Oman pakistan relationship with united

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oman pakistan relationship with united

4- United States is pressurizing the leadership of Pakistan by putting the blame Pakistan's relations with Oman will have a new shift if Oman. Similarly, Oman has its sights set on enhancing relations with India's arch-rival, Pakistan, as well as states on both sides of other rivalries including the United States, Russia, Iran, Egypt, and all GCC states involved in the. When Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said assumed power in , Oman had limited contacts with the outside world, including neighbouring Arab states. A special treaty relationship permitted the United Kingdom close involvement . years ago. In Gwadar was part of Oman but was transferred to Pakistan in that year.

At US urging, and with backing from Britain, France and Germany, a global financial watchdog, the Financial Action Task Force FATFlast month decided to place Pakistan back on its watchlist of countries with inadequate terrorist-financing controls, potentially hurting Pakistan's fragile economy. Asif, Pakistan's foreign minister, said his nation made a historical error by "tilting per cent" to the West and was now eager build alliances closer to home with the likes of China, Russia and Turkey.

But we want to have a balance in our relationships, we want to be closer to our friends in our region.

oman pakistan relationship with united

But analysts say Pakistan is wary of becoming overly dependent diplomatically on Beijing. Pakistan is among several nations that have been courted by Moscow after falling out with Washington, including the Philippines and Qatar, but Russia's long-term aims for the Pakistan relationship are unclear, according to Petr Topychkanov, a senior researcher at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

oman pakistan relationship with united

Asif said four to five huge power projects "will cement our relationship further". Russia last month appointed an honorary council in the Pakistan's northern Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province, where its companies are in talks to build an oil refinery and a power station. But the biggest deals focus on gas supply and infrastructure to Pakistan, one of the world's fastest growing liquefied natural gas LNG import markets.

The talks are expected to conclude within three months and Gazprom is considered "one of the front-runners" to clinch a long-term supply deal, according to the Pakistani official. There is also growing confidence that a gas pipeline due to be built by Russia, stretching 1, km miles from Lahore to the port city of Karachi, will go ahead. The North-South pipeline would be the biggest infrastructure deal by Russia since early s, when Soviet engineers constructed the Pakistan Steel Mills industrial complex.

In Britain we value our engagement with Oman on the best way to address regional issues, whether it is instability in Yemen, aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, conflict in Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan or the growing risk of nuclear proliferation in the region.

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If Iran acquired military nuclear technology, it could lead to unravelling of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and a cascade of nuclear weapons proliferation in the region and beyond. Britain is at the forefront of those seeking a negotiated diplomatic solution and a swift return to meaningful talks and action by Iran to assure the world that the aims of its programme are exclusively peaceful.

The UK is committed to a united Yemen with a stable and prosperous future and we play a leading role in the Friends of Yemen process. Oman, as one of only two countries sharing a land border with Yemen, was a key participant in the recent meeting in New York. It is also a source of considerable support and assistance to Yemen, especially in Mahra and the Hadramaut.

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Britain also attaches great importance to achieving a durable two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which affects not only Israelis and Palestinians, but also the security and prosperity of the wider region. With each day the window for a peace settlement is closing.

oman pakistan relationship with united

I made clear during my recent visit to the region that the UK understands the depth of Israeli security concerns. But the strength of our friendship means we must say that this means meeting Road Map obligations by renewing the settlement freeze to allow talks to resume.

It would be a serious setback if there was an irretrievable breakdown of the talks, and Britain will work with the United States and others to try to avert this from happening. Britain is committed to supporting Pakistan as it seeks to tackle violent extremism and to meet the needs of its people, particularly after the recent devastating flooding.