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Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising is a pretty great start to what could be punch, though it's no comparison to Bay's live-action adaptations. Optimus Prime and the Autobots investigate the return of the Decepticons while being forced to account for a group of young humans who have. Darkness Rising, Part One; Darkness Rising, Part 2; Darkness Rising, Part 3 . Optimus Prime: Without a means of leaving this world, we Autobots take strength in the —Agent Fowler summing up his relationship with Bulkhead.

But she had until his next visit to worry about that. Now, she was going to enjoy the freedom his departure gave the young Prime. Honestly, she couldn't imagine herself becoming the next Prime.

It wouldn't matter if she was the daughter of the last living Prime in existance. She still had to prove herself to Primus in order to gain the wisdom of the Primes and for her status as a Prime to become official.

Meanwhile, Fowler flew his helicopter through the skies in his usual confident mood. Flying through the skies gave him freedom. And freedom is something he needs during this stressful job. Dealing with the Autobots whenever they unintentionally caused destruction isn't his idea of heaven. But there are times when he wouldn't have it any other way. It wouldn't matter even if he butted heads with Optimus and Talida well…mostly Talida every second visit or so.

Darkness Rising, Part 1

It was all worth it in the end. His world would be safe from the terror of the Decepticons. We have a situation. I'm en route from the Autobot base. I'll brief you in person," Fowler spoke into his radio. But little did he know that he wouldn't make it back to his headquarters. Little did he know of the danger he faced… "Agent Fowler. I'll brief you in person. Fetch us this Fowler so that he may brief us instead," Fowler instructed.

Soundwave didn't say anything. In fact, he didn't indicate that he understood Starscream's instructions or even protest them. He simply dispatched the Decepticon called Laserbeak that always remained stuck to his form towards the coordinates of the federal agent they seek… As time flew by, Fowler continued flying in peace…until his alarms started going off.

That was when he knew that trouble was coming. And that trouble was in the form of a Decepticon. However, he soon came across a dead end that he would soon crash into if he did not act quickly. Thankfully, Fowler is a superb pilot and he managed to pull out of the potential collision in time and flew upwards towards the blue sky. Unfortunately, Laserbeak took the same path. Well, Fowler didn't take all those flying courses for nothing. He did some special maneovre he was taught and managed to fly behind the non-speaking Decepticon.

With a hit of a button, the shots were fired at Laserbeak. But all the bullets seem to do was ricochet off of Laserbeak's thick armour.

Well, when it comes to the Decepticons, Fowler couldn't help but give them credit for their intelligence, determination and the use of their metal not that he would admit it to the Autobots, especially NOT to Optimus and Talida. The shots also made Laserbeak mad.

He decided to act when Fowler eventually ran out of ammo. Immediately, Fowler knew he was in trouble. Especially when Laserbeak slashed the rear engine off the helicopter, causing Fowler to lose control as the chances of a crash increased dramatically.

But regaining control of the helicopter wasn't an easy task. Especially with Laserbeak following with its greedy claws grabbing air searching for its target. Fowler did his best to avoid the large metal claws. But his effots were in vein. Thankfully, just as the claws grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him out of the crashing helicopter, he hit the Autobot Distress Signal.

Underneath him, the helicopter exploded and Laserbeak continued carrying him to safety…or to the actual torture that lies ahead… As the alarms started going off, all everyone could think was not again. Miko and Raff immediately turned their attention to Bulkhead in the hopes to find ut what was going on.

Jack and Talida did the same too…once they put a halt to the little wrestling match they were having. From Fowler," Bulkhead read before staring unsurely at the control panel, "Uh…" "Allow me," Talida said before tying in various commands.

Whether you like the guy or not, the Decepticons might have him! The 'Cons will totally make him squeal! Fowler could be anywhere! We don't condone human casualties! About five years ago, the government started microchipping their agents. You know, like owners do with pets," Raff explained as he started typing in commands…but not without noticing the stares he was receiving from Jack, Miko, Talida and Bulkhead, "What?

I saw it on TV! Anyway, if I can hack into the government's mainframe, maybe I can pinpoint Fowler's coordinates. But you're, like, 2 years old! Inside the Nemesis, Starscream and Malita watched in delight as the Autobot liason was dragged roughly by Vehicons towards them before being thrown roughly to the ground like garbage.

Well…according to the beliefs of the Decepticons, humans are believed to be garbage. Them coin-operated 'Wash-My-Own-Car' places? Obviously, no one has told you that we have no appreciation for human humor. Make our guest comfortable," Malita instructed before she and Starscream walked away.

Even though Fowler wouldn't admit this; but as the Vehicoms came closer and closer to him, Fowler's fear spiked through the roof. He knew he was in trouble with the Decepticon foes. And he knew that if the Autobots don't rescue him soon, he would never survive the torture that is about to be inflicted on the government agent. You three, stay with Talida. She's still in charge," Bulkhead said as he departed, ignoring the moan of disappointment from Miko.

But there were no Decepticons to fight, much to the disappointment of the eager Autobot. The whole Decepticon she-bang. As a guard did his regular patrol around the perimeter, he didn't notice Fowler hiding behind a rock, much to Fowler's belief. Suddenly, he had another problem… "Alright! This would be when Bulkhead learns that the human he's supposed to protect doesn't like staying back at the base when she's told to.

That's when he learned that his human friend likes to sneak out to the battlefield to get her piece of the action. Oh, if only he knew of the close calls and heart attacks it will bring in the future… "Miko! Sadly, his warnings came too late. One of the Vehicons guarding the ship noticed Miko's presence. He approached the rock she was hiding behind and aimed his gun at her. When she heard the gun beginning to charge up, Miko knew that sneaking away from Talida, Jack and Raff was the wrong decision.

Miko jumped over the rock and ran as the Decepticon fired. The shot shattered the rock. Bulkhead and Miko were just thankful that Miko managed to get out of the way in time. However, the Vehicons can't take failure. Their master would undoubtably turn them into scrap metal when he learns of any failure caused by his Decepticons. So the Vehicon prepared to fire another shot towards Miko's rapidly retreating form. But Bulkhead wouldn't let that happen. He ran up and tackled him to the ground.

In a matter of moments, the two Transformers were beating the scrap out of each other. So far, the score was pretty even. When Bulkhead had the Decepticon pinned to the ground, Miko struggled to pick up a big compared to Miko's stature rock and prepared to hit the Decepticon with it.

But Bulkhead wouldn't allow her to get involved in the fight. He scooped her into his hand and placed her on a nearby rock where he knew she would be safe from anymore Decepticons. But Miko didn't look away as Bulkhead wanted her to. Instead, she watched as Bulkhead used his bare hands to rip out the Decepticon's wiring and spark chamber.

Miko watched in pure admiration. Bulkhead may not even realize that she had followed him! He knows," Talida smiled reassuringly. She has no idea," Jack sighed worriedly. What gave you that idea? Or should I say…Autobot? The destination is still locked in," Raff announced. Save the power for when Bulkhead and Miko or Dad and Ratchet want to come back. We'll use my PGO," Talida decided.

With those words said, Talida hit the button and the portal appeared. She turned to Jack. Immediately, from gazing into her eyes, he knew that she was trying to ask her best friend. That's how close they are. Or the other way around. So, if you guys are robots, who made you? We are autonomous robotic organisms, from the planet Cybertron Darkness Rising, Part 2[ edit ] [To the newly returned Megatron.

Darkness Rising: Part 1

Then, as your humble servant, shall I ready the space bridge to bring forth the Decepticon army you have surely gathered during your three years in space? They have no protective shell! If they get underfoot, they will go Team Prime knows when to use force, and how much to use! Blood of Unicron, how I might fathom the depths of your mystery, become worthy of wielding your astonishing power! Robots who get dizzy? Well, if I don't call my mom, like, now, I'm pretty sure the cops will be out looking for me.

Have you broken a law? Grab your helmet, it's go time. You can watch cartoons back at base with Bumblebee. Just cover yourself in fake blood and jump around screaming. Is it cookie time? Can we stop for pie? Instead, your mindless agenda resulted in the disabling of my ship, and the delay of my plans! I know how to set your plans back on course! To my schoolwork, to my mom, my job.

If he hasn't already. Megatron may not be trying to leave Earth, but to bring through his conquering army. But the only place Megatron could possibly recruit that many fallen warriors Darkness Rising, Part Five[ edit ] Ratchet: Optimus, if you leave me stranded on a planet teeming with humans, I will never forgive you.

Optimus Prime never disappoints. Surely, Lord Megatron, the Autobots are up to something. I chose my side. Where is my ship?! She wasn't going to let herself get kidnapped and tortured. She wouldn't be able to take that. The torture on her and her family. Before, it was all too much. Imagine what it would be like now. Just hours after the death of Cliffjumper. Immediately, Talida knew that Jack was freaking out and demanding some answers.

Tell anyone about me and I will hunt you down," Arcee threatened Jack. Try to calm him down. I'll deal with these Decepticon freaks. Stay safe," Arcee advised before Talida ran off. When she saw the Decepticon cars approach her, she immediately noticed that one took off in the direction that Jack and Talida had taken off in previously.

That was when she knew. These two Decepticons weren't after just her. They were also after Jack and Talida. In the process, she jumped over the oncoming car before turning the corner. In the alley, Jack and Talida were running. They held each other's hands so they could drag each other along. When they looked behind them, they saw a Decepticon car chasing them. That was when Arcee drove over the car and sped up so she was directly next to Jack and Talida.

Without each other, they would become nothing but remains in an alleyway. They needed each other. Immediately, Jack hopped on first and threw Talida on behind him, singlehandedly wrapping her arms around his waist securely. Obviously, he cared about her safety more than his own. Because of the strong care he had for the brave young woman. But he would still want answers. As they drove on the highway, the Decepticons popped up their guns and started shooting at them.

Some shots barely whizzed past Jack's and Talida's heads. They shielded each other. And they are no guys," Arcee retorted. Arcee and I are having trouble with Decepticons in Jasper. A human is involved. We need backup at our coordinates. After skidding around the highway a little bit, Bumblebee regained control and immediately went to follow Arcee, Jack and Talida, ready to protect them if necessary. Bumblebee did his best to keep the Decepticon twins away from Arcee, Talida and Jack.

However, he couldn't keep them away for long. One of them sped up until he was next to Bumblebee and rammed into him the same manner he did to them before. Under the bridge in Jasper, Nevada, a young boy was racing his yellow Camero around by himself. The car completely resembled our favourite Autobot scout…only, the sound wasn't as throaty and the boy named Raff was making the noises. As he had fun with his remote control car, his phone rang, which he immediately answered.

Racing right up the street. Just five more minutes? On the bridge above him, he had no idea of the chase that was going on between Autobots and Decepticons. But he was about to find out. Because Jack and Talida saw that they were approaching roadwork that closed the bridge. And Arcee showed no sign of stopping. Instead, she jumped over the guardrails and flew over the bridge.

Jack and Talida screamed and clung to both Arcee and each other. On her back wheel, Arcee landed on the hill and jumped again to land on the ground…in front of Raff…who dropped his remote control in amazement. We've been best friends since we were in dipers! We have no secrets! You don't trust me or something? This is complicated, OK? We're best friends, Talida! Get them to safety! That was when the fights started. The Decepticons were firing shots at Arcee as she ran towards them.

Did any of them hit her? One thing's for certain: She kicked one in the chest and knocked it to the grond before flipping and doing the same with the other. Jack and Raff were amazed at the sight before them. Talida…well, she's used to it. She practically grew up around the war between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Arcee is an Autobot. Those two blackies are Decepticons. Uh…probably shouldn't have let your emotions cloud your judgement, Arcee. You know how Optimus feels about that. Arcee realized that she was in trouble when she said those words.

The Decepticon quickly recovered and shot at her. For the first few shots, she backflipped away from them. But the last one hit her square in the chest. Time seemed to slow down as she skidded across the area before stopping completely unconscious.

That was when he realized that he stepped on something. When he lifted his foot, he realized that he stepped on Raff's toy car and shattered it into a thousand pieces. Talida sighed and shook her head.

One downside about being giant alien robots on Earth: Sheepishly, he faced Talida, Jack and Raff and beeped his apologies. Really," Raff reassured him before Bumblebee got it square in the chest. One of the Decepticon robots was hot on their tails. Immediately, they found a storm drain and climbed in. They ran as far into it as they could. Reaching inside for them was the robot's clawed hands. If they did, the clawed hand would grab them and kill them without mercy.

Besides, they're too young to die! They stopped suddenly and turned around as they saw how close the hand was to them. Suddenly, the hand was sharply tugged away and the sounds of the guy being beaten to a metal pulp could be heard. Talida smiled a secret smile. She knew her man would save them. Bumblebee's not even a man! And since when is he HERS?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the yellow robot himself looking in and beeping something to them. Moments ago, you were demanding answers! NOW, you don't wanna know? The fight between Bumblebee, Arcee and the Decepticons continued. One involves Bumblebee getting kneed in his…male parts.

As Arcee helped Bumblebee to his feet, the Decepticons slowly approached them ready to kill. Bumblebee and Arcee were ready to fight. Suddenly, a familiar horn could be heard. The giant AV pickup transformed into the former wrecker, Bulkhead. He's been my best friend since…well, always," Talida told her father. You guys were bickering the entire time," Arcee retorted. You just had one of the screaming matches you have with Ratchet all the time," Arcee smirked. With Jack, they argue with matters that shouldn't really matter," Ratchet corrected.

Especially in this war," Talida returned. NOT little matters such as the scrap you and Jack are dealing with," Ratchet shot back. Or one of your precious inventions may 'mysteriously' end up destroyed! I've done it once before!

Don't think I won't do it again! Was a little busy at the time. Besides, I asked Talida to get them to safety and she did. That's all that matters," Arcee remarked, "You did good out there today, Tally. What you did today is having you too involved for my tastes," Optimus cut in. And what do you mean it doesn't concern me? This stupid war is all you guys ever talk about! I've been involved in the war since I was 14! Whether you like it or not, I'm a part of it now!

Besides, today, all I did was almost getting my head shot off and getting Jack and Raff to safety in that storm drain! If the Decepticons are targeting us, anyone perceived as our ally will be a grave risk.

So watch your back," Optimus warned. Immediately, they noticed that Raff was trying to get their attention. Knowing very well what he wanted to talk about, they approached him. Besides, they needed to clear this whole thing up completely.

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They needed to get what they needed off their chests. Hey," Jack greeted, "Look. Let's just keep this between us and forget it ever happened, OK? Enchanted by the bike, she followed Arcee.

As Jack and Talida walked the alleyways, Arcee stopped in front of them. They're full of criminals and pedophiles," Arcee warned the girl she considered a daughter and her friend.

I just wanna talk to you," Arcee reassured him. What you need to understand is I don't want a whole bunch of crazy talking vehicles following me around trying to get me killed! You think that this is the glamorous life for me? I didn't have a choice! In fact, all I want is to be able to join them in a Decepticon encounter for once!

Besides, your personal system is the reason why Optimus Prime has requested your presence! Talida, is he your father? We have a winner," Talida joked. Who just said that? Please don't tell me another person has seen Arcee. Sadly, that is the case. They turned around and saw Miko standing there looking at them in amazement.

And that didn't make Arcee very happy. Because that meant another human has seen them. I can say this: Miko's having the time of her life on Arcee with Jack and Talida as they drove through the desert of Jasper, Nevada. Driving in front of them was Bumblebee with Raff riding inside in the back seat.

They're not gonna crash. The rocky face disappeared and the mechanic doors opened to reveal a secret tunnel of some kind. As soon as Bumblebee and Arcee were inside, the doors shut and the secret entrance was hidden to the rest of the world. Miko gasped in amazement as they slowed down and entered the computer room. Humans multiply," Arcee stated dryly.

I bet you're a truck! Do you like heavy metal? How much do you weigh? Ever use a wrecking ball for a punching bag? I should've warned you about the questions they'd be asking," Talida apologized sheepishly.

If you guys are robots, who made you? Suddenly, the ground began to shake.