Saturn in relationship zone

Saturn in Synastry

saturn in relationship zone

4th house (home, family): In this life area, your need is to experience and Saturn in a relationship house can suggest several things: 1) You. But you probably haven't heard of Saturn retrograde, even though it's and when it goes retrograde, people assess if relationships are worthwhile. "For Capricorns, Saturn (their planetary ruler) is camped out in their zone of. Yet, all intimate relationships resulting in marriage or long-term commitment in order to achieve your relationship comfort zone along with lasting happiness.

In the early stages of their relationship, the woman found the man very funny. She broke into giggles at his jokes, and she expressed to him how she never laughed so much with a person in her life.

As time passed, she felt that whenever she found someone else funny or even something else funny, her partner came down on her in some way. The man felt threatened by his partner finding humor in anything that did not originate between them.

She began to feel unnatural around him, restricted, like he rained on her parade.

What the Hell Is Going On in My Life... in My Relationships?

She also began to view experiences when he was not around as a huge release. When they were apart, she felt freer to be herself. Thus, a distance was created between them.

Saturn in synastry is intriguing because what begins as a strong sense of security and comfort felt between a couple can eventually degenerate into feelings of pressure to stay the same, and an overall sense that one does not want the other to grow or develop.

Saturn generally is the one who wants the bond to be exclusive, and although the personal planet person generally wants the same thing, that personal planet person feels enormous pressure to be a certain way and feels like he or she is not free to express him or herself in a natural and dynamic manner. With repeated experiences in which the personal planet meets a critical or cold response from Saturn as a result of a spontaneous comment or action, the personal planet begins to censor himself or herself, and spontaneity is lost.

Distance between the two is created, and a sense of being stifled, restricted, and censored slowly erodes the bond that felt so darn good at the beginning of their relationship.

The personal planet person feels like he or she has to constantly monitor what he or she does or says in the presence of the Saturn person. This cross-aspect is a powerful one. Either one or both people involved may have made it clear at some early point in the interaction that this relationship was to be a serious or committed one.

Whether or not it was verbalized, the air of responsibility is explicit. Although the relationship may begin with some element of enthusiasm, over time, Moon may feel the need to censor feelings of dependency on the relationship and on Saturn himself for some reason or another. Moon may also feel the need to censor self-expression, feeling almost like a child facing a disapproving adult.

Moon may sense a certain level of seriousness and even harshness or narrowness in Saturn that may not even exist in absolute terms. Saturn may not even be aware of this unconscious reaction to Moon.

It may also be that situational factors are such that true emotional intimacy is blocked, even though both parties want to get closer to each other.

saturn in relationship zone

The chemistry in this relationship brings out the individual need for security and safety in both people, and each will certainly find a basic sense of safety with the other. Although Moon in particular may feel emotionally frustrated at times, there is a feeling of constancy and dependability in Saturn that is very attractive.

This relationship stands much chance of being a long-lasting one. However, it can have its fair share of ups and downs. But the truth of the matter is, given the depth of the attachment to each other, there is much to gain from working on the intimacy issues described above.

Saturn needs to face his or her fears and consciously work on not clamping down on Moon, and Moon, instead of reacting defensively to Saturn, must also look to see whether Saturn does have a point, so to speak, and Moon can actually benefit from some of the more reasonable boundaries that Saturn seems to draw.

Karma is associated with Saturn, where the personal planet person feels some sort of personal debt to the Saturn person. The Saturn person seems to have the upper hand in the relationship, at least for a while.

Relationship astrology saturn in Synastry

Both parties must be more mindful of what exactly they are doing. Maybe the personal planet person does need to learn to be more responsible and could benefit from some maturation, and Saturn can learn to loosen up in certain ways.

Reacting defensively to each other will only exacerbate the problem. Saturn trines and sextiles are generally considered supportive. Right or Miss Right for a long-term relationship such as marriage," or "I want to make my marriage even happier," or "When would be the best time to find a compatible business partner?

You'll be sociable, loving and capable of intimacy with others. Perhaps in the past you've enjoyed the excitement of being single, dating around and having fabulous romantic experiences.

However, you now realize your happiness comes from sharing your life with another. For that reason, this is a fortuitous time for finding new relationship opportunities, such as a partner for a long-term committed relationship. What's so great about Jupiter transiting your seventh house is that, unlike other times when you may have met unsuitable partners, now you'll meet ones for the long-term who may even be "marriageable.

A Time of Testing and Crisis for Your Relationship This transit produces tensions and frustrations in your relationship or marriage that force you to examine your relationship and whether it satisfies your mutual needs and expectations.

You may experience a crisis in it that will cause you to make a decision to make it better or let it go once and for all.

So, if you've been in a long-term relationship, you or your partner may say, "Let's commit to each other and get married or end our relationship.

saturn in relationship zone

For this reason, many relationships end because they demand more attention and effort than both partners believe the relationship is worth. This is why transiting Saturn in the seventh house is often a time when marriages may break up and end in divorce.

If you're single, this is an ideal time for meeting someone older and more sophisticated whom you greatly respect who helps you grow up. For that reason, it's probably not surprising that many May-December romances, where two people are of considerable age difference, occur during this transit.

Saturn in Synastry

A Time for Excitement and Freedom in Your Relationship During this transit, you'll experience surprising and unexpected events in your relationships that will disrupt them and make them fresh and exciting, especially if they've become dull and routine. It's an ideal time to be innovative and experimental by bringing excitement into your marriage by surprising your husband as he comes home late from work, by opening the door in a sexy negligee you haven't worn in years!

Or, he shocks you by telling you to pack an overnight bag because he's planned a romantic weekend at a resort hotel and spa. If you're single, you're likely to be very excited about dating, courtship and having a romantic relationship during this time.

You're enthralled because there's something edgy and kinky about your new love. If you're someone who needs to break free from a bad marriage or partnership, this transit will liberate and free you from an intolerable relationship you've remained in because of reasons that are no longer valid or compelling.

Saturn & Relationships -

Its energies will bring tensions, upset and disruption into your relationship to jolt you out of any sense of complacency you've been in, so that you change your situation.

A Time for Romance, Confusion and Illusion During this transit you may meet someone for the most romantic and idyllic relationship you've ever had as long as you don't get embroiled in fantasy and illusion where you put the other person on a pedestal where they'll likely fall.

If you're in a relationship, make sure that you're sensitive and alert to any behavior or situations that indicate that there is a problem in your relationship. For example, in your marriage you or your partner may be keeping your feelings hidden from each other or acting deceptively in different ways. It may be too painful or too scary to openly discuss differences that exist. Ultimately, when the truth comes to the surface, it may bring problems of resentment and upset.

You're susceptible to self-deception where you may see your partnership as you'd like it to be, instead of the way it really is.

Here are some surprising statements that partners may say during Neptune's transit: