Torvill dean relationship

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torvill dean relationship

One goes to meet Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean expecting Colgate smiles the shocking death of his father, their intimate relationship and their years of. Torvill and Dean, English figure skaters who revolutionized the sport of ice dancing. At the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (now in Bosnia and. Christopher Dean was half of one of the most iconic duos of the s: Torvill and Dean.

It contains many symmetrical dance steps and large sweeping arm gestures, with a succession of impressive lifts and a series of symmetrical jumps and leaps carried out in perfect unison with each other, giving the impression of animals running through the forest. Unique to this dance is a series of two symmetrical steps where they literally leap high into the air together but leaning forward with their inside leg bent as they plunge back to the ground, putting their outside leg straight out behind them.

The move actually makes them look like two stags leaping and bounding and thrusting their antlers forward.

torvill dean relationship

The piece ends with Jayne throwing herself onto Chris, who bends with Jayne balanced on his knees and allows himself to fall flat on to his back, ending with Jayne suspended in the air held up by Chris, forming a dramatic and very beautiful final tableau as Chris continues to glide across the ice on his back. Hi grace Echoes of Ireland [ edit ] Music: Challenge of the Champions Innsbruck Austria Result: The finished piece is actually an ensemble of three quite separate routines, which they later performed in different orders or simply on their own.

The first is a tradition lighthearted Irish jig with some very clever footwork. The second is a more sombre dance done to older tradition Irish Folk music. The third piece is a more modern piece, a very beautiful new age number done to a song sung by an Irish female artist.

Torvill and Dean

This final dance includes an unusual lift where Jayne jumps up and sits high upon one of Chris's shoulders facing the opposite way from him. The costumes consist of brown trousers, cream shirt, yellow neckerchief, and green-check waistcoat for Chris, and an off-orange dress with embroidered collar and sleeves and white apron for Jayne.

torvill dean relationship

World Professional Championships Result: It was highly technical, physically demanding with a lot of high and drawn-out lifts, and visually very impressive.

True to the style of the music, Revolution is extremely fast-paced and performed with an aggression that neither had displayed before. The movements express violence, dissent, anguish, and entrapment. The costumes were very sophisticated in style: Chris wore back trousers, white open-necked shirt, and a smart black and purple waistcoat, while Jayne wore black trousers and a voluminous white silk blouse.

What was particularly unusual about Jayne's costume was that she actually wore black skates to blend right in with her trousers. While Chris always wore skates the dominant colour of his costume, even when in trousers Jayne rarely did, consistently skating in white skates in nearly all routines. Excerpt taken from Torvill and Dean's autobiography Facing the Music: Revolution was most ambitious.

It was long, fast and very testing, not only of our abilities as dancers, but also as actors, in particular Jayne, who had to go completely against character, with vicious movements and displays of anger. That was new, not only for her: In the Blade Runners documentary Jayne says: Chris then goes on to explain the theme of the piece, and explains how it leads into imagine and why the perform the two pieces together: Which happens to a lot of people — that something goes wrong and tension builds and anger grows within that.

And I wanted to put that onto the ice — this raw aggression — and overstate it — so that, for people sitting right the way back, it becomes literal though body.

torvill dean relationship

I didn't know where she went to. By then my stepmother had taken her role.

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I suppose losing Mum made me independent. She was also an only child. Her father was a newsagent and her mother did odd jobs. She passed only two of her nine O-levels. Chris reveals more about his emotional make-up, talking about his father.

torvill dean relationship

His father suffered a heart attack and died, aged 59, just after the Olympics. Chris was only You're probably crying for yourself and the way you feel, so it's kind of selfish. But I felt so alone. Doesn't it mean anything? He worked seven days a week.

For 20 years he got up at 5am every morning to go to work, just to cover costs.

torvill dean relationship

The minute I earned some money, he could have retired. But we had a quiet understanding of each other. We meant a lot to one another without saying anything. We never told each other we loved one another, I wish I'd done that now. And I wish I had known him more - he was never there because he was always working. I had to do a lot of growing up quickly, become responsible and be a provider. We talk then about the relationship between Jayne and Chris.

Their rapport professionally they echo one another's every glance and movement is legendary.


But people - despite their protestations - always made out that there was more to their relationship than met the ice.

Did they have crushes on one another? Were they really celibate from the ages of 16 until they both married, aged thirtysomething?