Nidge pipe bomb love hate relationship

Love/Hate's pipe bomb-maker John joins Nidge again -

Was Nidge trying to keep his attack on the pipe bomb guy a secret? Now that she's seen who he really is can she continue the relationship? Or is it The Love /Hate finale: Deaths, Mr Universe and wee on your cornflakes>. 6) "He's the most peaceful pipe bomb maker I know". - Fran would Love/Hate New pictures: Elmo digging and Nidge v Siobhan. View gallery. Love/Hate: Explosive second episode sees Fran gunning for Nidge threw the pipe bomb that maimed Fran's wife Linda all those years ago.

Why get rid of Wayne? The dynamic between Nidge and Wayne had a lot of potential for future episodes, and Wayne himself was a bit of a scene stealer. Why get rid of him? There are questions in terms of the storyline as well. Was Nidge trying to keep his attack on the pipe bomb guy a secret?

Could he simply not stand to let someone who had seen him fail live?

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Or did he simply not trust someone who could change sides so easily? Or will he simply get rid of him as he did Wayne? Or is it over? Poor auld Tommy was in bad shape throughout this season, never more so than in the season finale when his head began to bleed and he collapsed. Will we see Tommy gone altogether? What more can they do with his character given his condition? Will Siobhan rat on Nidge? Siobhan seemed pretty committed to doing whatever it takes to exact revenge on Nidge for what he did to Tommy.

Will she go through with it or will she chicken out? Or will Nidge get wind of it and send her on her merry way?

Nidge Delaney

He seems to be very free and easy with the killing these days. Who will continue his dental work now that Andrew is gone? Enquiring minds need to know!

Edit At the start of the first season, Nidge is a trusted soldier in a gang headed by John Boy Power. At the end of the second season, he and Darren Treacy conspired to kill John Boy and Nidge took over leadership of the gang. He is marriend to Trish Delaneyand together they have two sons; Warren and John.

He has a brother, Joeand his mother briefly appears when he visits her before her death due to an illness. Overview Edit Nidge is married to Trish, he has two sons, Warren being the eldest and then John being born a few years later. They were married a year before John was born. Nidge also has a brother Joe who has barely appeared in the series however his niece Siobhan is one of the main characters of the show.

Nidge had worked for John Boy Power for a number of years being his trusted lieutenant for the majority of it. Nidge has been leader since then.

Nidge's leadership was tested after the death of Git.