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By evolving the core series into an interwoven narrative, Robotech's story but in its character relationships and the way they grew and evolved. “You end up having to band-aid over a lot of it either with voice over or a ton. I've never seen Robotech outside of 6 episodes out of the Macross part so I feel like I can give a proper review without mentioning aspects about Robotech TNG. It can be really unnerving when you're in a relationship and you're not sure if your partner is just in a super grumpy mood, or they actually are.

Stick's group is filled with different personalities though a few of them aren't that great, like that loud, annoying girlthere's plenty chemistry as well as tension within the group as they make their way across the desolate, war ravaged land. The series is mostly episodic, painting a bleak picture of life under Invid occupation with its stories full of fear, betrayal and hardships. But they also show the best in addition to the worst of human nature, as there are many instances of bravery, friendship and heroic sacrifices.

A lot of the one-off characters found in these episodic adventures are quite interesting in their own right, and I found myself caring about what happens to them, despite their brief screen time.

Other than the names, very little of the characters was changed as "Genesis Climber Mospeada" made its transition to "Robotech: The New Generation", which means that the best parts of the show were left intact. Add to this the superior music production in "The New Generation", and you have yourself an anime where the Americanised version outdoes the original.

Well, who'd have thought that was possible! But anyway, whichever version you like to think of it as, the anime doesn't fare too badly even today - I still found it enjoyable at least. Admittedly that might just be nostalgia speaking, but I reckon there's a bit more to it than that. Man are their Mospeada names horrible! What the hell kind of name is Stig? Almost all of the Robotech names were big improvements over the originals.

Let's compare some of them: They are two of the few characters they managed to give decent names to. The creators must have been sober when thought these names up. The Robotech actors were great. Couldn't have been better. The Mospeada actors are just what you would expect from Japanese actors. A lot of over acting especially from the women. I'd take the Robotech cast any day over Mospeada's. To correct the previous reviewer: TNG is not an 'Edit' of Mospeada. It's has a unique and more complex background story.

TNG is part of a much larger series and has more depth because of it.

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Seriously though it's good series but it doesn't beat the Robotech version in anyway. Mospeada did a horrid job on the names and several other things in the series. It didn't hamper my enjoyment of it because I was able to look past them. If you can't tolerate Japanese actors and the goofy names; check out Robotech instead.

I think Robotech improved all of the three original series from which it was based. Especially the plot and characters. There is no contest for me. It's Robotech all the way. Mospeada today is almost forgotten while Robotech is making a come back.

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Not that Robotech was ever dead. The comics never stopped. Watch the 86 episodes of the Robotech series first and then hunt down the original 3 series. After watching Robotech you may not want to bother to watch the original 3 Japanese series.

Becky is assaulted by an unscrupolous dance director, but her boyfriend Mark, who was spying on her fearing she'd be attacked by Andrews' goons and didn't trust the director, sees what's happening and barges in wearing Powered Armour. Luckily for the director who looks like he soiled himselfMark shows extreme self control and limits himself to a threat and taking Becky away.

Zentraedi officers are stronger, larger and usually more skilled than their subordinates. A common Zentraedi soldier dealing with a VF-1 in hand to hand is easily defeated, but a Zentraedi officer like Khyron is a match for the usual pilot as long as he wears body armour, and Breetai once fought off Rick, Ben and Max, demolishing the mechas of the first two, wearing his normal non-armoured uniform and armed with a Zentraedi-sized metal pipe, and shrugged off Rick's fighter exploding on his face.

Once to sate his bloodlust, the Invid Regent orders two of his attendants to shoots their third companion The Regent momentarily considers ordering them to shoot each other, or "better yet" themselves, but has a moment of Pragmatic Villainy in thinking how training their replacements would be too time consuming.

Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work. When Scott and crew face off against a band of thugs, before the battle can begin, the Invid show up, and decide to blow up the thugs' heavily armed bikes first because they're closer before turning their attention to the Robotech Rebels. The thugs run for their lives.

Batman Can Breathe in Space: Rick Hunter, while stranded with Minmei during The Long Wait, used an unpressurized flight suit and scarf to try holding his breath for a quick space walk. Additionally, the tuna didn't suffer from any freezer burn.

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Breetai at one point in the Macross Saga survives being blown out of his ship by clinging onto assorted spiked protrusions and climbing over the hull until he finds a door leading back in, despite lacking any sort of protection. That said, the Zentraedi were engineered to be workers on hostile environments, so a certain level of protection against the vacuum is warranted. Rick Hunter spends much of Macross Saga being obsessed with Minmei, so much so that he forgets his initial Character Development during the initial Reconstruction Blues era episodes, and he is so blinded by this obsession that more often than not he can't see that his boss, Lisa Hayes, has become increasingly infatuated with him during their adventures together.

Towards the end of these Macross Saga episodes Rick finally does get to be with Minmei, only to find that he can't relate to her anymore, as she really can't understand what he's been through and how his experiences have changed him, and it finally occurs to him that he should be with Lisa.

Minmei herself experiences this - she wanted to be a pop star more than anything, only to find it lonely at the top. The Zentraedi also experience this after hearing and experiencing human culture and decide to defect from their masters to the human race. Two years later many of them have grown unsatisfied living among humans, trying to work normal jobs, unable to function properly without regular combat to keep them focused and motivated, leading to acts of violence and defection.

Khyron and his team eventually pick up on this unhappy "warrior without a war" mindset and use it to their advantage. Both also serve as Big Brother Mentor to the younger heroes. In the scene where Max and Miriya are dueling in an epic 2-player videogame contest, there is a shot that pans across the rest of the arcade to show all the spectators who have gathered around to watch them play.

For some reason, there is a large, bearded, middle-aged muscle man standing in the middle of the arcade, with no shirt onflexing his arms in a typical macho show-off pose. Who he is and what he's doing there is a complete mystery. Big, Thin, Short Trio: Several examples from each series. In Macross, while Earth was still recovering, both the SDF-1 and the SDF-2 get destroyed in Khyron's suicide attack which he turned into one after getting too severely damaged to escape into spaceand most of the main bridge crew aside from Lisa get killed.

Then in the Robotech Masters, Zor Prime attempted to destroy the Protoculture factory in the SDF-1, but accidentally released the spores instead, which then causes the Invid to invade Earth. Since Earth's defenses were already really exhausted from all the fighting with the Robotech Masters, they weren't able to put up much a fight against the Invid. Then in the New Generation, while the humans are able to persuade the Invid Regis to leave Earth relatively intact and she even destroys the neutron bombs the Expeditionary Fleet launched in a Scorched Earth attemptScott decides to leave Ariel alone while he tries to find Admiral Hunter although Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles shows that they still end up together after all.

Claudia Grant is this for Lisa Hayes. And Bowie Grant was this for Dana Sterling, having grown up together after their parents left them on Earth. Rand tells Rook that he fought off three Invid patrols by himself It was Scott who saved him from three invid shock troopers!

The leader of the gang that kidnaps Lunk's friend says he can hear Lunk's knees knocking, and heavily implies Lunk is a deserter. When the Invid show up and blow up their bikes, the punks run for their lives and cower inside their shack. One of the goons makes the mistake of telling his boss that it's the gang leader's knees that are knocking.

The gang leader's response? Punching him in the head and telling him his knees are knocking because he's mad. Minmei to some extent as well. The novelizations make it clear that the original Zor literally seduced the secrets of the Flower of Life from the Invid Regis - even though discovering the intricacies of a humanoid form was a large part of the process for her.

Sean deconstructs this trope as he decides to hit on a triad of Tirolians, and at first they think he's a dysfunctional clone, but it doesn't take very long at all for the jig to be up and for them to call security!

Break His Heart to Save Him: Lancer does this twice with the same woman. First by jumping out of the train they're on at the last second because he doesn't want her caught in the crossfire of his war with the Invid. Second time by convincing her to stay with her wealthy husband who in spite of being an jerk does truly love her and can provide for her the life Lancer can't give her.

Emerson from Southern Cross. Most of the cast of The Sentinels and Shadow Chronicles. Cannot Spit It Out: Part of the reason it takes so long for Rick and Lisa to hook up is that Lisa can't seem to articulate her feelings properly.

Rick gets his Veritech trashed a lot. This is lampshaded in the episode Phantasm, in which Rick dreams he crashed while trying to fly a bike. Minmei starts to feel this way after the Earth's been destroyed, mostly because of how hard life is for everyone, and also because she never gets to spend any time with Rick.

Lynn Minmei, both in the series and in the movie. Khyron is literally referred to as "The Backstabber. The SDF-1 becomes one after the space fold to Pluto, with a city being rebuilt within it. The five Robotech Masters' city ships are these as their name would suggest.

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This makes the situation for them worse when their flagship is destroyed and the population needs to relocate to another ship when their resources are already being stretched. City Mouse Vs Country Mouse: Rook is the city mouse, and Rand is the country mouse. Rand describes civilization as 'crime, traffic jams, and garbage that's never picked up. Rook retorts at least they don't have blood-sucking leeches falling out of the trees.

Shortly after the SDF-1 returns to earth after the initial trip back from Pluto, Admiral Gloval gives a rehash of the events thus far. Considering all that happened, it was rather needed. The episodes between sagas also were mostly clip shows to help try mesh the snags between shows.