribbon over and over. Whether my bitter wish got through or not, it lit up and a burst of flame shot out. Forming a spiral in the air, it gathered in my right hand and began to take the shape of a sword like vapor condensing.

The red blade lengthened, wrapping itself around a black core. A word appeared in my mind like it was being punched into a typewriter. The magnificent double-edged sword was finished, glowing with red heat.

My voice was frozen, so I swung the sword. The enemy took a diagonal slash to the chest, and with a small explosion evaporated into dust. The soldiers, cut in half, vanished one after another. With no hesitation - with even less hesitation than before, attacks began to come all at once from the earth and sky. The figures all in black attacked four ways, eight ways, and evaporated without even having time to scream.

The sword like lightning and the twintails dancing in the sky I was sure that I was lost in heaven!! Tears were flowing from his eyes. He stuck out his hands and came at me like a zombie. He was different from the one-kick soldiers before. Could you pinch them between your thumb and index finger and give my cheeks a few slaps, pechi pechi!!

And with the tip of his lips stained with drool, the monster came at me. Were guys who like twintails all like this? Was this how other people saw me? If nobody approves of me, will I become warped too? My memories flickered around me like shadows from a lantern. The times when I had a passionate talk with someone about twintails. Or when they might not have known them well, but they knew what they were. There's not a single one of them who didn't start to look suspicious.

Get a hold of yourself! There were no obstacles to intercept you, were there? Please let go of my obstacles!! A feeling rose in my heart like sunlight breaking through clouds. I thought I heard a voice rising in pain, but my mind had already become one with the space around it.

What Aika says is right. After shaking her off and coming into the battle, what am I doing. Come to think of it, back when I was a kid, when I was fighting Aika and I had that old man training me, he beat that into my head a lot. You have a lot of idle thoughts, you have to empty your heart - that kind of thing.

Let your heart fill the space Nothing else than the scream now. Get your face out here!! Aika wants to cure her flat chestedness. Twirl wants to screw Sora. All of those things interact to create a rather colorful daily life full of unbelievable things, even without Ultimagil to stink up the place.

Although not too many unbelievable things, since it's their daily lives and the heroic business stuff is on hold. For everyone and anything in the world, normal is a highly subjective standard.

For a superhero, a normal life would involve fighting super villains. For an office worker, normal just means a daily eight to five grind. And for some, rare, specific individuals, normal is defined by the absence of normal in any conventional sense. The Mitsuka household was a place that was just chock full of that absence of normal. A couple of months had passed since Mitsuka Souji had irreversibly and absolutely, with no hope of recovery ever, turned into Mitsuka Sora.

The diagnosis was simple; too much twintail exposure from girls. Turning into Tail Red, temporarily turning into Sora before and then being around Aika and Erina so much had caused an overflow that Twirl tried to explain in really big words but didn't make much sense to anyone.

Sora herself was not unhappy with it so all attempts to reverse it were met with utter indifference. And now things were about to take another drastic turn for the better. Depending entirely on who was asked. Her back was bent in an unnatural way across Aika's shoulders, who was about to tear her in half in retribution for yapping about her flat chest again.

Aika had caught Twirl trying to break through the window and assault Sora in the bath. And promptly disabled her. Coughing and groaning, Twirl was a little shaky on her legs. This was her final trump card to play against Aika. It would result in some rather extraordinary blow back, even if it succeeded, but she was not getting a lucky break. As long as Aika was around, Sora would be out of her lewd reach. So the only card left to play was to bring Aika to her side.

But that was easier said than done. Spending night after night tormenting herself thinking about how to do that, Twirl had finally found a solution that she believed would work, after ruling out all other options, like mind controlling Aika or shipping her off to another solar system via interstellar FedEx.

She could only consider methods that would leave Sora oblivious that it was her doing.

Erina Shindō

Or stick to methods that would not actually result in Aika being stranded on some far off planet or in the vast, empty void of space. And there was only one thing she had come up with after an eternity of thinking about. Here is to note that to Twirl, spending three days on a single issue was basically an eternity.

No more tail yellow problems! On Sora's delicious b-" Twirl backed away again, now standing there with her back against the outer wall of Aika's house. Your problem is that you lack any and all compatibility with big breasts attribute! That's why the yellow tail gear didn't work. If you have no compatibility, the attribute doesn't work. B-But… there is a way to get around that. She still felt depressed every time she remembered that moment when she tried to activate the yellow tail gear and nothing happened.

This time she would be more careful. You might not be able to tell, but I have an extraordinarily powerful big breasts attribute and-" Aika's right fist hit the wall next to Twirl's head.

Twirl spoke so fast that she nearly fumbled her words. It won't fix the compatibility issue, so you'd remain flatter than a thousand times folded sword that has an edge of only one atom that can slice through anything. Because it will be my attribute, I can make your body develop compatibility by Getting your hands all over me and mine all over you. Total and super massive intimacy.

This isn't what I expected. I thought this would be a much harder sell. Just how much does her perfectly smooth flat cliff of a chest bother her? In a way, that was freaking Twirl out ten times as much as any level of anger did.

It was like the sky turned red with flames and everyone pretended it was normal. Twirl was so caught off guard that she couldn't think of anything to say other than the really obvious things like Because you hate me, or because we are both girls, but then again she didn't really despise Aika so much as she was annoyed by her constant guarding of Sora.

No, I take that back. I definitely despise that samurai sword and her abusive, violent, gorilla-like behavior on top of the whole tsundere shtick she got going on! I'll get you your breasts and in exchange you won't mess with me when I try to teach Sora about the pleasures of a woman! I won't interrupt but you gotta ask her.

But if she turns me down, no deal for you either! Just later that evening, Twirl walked into Sora's room, who was reading a book about hairstyling on her bed, and crawled on top of her.

So what do you say, should I teach this little red devil here just how seductive she is and all about the pleasures of having my fingers inside you? While Sora's expression didn't change, Twirl looked a little anxious. She was about to just throw her deal out the window and ravish Sora right there.

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But the short girl reached right past her face and went through her hair. But I'm sorry, I just can't do this without twintails. That's the problem here? That I don't have twintails? Having lost her twintail attribute itself meant she was never going to have her hair like that again, no matter wait.

Her hair would mysteriously escape the hands of whoever was trying to tie it together. And unlike Aika, there was no fixing her missing attribute. It was like a scar. Twirl was attractive, but it was like looking at a super fancy car that had no engine and you really wanted to drive it.

There was no way someone would buy it like that. But that gave her an idea. If Twirl has the looks but no twintails… that means if she got someone else to join her that had no looks but twintails like Aika, then it would balance itself out! Aika has extremely nice twintails after all. And you can make up for her sextuple A cup size! And why is my life spiraling out of control? So, now what, I have to get Aika to agree to sleeping with me and Sora at the same time because I alone don't qualify due to no twintails and then I also have to sleep with Aika anyway even when Sora doesn't want to because I am letting her siphon from my attribute?

Aren't I being really exploited here?! I want to finish reading that article about how hair lotion and repairing damage from hair spray. What was that all about? Maybe she breathed in some fumes from her machines. Maybe I'll ask her later if she is feeling okay. Back at the Tsube residence, the living room, Aika was on the floor, laughing so hard that she felt like some kind of metal weapon had pierced her stomach.

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After Twirl made fun of her again and again and another million times after that! Getting turned down because of something like that was just too good. I should have used interstellar FedEx to get rid of her. She might count as an endangered species, the only human that is shaped like a perfectly smooth pole. Whatever, enjoy staying f- wait, what did you say? I've liked Sora for far longer than you have even known about earth! Why would I have a problem with s-s-sleeping with her.

Twirl just stood there with her mouth open. Before she knew it, Twirl was dragged her up the stairs. For Sora, it had been a scenario where she put forth an unreasonable request in an attempt to get out of the whole thing and then it blew up in her face, making her unable to say she was just kidding.

For Aika, the future of being no longer a washboard was on the line, so she let Twirl sweep her along. The first night together with Twirl had been very awkward as well. After hating each other for months, sleeping in the same bed had been really weird for both of them. Since that first time the three of them didn't manage to even talk about doing it again. Aika and Twirl managed to endure with just cuddling at night, to which Aika got used surprisingly quickly.

Morning arrived with a cold that was usually reserved for the lower layers of hell. It was already six in the morning and even though it was the height of summer, it was so unbelievably dim outside, that through the curtains on Aika's window, it felt like night. Laying flat on her stomach, her head resting on the pillow she shared with Twirl, Aika glanced to the side. It wasn't unusual for her to be awake so early in the morning. The alien girl was still sound asleep, her large chest moving with each breath she took.

Aika had never really thought about what Twirl wore to bed before all of this, but as it turned out it was just a large black tank top. She felt somehow let down by that. Watching twirl's chest rise and fall for a little while, Aika slowly crawled backwards towards the foot end and got out of bed from there without having to crawl over Twirl. And immediately she stepped on Twirl's clothes. She is such a slob. How can someone so smart be so much of a deviant and also so much of a slob?

Picking up the lab coat and the dress, Aika just put them on her desk. The chair was already occupied with her own clothes. Sleeping in just her underwear, Aika anticipated looking into the mirror every morning. It was a slow, grueling process of getting just a little bit bigger every day, but there was no good way to explain suddenly having enormous breasts anyway. Checking herself out in the mirror, Aika bent forward and put her arms together, squishing her breasts to exaggerated the bit of cleavage she had now.

I haven't measured them yet… I can tell they're still less than Sora's, but I'm definitely above Erina now!

twintail ending a relationship

Feeling much more confident about her body than before, Aika struck a few more poses before she checked up on Twirl, making sure she wasn't caught doing this sort of thing. Before all of this, she would have just slugged her and gotten angry if she was caught, but as it turned out, Twirl was not actually as bad as she thought.

Without her constant attempts to screw Sora, and without the also constant washboard insults, Twirl was surprisingly interesting. Hearing about other planets and some scientific stuff went a little over Aika's head, but Twirl liked a lot of the same things that Aika did. Sweets, fashion, movies even. She did still have extremely strong tendencies towards raunchy material, such as wanting to visit a cat-ears busty maid cafe with Aika, but nothing that made Aika want to hit her or break her into so many tiny pieces that even the world record holder in puzzle games wouldn't bother trying to put her back together.

But it wasn't just Twirl that was different. Without the endless self-conscious worrying and loathing, without the constant washboard gags from Twirl and some other people around her, Aika found herself a lot more balanced and at peace. There was still the occasional gag for which Twirl was punished, but it never really accompanied lasting pain anymore. Most of all, it was the cuddling, Aika told herself. Spending every night with Twirl had been really awkward for the first few days, because Aika kept expecting her to do something stupid or abuse her position.

Twirl tossed a lot in her sleep and that was the worst of it. One time, Aika woke up with her face buried in Twirl's boobs and she didn't really care. The tossing stopped after Aika had ended up kicked out of bed the third night in a row. A solution was found promptly; putting her arms around Aika's waist did generally result in Twirl's hands ending up further up or down that Aika wanted them to, but at least Twirl didn't toss anymore.

But despite this arrangement, they always ended up separated by morning. Feeling a bit excited after the posing and seeing that Twirl was still soundly passed out, Aika grabbed Twirl's dress and threw it on. She was far, far from filling it properly so it didn't look that good on her yet, but for Aika, it was like a promise of the future. Stepping back in front of the mirror, Aika pulled on the top part a little, making it look like she had roughly the same size as Twirl. She was missing the remainder of the outfit, the white belts across her hips and the red skirt with black rim.

And of course the lab coat. About a minute long Aika indulged her fantasy and then took the dress back off, putting it back where it belonged. At this rate… it'll be winter before I'm that big. I guess only everyone in class will be able to tell. Crawling back into bed, because it was still early in the morning and she didn't want to sneak out of her room, Aika laid back down next to her former arch-nemesis.

She's… kinda cute when she sleeps. With her eyes closed and her long white hair all messy, Twirl's face made Aika's heart race just a little. I can't believe I'm thinking Twirl is cute. But if you try it on, you should try on all of it, so it looks-" Twirl was forced back on her back when Aika literally jumped on her, pulled the pillow out from under her head and smothered her.

It wasn't visible in the dark but her face was lit up like a Christmas tree. Grabbing the girl's ass, Twirl successfully defeated the former wooden plank category wrestling champion and threw her off. I can tell right away when you're pissed off or embarrassed, Aika. The absence of bone breaking pain is an indicator clear as day!

Why am I even covering up like this? I sleep next to this nymphomaniac every night! But it's still somehow embarrassing right now. You're basically my girlfriend and- oof! We just share a bed! And we have bathed together. And you try on my clothes. And I wear your underwear. I am wearing your panties though! Aika calmed down and dropped the comforter when she realized there really was no point in keeping getting upset about the things Twirl said.

Not that they made her angry, but instead of pissing her off, Twirl had really taken to embarrassing her. Although she mysteriously avoided doing so when they weren't alone. So I tried on your clothes, what's the big deal? I'll fit them eventually! Hugging the pillow, Twirl just kept sitting there on the floor. You said… gimme a second. I'm sure she said something! Skirt, dress, belts, coat.

twintail ending a relationship

And keep your hair down. And there's no deadly encounters of the gorilla kind either! That one was getting too small like a week ago. Like, get a bit bigger than Sora and the stares will get pretty intense.

Get as big as Tail Yellow and it'll escalate. Once you finished growing you'll better be used to stares or you're gonna melt out there. Now that I can, I suddenly want to grope her though. Getting back on the bed with all speed of a snail in slow motion, to annoy Aika, Twirl's heart felt like a ten string guitar that was smacked over someone's head. Seeing Aika just barely cover herself, half embarrassed and half anticipating a real estimate, her legs neatly put together, sitting like a real girl would have sat; all of that really made Twirl aware that she was pretty attractive, even with her chest still this small.

Sitting in front of Aika and reached out, Twirl's face was covered by a gorilla paw. From the back, the back! Twirl was barely in position when she hesitated. She looks so good with her hair down. It's a pity she's so used to twin tails now. We could have matching hairstyles otherwise.

Reaching around Aika's waist, Twirl approached from below, her hands slowly enveloping Aika's breasts; or rather trying to. They were already a little too big to fit completely into her hands. I guess my hands are smaller than I thought.

How long is she gonna fondle me for? It's already been forever! Aika squirmed a little and was starting to feel turned on, even though Twirl was hardly doing anything at all. It was more like her breasts were being covered than fondled.

This would probably go a lot faster if we had more contact, like fuc-" Twirl was surprised that she was cut off not by a punch but by Aika leaning backwards against her. What is she doing? It had been over a week since Twirl had even made an attempt.