Reputation en imago relationship

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reputation en imago relationship

concentrate on individual differences and the relationship to, for example, The words image and reputation are so frequently used in everyday speech and The term 'corporate image' is a composition of the words 'corpus' and 'imago'. Image, imago, is also of From Fombrun's point of view, corporate reputation is as taking systematically care about relationships, internal organisation, building. on Relationship Management and Organizational Reputation sites influence perceptions of relationship management and reputation. Effecten van eWom en webcare op imago en overtuigingskracht van een organisatie.

Many centuries after its disappearance, and in a radically transformed historical context, in which profound changes in the condition of women in the Church and in society were taking place, this ancient form of consecrated life displayed a surprising force of attraction.

It seemed capable of responding not only to the desires of many women to dedicate themselves totally to the Lord and to their neighbours, but also to the concurrent rediscovery by the particular Church of its own identity in communion with the one Body of Christ.

In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution on the Liturgy, Sacrosanctum concilium n. Recovering the most ancient ecclesial tradition, and taking into account its subsequent historical evolution, two forms of celebration were composed and approved. The first is intended for women living in saeculo in the worldthat is, in their ordinary circumstances of life, who are admitted to consecration by the diocesan Bishop.

The second form is for nuns living in communities in which the rite is used, who are already perpetually professed or who make perpetual profession in the same celebration in which they receive the consecration virginum.

In this way, virginal consecration has again found explicit ecclesial recognition for women who remain in their ordinary context of life, rooted in the diocesan community, gathered around the Bishop in the manner of the ancient Ordo virginum, without being ascribed to an Institute of consecrated life.

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The same liturgical text and the norms established in them outline in their essential elements the structure and discipline of this form of consecrated life. Its institutional character — distinctive and different from that of Institutes of consecrated life — has been successively confirmed in the Code of Canon Law can.

As a consequence, in the reorganisation of the Roman Curia that took place according to the Apostolic Constitution Pastor Bonus, the Ordo virginum was situated within the competence of the Congregation for Institutes of consecrated life and Societies of apostolic life[10]. The Instruction Starting Afresh from Christ: A renewed commitment to consecrated life in the third millennium[13], has therefore underlined the need for the diocesan Bishop and his presbyterate to pay special attention to consecrated virgins.

Subsequently the Directory for the pastoral ministry of Bishops, Apostolorum Successores[14], in continuity with the ancient ecclesial tradition, reaffirmed that the diocesan Bishop must take particular interest in the Ordo virginum, because these virgins are consecrated to God at his hands and are entrusted to his pastoral care. The phenomenon appears to be very significant, not only for the number of women involved, but also for its diffusion throughout all continents, in many countries and Dioceses and in very diverse geographic areas and cultural contexts.

Without doubt, the translation of the Latin text of the Ordo consecrationis virginum in the majority of modern languages, under the supervision of the respective episcopal conferences, has contributed to this revival. Large numbers of Bishops have promoted and supported the Ordo virginum in their Dioceses through their own teaching and pastoral activity.

With the same purpose, some episcopal conferences have drawn up common criteria and guidelines for the pastoral care of the Ordo virginum. In synergy with the magisterium and the action of the diocesan bishops, the Apostolic See has continued to pay attention to the Ordo virginum, putting itself at the service of the particular Churches, to promote the rebirth and development of this way of life in accordance with its special characteristics.

The service of communion that the successor of Peter carries out with respect to the Ordo virginum was particularly evident on the occasion of the first two international meetings in Rome, which were attended by consecrated virgins from numerous countries. A third international meeting took place inwhen consecrated virgins from the entire world were invited to Rome to take part in the final day of the Year of Consecrated Life announced by Pope Francis. Under the leadership of the successor of Peter, who has urged consecrated persons in every form of life to rediscover the common foundations of consecrated life, it became evident how the characteristic insertion of the Order of virgins in the particular Churches is harmonized with the experience of communion that consecrated virgins encounter within the sphere of the universal Church, enabling them to participate in the one ecclesial mission.

In recent years, requests have reached this Dicastery from many places to provide instructions to guide the action of diocesan Bishops in applying the norms in the Roman Pontifical which are implicitly referenced in can. The renewed presence of this form of consecrated life in the Church, whose reappearance is so closely linked to the event of the Second Vatican Council, and the rapidity of its growth in so many particular Churches, makes it appropriate to respond to these requests, so that in the necessary adaptations to different cultural contexts, the specific identity of the Ordo virginummight be safeguarded.

This Instruction establishes the normative principles and directive criteria that the Pastors of every Diocese and individual Churches assimilated to the Dioceses must apply in the pastoral care of the Ordo virginum. After outlining the biblical foundations and typical elements of the vocation and witness of consecrated virgins First Partthe Instruction deals with the specific structure of the Ordo virginum within the particular Church and the universal Church Second Part.

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It then focuses on vocational discernment, formation programs prior to consecration and permanent formation Third Part. Be fruitful and multiply is the command addressed by the Creator to the first couple Gen 1: This command deeply permeated the Hebraic mentality and the whole fabric of the Old Testament. It is connected to the promise of numerous descendants and the fulfilment of the messianic times. Marriage, possibly enriched by children, therefore emerges as the ideal profile of every pious Israelite and a different lifestyle is foreign to the biblical mentality.

Virginity is valued as a positive quality only in relation to future marriage, and with explicit reference to the condition of the woman Deut. In particular, the high priest is required to marry a virgin for reasons of ritual purity Lev Perpetual virginity on the other hand was considered a severe humiliation see the daughter of Jephthah in Judg.

In the wisdom literature, the exaltation of married love that reached its poetic summit in the Song of Songs is based on the ideal of family life inherited from tradition. Its beauty is admired e. Virginity is valued as a virtue in a woman, to be guarded and respected in view of marriage, because it is a proof of her rectitude and of the honour of her family Job And since virtue is pleasing to God, the insight emerges that there is a spiritual fertility in good works that liberates from mortality even the sterile woman who is unable to establish a family and who has no descendants Wis 3: In this symbolic context, the entire people of God are frequently compared to or personified by the image of a virgin, now to denounce the idolatry that exposes them to the risk of perishing, like a virgin who dies without descendants Am 5: But sometimes the image is used to proclaim the promise of redemption, with which God will rescue Israel from devastation and abandonment, to rediscover the joy of knowing that he is loved with eternal love Jer Even the celibacy of Jeremiah — the only one whom God explicitly ordered not to take a wife — represents a prophetic sign of the punishment that is about to destroy his people Jer In rabbinic thought, the celibate is considered a man without help, without joy, without blessing Bereshit Rabba Nevertheless, some exceptions appear among the rabbis and some religious groups such as the Essenes and Healers and in the famous Qumran community.

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On the threshold of the New Testament, the figure of John the Baptist is introduced, defining himself as the friend of the Bridegroom Jn 3: With his ascetic life and preaching he prepared for the coming of the Messiah and the sudden appearance of the Kingdom of God. In the New Testament, the celibate enters onto the scene and is presented as the incarnate prophecy of the already and the not yet of the Kingdom of God that draws its origin and its own essential purpose from the novelty of the coming of the Kingdom into history.

reputation en imago relationship

From the time that the Kingdom of God in the Gospels is identified with the preaching, works and the actual person of Jesus, the motivation of celibacy takes on a strongly Christocentric character.

The infancy Gospels of Matthew 1: In addition, the Gospels show Jesus as an itinerant preacher, free of all ties Mt 8: In fact, the itinerant style of Jesus entails a constant distancing from places and persons. It is not adapted to the needs of family life, where the concerns of one member are closely connected to the concerns of all the other members, giving rise to a strong solidarity and to family politics.

While there are various references to relatives of Jesus, there is never any hint of a wife or children in the Gospels Mk 3: On the occasion when his family came to him to see him Mt To his disciples he spoke of eunuchia as an absolutely new condition, understood not as mortification or a contemptuous attitude towards women, but as a particular gift given by God to those who are called to it. This recalls the famous logion: Not everyone can accept this teaching, but only those to whom it is given Mt Only those who enter into comprehension of the mystery of the Kingdom inaugurated by Christ are capable of understanding this gift.

It requires a voluntary, free choice and motivation of a theological and eschatological order, being for the Kingdom of heaven Mt Celibacy is thus presented as a free choice that takes place in the relational space that is the body.

With this choice the person responds to the God of love who calls and reveals himself in the face of Christ[17]. This is not a flight from relationship, nor is it the fruit of superhuman force, but a gift that belongs to the dynamism of the transfiguration of relationality that distinguishes the style begun by Jesus: The proclamation of the Kingdom opens up to the disciples a new eschatological situation, to which everything else takes second place Mt Writing to the Corinthians, Paul placed marriage side by side with virginity, presenting it not in the tone of a command, but as a recommendation 1 Cor 7: He characterizes it as a state of life that permits greater dedication to the Lord 1 Cor 7: The accent is not on the physical state, but on the total dedication of the person to Christ and to service for the Kingdom.

In this sense, in the eyes of Paul, the community itself is the virgin that he, as the father, has betrothed to Christ, so that, keeping intact the faith aroused by the apostolic preaching, it might direct all its energies and dedication to him 2 Cor In the heavenly Jerusalem all the elect are called virgins Rev In the book of Revelation virginity appears as a sign of recognition of belonging to the heavenly city, to the bride of the Lamb Rev So it will be also for all who set foot on the path of celibacy or virginity: Christian virginity thus exists in the world as a clear sign of the future Kingdom because its presence exposes the relativity of material goods and the transitory nature of the world itself.

In this sense, like the celibacy of the prophet Jeremiah, it foretells the imminent end. But at the same time, because of the spousal bond with Christ, it also proclaims the beginning of the life of the world to come, the new world according to the Spirit. This sign, as occurs in the biblical vision, is not a simply conventional reference or the pale image of a distant reality, but the reality itself in its nascent expression.

In the sign is contained, even if still hidden, the future reality.

reputation en imago relationship

Consecrated virginity is therefore placed in a spousal framework, which is not theogamic meaning: It concerns a supernatural salvific reality, not just a human one, that cannot be explained with the logic of reason but with faith, because, as the scriptures call to mind, Your husband is your creator Is Charism and Vocation Women in whom the Spirit inspires the charism of virginity Mt This is the great mystery Eph 5: From this nuptial mystery, in which all the baptised are immersed, Christian spouses receive the grace of the sacrament that strengthens them in their union Eph 5: Because of their particular vocation, those women who receive virginal consecration in the Church also draw on this mystery.

For love of Christ, who is supremely loved, they renounce the experience of human matrimony to be united with him with a spousal bond, to experience and to give witness in the virginal condition 1 Cor 7: The propositum, the consecration and the state of life In the rite, those to be consecrated express the sanctum propositum the holy resolution. This is the firm and definitive resolve to persevere for their whole life in perfect chastity, and in the service of God and the Church, following Christ in accordance with the Gospel, to give the world a living witness of love and to be a clear sign of the future Kingdom[22].

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The propositum of those to be consecrated is accepted and confirmed by the Church through the solemn prayer of the Bishop, who invokes and obtains for them the spiritual anointing that establishes the spousal bond with Christ and consecrates them to God under a new title[23].

In this way, these virgins become consecrated persons, a sublime sign of the love of the Church for Christ and an eschatological image of the heavenly bride and of the life to come[24]. Their exclusive belonging to Christ, ratified by the nuptial bond, nourishes in them a vigilant expectation of the return of the glorious bridegroom Mt It associates them in a particular way with his redemptive sacrifice and dedicates them to the development of the Church and to its mission in the world Col 1: The nature of the Church is reflected in the life of consecrated virgins.

It is animated as much by charity as by contemplation and action; it is disciple and missionary; it yearns for eschatological fulfilment and at the same time shares the joys and the hopes, the griefs and the anxieties of the people of this age[25], especially those who are the most fragile or poor; it is immersed in the mystery of divine transcendence and incarnate in the history of humanity.

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For this reason, consecration establishes a special relationship of communion with both the particular and the universal Church[26]. This is defined by a distinct bond that determines the acquisition of a new state of life and admits them into the Ordo virginum[27]. The institutional configuration and pastoral care of this form of life therefore requires the mediation of the ministry of the diocesan Bishop, or in a particular Church equivalent to a Diocese[28], the ministry of the pastor who presides over it, in communion with the Successor of Peter.

The spiritual features This extends beyond the time it takes to make event plans together; it means we care about people, not clients. We are especially invested in our wedding couples and want to help them have a long and happy future! We deeply believe in these values and in expanding our care before and after the big day. Mark was a family doctor for 12 years and then specialized in general psychiatry in the community. They have been presenting weekend Couples Days for over 11 years, which is a testimony to the vibrancy of the material and the courage of their couples.

reputation en imago relationship

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