Relationship with mom essay

Essay About My Mother And Her Role In My Life

relationship with mom essay

So today custom essay writing service decided to talk more about mothers and Relationships with mother are very important during the life. Mother Essay tells about the role of the mom in our lives. Our expert thesis writers online can prepare an essay about relationships between parents and foster. As long as I can remember, my mother has been there for me. She took care of me when I was little like all good mothers do, but the relationship that we had as I .

My mother could be described using words like callous, hateful, and deranged. To grow up in my mother's house was to spend every day in constant fear. I dreaded my dad going to work every morning to leave me alone with her for the day.

6 Unhealthy Mother-Daughter Relationships

School and my father's presence had become my only means of escape from her abuse. I tried to join every after school club I could in an attempt to lessen the time between when I got home and my dad got off work.

On days with no after school activity, I didn't want to get off the bus, and sometimes I would get off a couple subdivisions early so I could walk home and delay the inevitable.

I was constantly walking on eggshells around her. My mom suffers from several mental illnesses, the most prominent being bipolar and multiple personality disorder. My dad had no idea what was going on until I was twelve, when he came home while she was mid-rampage. He had been completely oblivious to what was going on until it was right in front of his face. I was apparently a very accident-prone kid, always getting hurt "ice skating", "cheerleading", or "horse-back riding".

She stayed with us another year and a half until she had woven a web of lies so thick that my dad was forced to kick her out. As far as I'm concerned, I never had a mother.

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The only thing she ever contributed to my life was to make me feel unwanted and unloved. I never understood until I was older why she always targeted me, yet never hit my younger brother or sister.

The years after she left were hard for me. I was depressed about how my life had gone up until that point, all I ever wanted was a normal home life, and it would never be normal. My friends would spend time shopping with their moms, which I would never experience; my teammates' mothers would always help out at our cheer competitions, which mine would never do.

The worst part was that she left my seven year old sister without a mom either, so I had to step in to help her grow up with some shred of normalcy. I learned how to manage money thanks to your mother or I did it in such a way as you taught me, mom.

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It is very simple, but our parents are happy to hear it. We can say such things eye to eye or in public places or during the family holiday, when your task is to give a solemn speech. Of course, you are very clever and always know how to proceed. But remember that your mom knows a lot more and has a life experience. She is always ready to help you with a word or deed.

In the fullness of time she spent a lot of money on you and your education. So it is normal if you will help your mother when you will have a well-paid job. I think all parents are afraid of being old and lonely. And it is normal. When we are young we think that the whole life is before us and we try to be always independent.

relationship with mom essay

But it will be perfect if you promise your mom never leave her alone when she grows old. Take care of her - it's your duty and it's better to do it with joy.

Despite everything, your mom is always happy to see you and to communicate with you. If you are very busy at work, you need to find time for meeting with your best mother.

It is wonderful time to have a rest, to have a heart-to-heart talk. You can tell about your joys and experiences. It's also cool to remember the time when you were a child and the mother often walked with you in the park. You can buy some food and come without invitation or unannounced.

relationship with mom essay

Believe me, you mother will appreciate this. Find time to call and to ask how your mom is going, ask if she need something, how is her health. You can also tell your news. Do not quarrel and do not speak dirty. If you are proud of your mother, make her to be proud of you. It does not mean that somebody must aspire to perfection. Preserve your personality, but be always polite. Since your mother is a very close person, she can be very sensitive. Do not offend her.

It is so easy to say a rude word. Think about her feelings. This fact is very funny.

Essay About Mother: The Closest Person

It seems that this word is a usual one. Do not avoid saying it to your mom. She does everything possible to make your life easier.

She works, saves money, cooks, and guards you. Do not you think that it is enough reason for giving thanks?

relationship with mom essay

It is not a shame. It is a big joy to say these words. Always speak to your mom.

relationship with mom essay

If you have a conflict with her, try to stay calm and open. This is a time to solve the problem.

relationship with mom essay

Never shuts the door before your mother.