Nitrome canary ending a relationship

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nitrome canary ending a relationship

Gameplay in Turn-Undead is similar to other Nitrome puzzle platformers such the end of that level, though this cross is often position in difficult to reach areas. Recently, I was playing Nitrome games' Canary (at the suggestion of longtime It is well known that there is a relationship between risk and reward I have termed fail-continue structures: failure does not end the game, the. Kapowski is also in book club along with Blue, Zapo, Canary, and Hallbert. things, especially when it comes to his grades or his relationship with Snow. . Episode ten is actually a story being told by Swindler, and at the end of the story.

Guys, can we not talk about this anymore? I like anime, big whoop! Lots of people do, all right!? He's even more kawaii than ever!

Blue blushed and then shook his head. I-I mean thanks for the compliment and all, but don't say that stuff, all right? Siamese give his lesson. Suddenly Blue heard Hallbert and some of the other boys snickering behind him.

He looked behind him and saw them looking at something and laughing about it. Blue saw the words 'Property of Blue' written in blue pen on the back. He snatched the poster from Hallbert. Blue looked over at the teacher. Hallbert stopped laughing and clenched his fists angrily. Blue drooped with helplessness. He hopped down from his desk and went up to the front of the classroom. He unrolled the poster. Uh, i-it is called Rockitty Kawaii-Desu A bunch of the students burst out laughing.

Blue turned red with anger. Siamese shouted, trying to stop the other students from interrupting Blue. Licorice snapped pictures of Blue holding his poster and went to post them on every social media site, but Snow slapped her phone down to the floor.

Hey, knock it off! She went up to the front of the room with Blue. I like country music. Hallbert likes reading a good book. We all like different things! Yeah, we might think that somebody else likes something weird just because we don't like it or don't understand it. That doesn't make it okay to laugh at 'em for it! How would you like it if somebody laughed at you for the things you liked!?

There's no point in that; we all enjoy different things; how does Blue liking anime effect any of you in any way, hmm? I'm in anime club! And I have anime merchandise hidden in a drawer in my closet! Right now I am reading a romance novel and I cried four times already! Billy started to laugh. Canary smacked him on the head. It isn't anything to be ashamed of! Everyone started to stand up and talk about the things that they liked.

Siamese finally shouted, "I like combining animals to create odd animal hybrid creatures! How long have you been on the PA system? I definitely didn't hear Blue say he keeps anime stuff in his closet We'll go right away, sir. If you like something, own it. The Old Man Coach Rico blasted on his whistle, signaling the end of gym class. In the locker rooms, Kapowski got dressed back into his school clothes.

All you have to do is put on a different mask! Speaking of which, why is it that--" "Whoa, Kapowski, whoa! Keep it PG all right? Sitemap

I still have a good reason not to like it though. I mean, I understand exercise is important, and I don't mind a work out, but I don't do physically competitive sports. You killed flying snake monsters for sport? Before I came to this school, I was a Sky Slayer. I hunted for the Sky Serpents and killed them, taking their scales as trophies.

I was attempting to shatter the world record. Held by a man named Mikkel. By the time he had retired from it, he had slayed most of the remaining Sky Serpents.

I only managed to find and kill the very few survivors of the species. They wreaked havoc upon the villages of the Bear Clan and many other clans as well. In slaying them, we protected thousands of lives. The others scrambled along behind him. Then why are you such a bully?

nitrome canary ending a relationship

When I first came to this school I took out this anger on others. I think that I have become, eh, nicer since then? Snow, Rex, and Licorice joined the boys in the gym. We text back and forth with his girlfriend. They all went to their next classes. At lunch, Rex suddenly beeped. Hurricane Matthew WAS created by the government to cover up an alien invasion!

They all dashed outside and looked up at the sky. Hallbert ran out into the courtyard. I knew there had to be some left! Number 16, here I come! Hallbert took two grappling hooks out and fired them into the walls. He then walked backwards before starting a fast running speed forwards. The grappling hooks automatically reeled themselves in as Hallbert powerfully leapt off of the ground, launching him high into the air as if he was fired from a giant slingshot.

I want to see what happens! Rex, live satellite feed! A small drone detached from Rex's back and soared up into the air; she then broadcast the drone's camera feed as a hologram screen. They all began to watch the action, with other students coming out as well.

Hallbert slammed down atop the Sky Serpent's back. Spikes and holes in its sides were located all around. The serpent did a barrel roll to get Hallbert off, but he stuck his climbing dagger into the beast, keeping his hold on it. Once he was back upright, he withdrew the dagger and ran along the body until he found a soft purple area.

He stabbed his dagger into it to maintain a hold and then started thrusting his giant sword into the Sky Serpent's weak point. Suddenly, the serpent's body began to shake briefly as if something else had landed on it. Hallbert looked over his shoulder. Mikkel laughed loudly and deeply.

He flipped over Hallbert and upon landing on the ground dragged his blades across the ground as he ran forwards; when he found an unusual dip in the monster's scaly armor, he knew he had found a weak point and began stabbing it with both swords. Hallbert finished up his second weak point and was running towards Mikkel.

I won't be sharing this trophy! Hallbert shook his head. Not if you helped me get it. Very well, I'll leave the rest of it to you. The serpent suddenly shook and began to dive downwards. Mikkel stumbled, but Hallbert grabbed him before he could fall off of the serpent.

Hallbert and Mikkel dug their blades into the serpent to hold on. I don't think we've killed it yet. The sky serpent landed on the ground and out of the holes along its body sprouted legs. Hallbert and Mikkel dismounted from the serpent onto the ground and took up the fight there. Mikkel thrust one of his swords into the ground, stabbing the serpent through its foot. With the monster pinned in place, he started slashing its leg with his other sword. Hallbert leapt into the air and rolled as he descended, executing a spin slice on the monster's leg.

The two continued the battle and the serpent was beginning to weaken. It's time to finish this! Hallbert nodded and ran towards his father. He leapt up and Mikkel cupped his hands together, catching Hallbert's foot and boosting him high into the air.

Mikkel then drew his own two swords and dove at the monster, sliding underneath its head. Mikkel stabbed upwards with his two broadswords as Hallbert stabbed downwards into the top of the serpent's head as he descended, their blades colliding with the serpent simultaneously. The serpent let out a loud roar and crumbled into stone, leaving behind a single scale.

Hallbert picked up the scale. He closed Hallbert's hand over the scale. Call it a gift from your old man. And I want you to have my portion of the scale. Everyone else rushed to meet up with them. Principal Nitrome Boss shoved his way through the crowd. Do you realize how much property damage you've caused!?!?!?! The two of them walked off and continued arguing. Could you break your dad's record? I am sure there are many more of them out there. Perhaps, one day, I will break the record.

I don't want to do it to stick it to my father anymore though.

nitrome canary ending a relationship

Sorry to have worried you. A Bone To Pick "All right class, today we are going to be learning about human anatomy. He began pulling down a chart that was rolled up around a bar above the whiteboard. The entire class screamed and looked away, some shielding their eyes. It's just a map of the world! The class sighed collectively and faced forwards.

Professor pulled down on the chart, causing it to flip back up into the bar and exposing the chart behind it. The class once again screamed and covered their eyes. Er, for some of you anyway. We'll be doing penguin anatomy tomorrow, and ice cream anatomy the next day, and The class uncovered their faces and sighed again. What is that gross stuff on the person's belly!? Professor looked at the chart.

And those are called organs. Perfect segue, thank you. Now, the organs are comprised of tissues, which are made up of cells, and Swindler elbowed Kapowski in the back. Swindler whispered something to Kapowski. Kapowski smacked Swindler across the face and Swindler laughed. Everyone, I want you to meet Mr.

Phalange may not talk much, but I assure you, he isn't spineless! When are we learning about enzyme anatomy? Remember, episode ten, you created an army of green enzymes? There's one right there! The whole class laughed hysterically.

Please do not disrupt my class like tha--" Professor began. As he stepped forward he slipped on a banana, cutting off his words. Now who put that banana there? Why do you ask? The model skeleton glowed purple and then leapt off its stand, startling Professor. I'm Phil, Phil Angie! Nice to meetcha all! Lemme help ya up! Oh, but hey, I did manage to give you a hand, didn't I?

Everyone laughed, even Professor. Professor got up on his own. Someone had to do it! Professor looked at the cloth in his hand, which was now talking as though it were a sock puppet.

Well, I'm the guy to ask! If I vertebrae for anything, it would be the chance to teach others! Everyone eagerly raised their hands. Orange lowered his hand. Babies can have up to over before their bones fuse together as they grow up to make a total !

As he was rising back up he hit his skull on the underside of the desk, knocking it off his body. He seemed unaware of this and the headless skeleton rose up and handed Kapowski his pencil. It seems I've lost my head! He moved to retrieve his head but accidentally kicked it, sending it rolling out the classroom door and into the hallway. I can still get it! His body walked out into the hall but stopped as a group of students walked by holding signs that said 'Hallway Walking Club' on them.

I'm in the hallway walking club! As the club members walked, the skull was kicked farther down the hall and it rolled out of sight. Nobody laughed at his pun. You guys laughed at 'vertebrae'! They ran down the hall to see the skull being rolled across the floor by a janitor's push broom.

The students called for the janitor to stop, and they got his attention, but then he slipped on the wet floor and his push broom launched the skull down another hallway. Kapowski and Snow each grabbed a push broom from the janitor's cart and ran after the skull.

They eventually caught up with it. They each started to sweep their brooms across the floor in front of the skull to try and block it but to no avail. They then both tried to stop the skull at the same time but their brooms collided and they ended up knocking the skull away with even greater speed. Blue rolled his eyes. They continued pursuing the skull to find it in the gym being hurled back and forth between two students.

At some point one of you need to not catch that ball again! This is dodgeball, not catch! Both players looked up. He tossed it away without a second thought. Now we have to chase after it again! As they ran past the players, Blue said, "You guys are numbskulls. Now let's start the next game! The students chased the skull outside where it finally stopped in the grass. Swindler picked it up and placed it on Phil Angie' body. Give me a second, if I try to walk I might rattle my bones.

The students laughed again. Professor, I'll let you lead the rest of your class. Break a leg, Professor! Takeshi, Professor, and Sparky sat down at the table with him. Sparky cocked his head to the side.

You seem to be distressed over something. There is nothing wrong at all! You only started teaching here this year. Nitrome Boss cringed at the voice. A man wearing a suit with red and white vertical stripes on it walked over to the lunch table. He was as thin as a rail and carried a cane with him. Hey guys, I finally found a Mewtwo! And with your faculty?! You do have an office, don't you?

MewTube Boss blubbered over his own words. They've been whipped in to shape by my teachers, unlike your students who are so misbehaved.

Strict doesn't mean effective. You call these teachers?! An egg-headed scientist and a robot? Don't make me laugh! Professor and Sparky rose from their seats. I created the elixir of life and mecha-droids! They sent an e-mail but I doubted you'd be able to find your phone considering you haven't seen your own feet for thirty years. Nitrome Boss slammed a fist on the table. All of the other students muttered in agreement and left, not wishing to scar themselves and their next ten generations for life.

Which just makes this all the better. He walked through the main office and into the cafeteria where hundreds of students sat quietly and ate cold gruel. A few kids cried silently and one of the repeatedly smashed their face against the table.

As much of a jerk Nitrome Boss could be, he hated seeing students in this condition. So uh, what are you here for? I think Principal MewTube Boss said it was in the library. It was supposed to be in the conference room. Anyways, I need to go back to smashing my face against a table. Nitrome Boss opened the door to the library and stepped inside. Upon doing so, a bucket of water dumped all over him and he tripped over a wire, falling into a vat of honey.

Austin and MewTube Boss stepped out from behind some bookshelves. Just shut up and take your get-out-of-class-free cards, Audrey. MewTube Boss stepped forwards and pushed the vat of honey over, spilling Nitrome Boss out of it.

This is an outrage!!! MewTube Bos bopped him a few times with the pillow, covering him in feathers that stuck all over due to the honey. You just earned yourself an hour in The meeting starts in twenty minutes too, you'll never get that all off in time, and when you don't show up to the meeting I'll convince the head of the schoolboard to make me principal of Cuboy Academy in addition to this school!

As a principal, one student ought to mean the world to you! I may enjoy giving out detentions but I always have a reason to do it! I'm going to go spruce up for the meeting. Nitrome Boss stood up and tried to pull the feathers off, but they stuck to him like moths to a flame. Snow, Kapowski, Swindler, and Sparky dashed into the library. MewTube Boss must have dropped it while he was there. I won't let that guy mess with Taco Tuesday! They all ran out into the hallway.

They all dashed down the halls. You can't run in the halls! The others continued running. You'll be lucky if you make it through today alive! Also it's a girl's bathroom, which will be even more embarrassing for you even though this bathroom isn't used for actually going to the bathroom anymore. He shoved Kapowski inside and yelled, "The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!

Kapowski covered his nose with his arm and held his breath, but when he turned around he just saw a bunch of students sitting and playing on their phones or talking.

Isn't this like a punishment? Then once we are in here we just hang out and play on our phones. Better than being miserable out there. Meanwhile, the others had arrived outside MewTube Boss's office. Okay, let's do it. Swindler, get some gruel and a tray from the cafeteria. Principal Nitrome Boss, get a bucket of water. Sparky, you get some toilet paper.

nitrome canary ending a relationship

They all ran off and returned with the needed items. They then set up their trap.

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MewTube Boss stepped out of his office and stepped in the gruel on the tray. Swindler then shoved him from behind and he slid forth down the hall across the slippery, wet floor. At the end of the hall Sparky wrapped him up in toilet paper and MewTube Boss then fell on his back. You'll pay for this, brotha! I'm the chicken man! I think that speaks for itself.

Well done, I'm expecting greater things from Cuboy Academy in these next few years with you as its principal. I'M supposed to be the principal of Cuboy Academy! Kapowski walked up to the group. Kapowski tossed a wet paper towel over his shoulder that bonked MewTube Boss on the nose.

Father and Daughter "Ah, Norman, meet my associates. A lamp flicked on and revealed several other figures. Dove, welcome back to the team. Prastic, you as well. Oh, and how could I forget Brick? These three were some henchmen I had hired, but they each failed. I brought them back here though so that I could form a team to stop the students!

He creates a translator headband for Blue so that they can understand Blue without the need of Rex's translator program. Blue has used this on many occasions since, whenever he is outside or away from Rex. Kapowski is again absent for most of episode two, as this episode primarily focuses on Snow's first mission as a secret agent. He is seen throughout the episode guessing along with the other friends outlandish reasons as to why Snow gets so many early dismissals.

Kapowski then later lends his textbook to Snow, which she uses to defeat a group of orange enzymes. He blushes as she asks him to borrow it, and Swindler tells him not to look too deep into the meaning of her borrowing it.

In episode three Kapowski is bullied by Hallbert, the school bully. Kapowski is continually bullied by Hallbert later in the series, though their relationship gets closer to a friendly rivalry or begrudging respect later in the series. Kapowski assists Swindler in training for his fight against Hallbert, which he eventually wins.

Kapowski then proceeds to collect bet money from Professor, as the world did not explode before the big fight. Episode four has Kapowski helping Mail Bird, the school's messenger, strike against Nitrome Boss's strict policies.

In episode five Kapowski solves a family feud between two lovebirds' families by agreeing to farm rice for them for the next few years. Episode six is Kapowski's moment to shine when he defends Snow's honor by defeating Norman Noggin, an egotistic celebrity student, at an academic competition.

He is hoisted on top of a crowd of cheering students after his victory as Blue declares his win. In episode seven, Kapowski meets Ditto and Shadow, two twins with nearly polar differences. Shadow sucks the personality out of Kapowski when Kapowski tries to buy Snow time to escape. Kapowski becomes an empty shell devoid of care and reaction to anything, until he finally has a personality returned to his body. However, it isn't his personality, it is Swindler's personality that got switched with Kapowski and Mail Bird's personalities.

This is eventually resolved, though it is not shown how. Kapowski, along with all of the other friends, are greatly annoyed by a nosy student, Teeno, in episode eight. The friends give Teeno concert tickets with the condition that he never speaks to them or about them ever again, to which he agrees.

He tries desperately to convince Swindler to read the book. Kapowski goes to a book signing where he gets his book signed by the author and receives a free copy of the book for Swindler to read. He slips the book into Swindler's backpack in hopes that Swindler will read it.

Swindler eventually does read it and tells Kapowski that he definitely would have read it in the first place if he had known it was a picture book. Kapowski also has a major role in episode ten when he and Blue work together on a lab project, which Blue screws up.

After a fire causes their equipment to short out, their project escapes their lab center. Kapowski and Blue later return to the science classroom after book club to retrieve Kapowski's textbook. When they arrive they find the room to be quarantined, which Blue ignores and walks into the room anyway.

They find that their green enzyme project has grown stronger and multiplied. They are then chased away from the classroom by the army of green enzymes. Kapowski is seen again after the green enzymes are killed by Rex, when he asks Blue if he learned any lessons from the dilemma.

In episode eleven, Kapowski is rarely seen. He is seen once in the library when he is helping Snow and Austin research teleportation spells by giving them his 'Magic for Dummies' book.

A page in the book was bookmarked, the page being a love potion recipe. It is possible Kapowski was planning to make this and use it on Snow. In episode twelve, Kapowski offers to go to Swindler's basketball game and cheer him on, but Swindler declines.

Later at lunch, Kapowski tries to flee when Licorice's ex-boyfriends attack them, but he is quickly frozen. He is later thawed out, but is too cold to help Swindler. After Swindler wins the battle, Kapowski asks if the ice creams have issues regarding melting often.

After being told that being made of ice cream is the worst, he asks Licorice how she feels about it. Episode thirteen lands Kapowski and the rest of the group in detention. Kapowski begs Nitrome Boss not to give them detention in a most pathetic display, as he does not want detention to go on his permanent record.

Later in the episode he is having a panic attack and is astonished at the idea of having a party in detention. Once the party starts in detention, he asks if Professor is going to do anything about the party.

Professor says no and continues playing his iPhone game. After detention, Kapowski admits that it wasn't as bad as he thought, but after Swindler asks what they should do to get into detention next, Kapowski panics again. Kapowski's friends progressively go missing as the story continues, until its just him and Licorice left. After being lured into the locker room, Jack Frost freezes Licorice and Kapowski runs as Norman chases him. Kapowski traps Norman by getting his big head stuck in the stairwell.

In episode fifteen, Kapowski switches bodies with Swindler after having an argument overheard by their school counselor. Kapowski has a big test that day and Swindler has a big game. Kapowski in Swindler's body learns the hardships and sacrifices Swindler makes to represent his school on the basketball team.

Their bodies are switched back right before the events after learning their lessons. Everyone is searching for Easter eggs in episode sixteen, but Kapowski is not very good at it. He runs off to replace a mistaken Easter egg in to a bird's nest.

When he returns, the other friends are gone, and he meets Droplet, a little red bunny. He helps Droplet search for the golden Easter egg, an egg with special prizes inside. He then realizes that the egg he had put in the nest had been an Easter egg after all, and that it was in fact the golden Easter egg. He and Droplet go to the nest, and the others arrive at the same time.

Droplet grabs the egg and declares that he has unlimited power granted to him by the egg, but after being told it was just a plastic egg he realized it was not the magic egg of legend. The friends open the egg and split the prizes between them.

Kapowski stays behind and picks up the now empty egg, which pops open on its own and sucks him into an endless vortex. It is not shown how he escapes or where it lead, but he is free from the egg in the next episode. In episode seventeen, Kapowski is caught in the middle of a dispute between the Rainbogeddon Twins.

He and the others decide to help the twins reconcile. After failing to get them to get along, Kapowski comes forth with a solution, a power-up that transports people to the Maze Dimension. Once they are in the Maze Dimension with the twins, the twins talk it out and compromise. Kapowski then transports them all back home, only to realize that time had slipped away faster than perceived.

Kapowski complains that he hates gym class in episode eighteen, where he and the rest of the gym class is forced to run on the Super Treadmill. Kapowski is rarely seen in any other part of the episode. In episode nineteen, Kapowski gets a new game system and shows it to Swindler.


Swindler says he really wants one and will get one immediately, but Kapowski reminds him they are supposed to be in school. Later, after Swindler sneaks out of the school, Kapowski helps him escape a robotic security guard by shutting down the school's security defenses.

Later, after Swindler returns without a new game system Kapowski offers to let Swindler play on his, but Swindler declines because 'it wouldn't be the same. He declares he got them 'the best seats in the house' until their view is obstructed by Nitrome Boss, who sits in front of them.

Kapowski spends the rest of the episode trying to find ways to get Nitrome Boss to move so they can watch the game. He tries asking Nitrome Boss to move, but is yelled at instead. He then tries to lure Nitrome Boss away with a cheeseburger, but Nitrome Boss eats the burger before he can yank it from Nitrome Boss's reach.

In episode one of season two, Kapowski plays more of a supporting role in the events that occur involving Hotair, the foreign exchange student from Balloon Land.

Kapowski is the first of the main cast to meet Hotair and introduces Hotair to the rest of the group. In episode two Kapowski helps Blue to find Professor, who has gone missing. Kapowski is reluctant to help at first but later steps in and helps Blue to find the Professor at the abandoned ice cream parlor. Once they arrive, Kapowski distracts the mercenaries so that Blue can rescue the Professor.

Episode three thrusts Kapowski headfirst into a crisis concerning his favorite food, cheeseburgers. All of the cheeseburgers for lunch were stolen and Kapowski is determined to find out who. With help from the others, he plants cameras in the school's kitchen and discover that it is Neko, a fat cat. Neko's friend Owl then helps them catch Neko in the act, only to discover that the obese feline was eating all of the food in his sleep. In episode four Kapowski plays yet another more minor role, however he does participate in the initial conversation that pits the two archery duos against each other.

Kapowski is absent in episode five, away on a field trip with Blue and Rex He does however return at the end of the episode and explains that he'll tell them what happened on the field trip come episode eight, to which Justin is appalled at hearing him break the fourth wall. Kapowski is absent in episode six, along with the rest of the main cast.

In episode seven, Kapowski, along with the rest of the cast, attends Takeshi's party at the school only to realize it was a trap set by Takeshi's nemesis, Akuma. Kapowski brings his 'world famous' brownies to the party. During Takeshi and Akuma's fight, he repeatedly points out to Swindler that there was no party at all, though Swindler does not comprehend this until Licorice finally tells him. Episode eight shows Kapowski's adventure on the field trip with Blue and Rex. Kapowski suggests they hang out with a group consisting of Zapo and Teeno, claiming that their nerdy personalities would be best for him to fit in to.

He then unwillingly follows Rex and Blue through the museum until they finally come upon Mother. Kapowski points out Mother's references to the Portal series several times, and tells her to knock it off.

Nitrome - Canary - Final Level 24 :)

He then finds and pushes Mother's self-destruct button and defeats her. The episode ends with Kapowski suffering from some temporary hearing loss following Mother's explosion. In episode nine, Kapowski, teaming up with Blue, works on his science project for the science fair, a 'molecular duplication ray' that clones objects it is used on. He does not win first prize, but does use his invention to help Swindler feed the crowd of hungry customers that raided the Off the Rails Taco Hut.

At the end of the episode, Kapowski states that his next big invention is a pair of gloves that can scale any surface, a nod to the gloves he uses in The Glassworks and later on in the season.

Episode ten is actually a story being told by Swindler, and at the end of the story Kapowski comments that he liked the part where Swindler made up Blue having a cosmetics license, but unbeknownst to him at the time, this was actually fact.

Episode eleven also features few appearances by Kapowski, though after the students defeated the giant worm monster Wilbur, Kapowski explains that the military is taking Wilbur to Japan where he'll make an excellent movie monster. Episode twelve has little dialogue from Kapowski, and he serves as a supporting character. He is, however, crushed by their bus driver as he leaps off the roof of the school. In episode thirteen Kapowski is working on a science project with Snow, and when he tells Swindler he must find a different partner, Swindler complains, which annoys everyone else.

In episode fourteen, Kapowski talks with Justin Bennet during lunch. Later in the episode the main cast is sitting in a classroom talking about how nothing much had happened that day, and Kapowski says that they weren't in this episode much. In episode fifteen Kapowski is shoved into a locker by Hallbert and becomes trapped inside after calling Hallbert an imbecile, though Kapowski comments that he is impressed that Hallbert knew what an imbecile was.

Swindler tries to help Kapowski get out of the locker using a multitude of methods, but none of them work and some of them actually scare Kapowski witless. Professor comes along and unlocks the locker, letting Kapowski out. Kapowski is scheduling his classes with the guidance counselor in episode sixteen.