Mars war logs electrical relationship walkthrough game

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mars war logs electrical relationship walkthrough game

Completionist Achievement in Mars: War Logs: You have made it a point of Thus, this is a walk-through of the games entire side quest offering. .. A Passionate Woman (Resistance), Electrical Relationship (Mary), and The. Get help with Mars: War logs on the text and video walkthrough here. We gives you step-by-step guide and tips to help you beat the game. Mars: War Logs. All Discussions I can't complete the Electrical relationship side quest. When I get too far through the game I fail that quest.

The sergeant wants a picture of a girl, all of her, and preferably without too much clothes on. Head back to Jey and tell him what the sergeant wants. Fatso can be found with his gang in the closed off area after the Camp: If you win, the picture is yours. Return to the army sergeant to get the Lucky Charm and complete Another Face. The next part is to find Bob in the Power Plant which happens after you complete everything in the main quests.

Bob will join you in the fight at the train station, but at a point he will die. There is nothing you can do about this. The quest will complete at this point. There is another side quest here called Indigestible Meal where you poison Bob and send him to the sick bay as means of saving him from the ensuing fight. Several players have posted doing this instead of Escape Together, and that the achievement didn't unlock.

To be safe, always do Escape Together instead of Indigestible Meal. If you play the following scene any other way than described below you will miss out on a side quest that happens much later during Chapter 2. Follow up with that you think Prowess is okay. It is not possible to pass him without triggering a scene. Agree to help him get rid of the junkies at his workshop. Go past Frugality down the tunnel and to your left. Stop in front of the door and listen to a conversation between Providence, Chance, and a junkie.

Your goal here is to help Providence find a solution. Chance and the Junkie turns out to be her sons. Do not instigate a fight and offer to find the dealer below. Once he is taken care of, you have to talk with Providence again to complete this side quest. The Dealer Follow the good solution in Requiem for Dreamers to start this. Be sure to talk to Tranquility before going to The Slums. When you reach Shadowlair: Slums, look at your map to find the location of the dealer, named Serenity.

You have no option but to start a fight with Serenity and his 3 thugs here so be prepared. If you manage to drop Serenity first, you do not have to fight his gang.

Serenity will see things your way and The Dealer will complete. The Sand to pursue other quests, head for the north-east part where a man called Tranquility is marked on your map triggered by visiting Charity, and your old home, completing these main quests.

Both side quests are found in The Slums where you are already headed for The Dealer. You can always check by the first map marker in this area, but the army is raiding the place, looking for Probity.

After talking to Probity it is apparent you have to help him get rid of the army. You have two ways of going about this. The better way of handling this is to look at your map for another quest marker down in the lower middle part of the map.

mars war logs electrical relationship walkthrough game

Head there and look for a crate where you can hide some misleading evidence. False identification is complete and when you head back to Shadowlair: Smuggling After entering Tierville, you will happen upon the same guards you met in the beginning of the chapter.

If you answered as described, the officer in charge, Integrity, will have a job for you. You have to find two pieces of evidence of a smuggling operation going on in Tierville. Once you get your hands on Smuggling, you can run back and finish this before continuing. Is found marked on the map right here in Tierville. In a room with two smugglers. You have to go back to Shadowlair: The Slums North Neighbourhood for this one, but it is also marked on your map.

Working for Charity Part 1 When you get back to Charity after resolving the main quest Find Faith, the information you were promised will have to wait for a bit longer. Talk with Charity again and offer to do some work while you wait. Once both those side quests are complete, return to Charity. The Bad Payer Charity wants you to find Morality and make him pay what he owes. He can be found north-west in an alley in Tierville, so head there first.

When you are aiming for Completionist it is very important that you actually kill him off as this will unlock another side quest down the line. Head back to The Slums and look up Humility. The Exhibitionist Charity wants you to take care of Humilty, a flasher bothering the working girls. He can be found opposite of Tranquility and you can either intimidate or beat him up to solve this easy task. Working for Charity Part 2 Completing the first two side quests in Working for Charity in the way that is suggested will now unlock two more side quests.

When you go back to Charity with both these done, Working for Charity is complete. The Transporter Talk with Honesty down at the bar next to Charity. Now you have to meet up with him at the far side of the entrance to Tierville. You will be escorting Honesty with lots of money to a banker. Follow his instruction, beat down any opposition, and head for the marker in the upper right corner of Tierville.

Honesty will die along the way, but fulfil the trip to the banker yourself honestly. The banker will give you a receipt you can take back to Charity for completion of this mission. You will find the Mafioso in question north of the market square in Tierville, but beware. There are six guys total here you have to fight - not an easy task if you are ill-equipped or playing at the higher difficulties. This side quest ties in with Fidelity Lost, so head to The Slums and get that started first below.

Get a description from the two men suspected of murdering the working girls and then head south to North Neighbourhood to speak with the forger Probity about the coin. He will tell you the coin is made in a workshop, and we know of only one such close by. Back to The Sand and Frugality. You can speak to Providence in the nearby shack to learn a little more about the coin, close to Frugality, but he will give you your next clue; an address in Tierville.

Head there and towards the quest marker on your map. Talk to a man named Chastity first. Do not kill him - question and bluff him first. Turns out he only re-sells the drug, or so he says.

Just around the corner is a man called Gallantry. Have a chat with him and you get a similar story. You can also talk with the army man close by from Smuggling but no one has any useful information. Go back and pick a fight with Gallantry. After a fight you get the option to kill him or not, and the side quest will update indicating you have the right man.

Do NOT kill Gallantry. Spare him to unlock a new side quest in Chapter 3. Head back to Faith to complete this and the last available side quest in Chapter 2. Fidelity Lost Head off for The Slums aiming for the next main quest Meet with the Resistance and you will find a forlorn looking man by the name of Fortitude - marked on your map after you finish Working for Charity.

If you agree to look for her you will get a picture and a clue to head to the market in Tierville to inquire further. In the market, look up Valiance, the merchant guard, and show him the picture you got from Fortitude. You have to continue through the east alley towards the entrances to Undercity and The Slums. There is a big fight coming up and after a cut-scene of the dead wife and a talk with Providence the mother from The Dealer who suggests the girl was drugged then killed.

This will update your side quest The Coin Killer. Talk with Fortitude on the way there to complete Fidelity Lost. Before Chapter 3 After you save Mary and she wake up in your old shack, she will want to sleep with you. This is not needed for the achievement. Note that none of the romance quests are required for the Completionist achievement. If you complete one, the others will fail. This will only happen if you did not kill Gallantry in Chapter 2. After you talk with the resistance, or go back to your starting location, you will again happen upon Gallantry attacking a young lady Patience.

Kill him and the quest will complete. Theft from the Stores In the Farming Village, speak with Impartiality to get involved with a mutant vs. Impartiality tells you about a gang of mutants who stole the farmers food. If you offer to help, he wants you to teach them a lesson, but not kill them.

Head into the Industrial Complex to the left and you will find the mutants. Talk to Garbage first and hear what he has to say. Go back and talk with Impartiality to complete the quest. A Helping Hand for the Mutants Offering to lie about the food the mutants stole will have Garbage asking you to also find some medicine. The medicine can be found in the Farming Village, in the south-west corner by some clearly marked boxes. Give the medicine to Garbage to complete the quest. Moles are destroying the crops and you have to destroy moles.

Be very careful when heading out for this task. Exit behind Tolerance climb a ladder where you will immediately be thrown into a fight with a Mole Queen and several lesser moles. Return to Tolerance to complete the side quest. Use guard break and block his attacks with B. If you time your button press right, you can perform counterattacks. Eventually Fatso joins in on the fun, and Innocence helps even the playing field.

Take out his lackey first and then gang up on the tubby prisoner, using Sand Throw to blind him. Roy levels up after the brawl. Now at Level 2, you are given two skill points that can be used on your skill trees. Press Back or Left on the D-Pad to access the skills menu.

There are three total skill trees although Technomancy is currently unavailable ; Combat increases your fighting skills and is more of an offensive tree, and Renegade aids you in stealth and long-range fighting, and is more of a defensive tree.

Regardless of what path you want to take, you should begin by adding your two points to the "First Aid" skill in the Renegade tree. You also receive a character feat point, which allows you to unlock character feats.

This is a more all-around group of perks focusing on things outside of combat, such as increasing experience gained and chances of obtaining loot from defeated enemies.

Bring up your inventory and equip it. You can upgrade the cracked tube using various components, but hold off on selecting an upgrade until you have better items. You can find components by scavenging through waste piles and crates. They are all over the place in the game and glow pretty brightly, so I will not be pointing out each individual one in this walkthrough. The mess hall is to the north, but go through the southern doorway for a short detour. A prisoner informs Roy that a guard named Bob is looking for him.

You can find Bob on the other side of the eastern door, and this will trigger a cutscene and a couple sidequests. Go up the stairs and climb over the wall towards the Crater Zone. One of the enemies is wearing sunglasses that prevents him from being blinded by sand. They're tough customers, but Innocence should help relieve the pressure a bit. The crate contains 10 Serum. Make your way to the mess hall and look for a quiet table: Take a seat and watch the cutscene, which unlocks the main story mission "The Great Escape".

We still aren't done with this quest. Look on your map for the entrance to the Crater Zone. Crater Zone Head forward and into the small recruitment office to assign Roy and Innocence to the proper jobs.

As you walk south towards the Drilling Well, the duo splits up.

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Search the area for items before continuing south towards the entrance. When you get a chance, talk to Joe behind the desk to receive a nail gun out on loan; this also unlocks another story mission.

Drilling Well You can continue this mission and "Weapons for the Battle" simultaneously since both sections take place in the Drilling Well. You'll meet up with your two co-workers, Sobriety and Courtesy, at the mouth of the tunnel. Enter the cavern and sneak towards the group of mole eggs. Quietly bash the first one to alert moles to your location. Moles are tough enemies and this part of the mission can be challenging.

These monsters are immune to blinding so Sand Throw is uselessthey block often, and have a lunging jump attack. The nail gun is effective against enemies from a long distance, but make sure not to waste too much of its ammo.

Defeat all the moles with the help of Sobriety and Courtesy, then smash the remaining egg piles. Drop down the ledge and continue to an intersection. Go east and climb up the ledge, then activate stealth mode and slip closer to the unsuspecting moles. You should be able to get a jump on the two patrolling moles before wiping out the rest.

Backtrack to the fork and head north this time, searching the corpse for a couple handmade grenades. At the second branch, you run into a warrior mole. He's a lot tougher than the little guys, but it's three on one. Grab all the surrounding loot and wait for your health to regenerate yep, your health automatically regenerates after a few seconds before going northeast.

There are a lot of moles here, so get the upper hand by using a stealth attack on the warrior mole. Tinker around with your companions and order them around via the tactics menu.

Also make sure to use your nail gun in this fight, as it'll potentially be a life saver. Back at the intersection, go the other way towards the northwest end. Take on the fourth group of moles those handmade grenades are real effective to complete your job. Wait for your health to fully top off, then descend into darkness. Return the nail gun to Joe; by lying to him about the whereabouts of the remaining guns, he mentions that a patrol will be sent down to the well in order to find them.

Return to the POW Camp.

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In order to plan your escape, you must retrieve the weapons, collect some water for the road, and create a mutant rebellion. End the conversation to wrap up the mission. Find a way to divert weapons 2. Pick up the 3 weapons from the previous squad 3. Hide the weapons found in the drilling well tunnels 4. Gain access to the drilling well 5.

Get into the drilling well tunnels to recover the weapons 6. Crater Zone After stopping by at the recruitment office and Innocence and Roy goes their separate ways, talk to the guy behind the counter near the Drilling Well entrance. Joe lends you a nail gun and also asks if you can retrieve three weapons from unsuccessful mole exterminators down in the tunnels. The first gun is just beyond the first batch of mole eggs, after jumping down from the ledge. From the first dead body, walk over to the intersection and continue east.

Slay the moles up ahead to find another gun strapped to a corpse. The third and final weapon is at the second intersection, and can be obtained after killing the warrior mole. Now all you have to do is hide the three guns down in the tunnels so you can reclaim them when the time is right.

At the second intersection, make your way to the northwest branch to find a small crate lying against a wall. Place the weapons inside the container for later. After wrapping up "The Mole Queen", give the nail gun to Joe. Roy tells him that he couldn't find the missing guns, and the guard proclaims that he'll have to send down a patrol squad to get them.

The Drilling Well will be off access for the time being. Either way, you must speak with Jack in order for him to let you in. Drilling Well As Joe mentioned earlier, a patrol team has been sent down in the tunnels in search for the weapons. Defeat the Abundance army sergeant and two soldiers. Roy steals a Serum extraction syringe from the sergeant.

Extracting Serum from downed human enemies offers another way to differentiate between good and evil. After defeating a human enemy in battle, you can now press Y to kill them and extract 5 Serum. It's a great way to earn Serum which is normally fairly scarce in the gamebut doing so quickly leads you down a bad path.

If you want a good reputation, I advise you from finishing off even a single enemy throughout the game. Make your way to the weapons stash and take them, including the nail gun which is now added to your tactics menu. Destroy the mole eggs 2. Drilling Well During "First Steps in Prison", this mission unlocks after exterminating the four mole nests down in the tunnels. Mary gets knocked unconscious by the mole queen and you must face the beast on your own. She is too tough to bring down, so you'll have to find an alternative way of defeating her.

You must destroy the six mole eggs surrounding the chamber. The mole queen has the same attacks as the other moles you have been battling, and can also summon more moles to do her bidding. Use your lock-on targeting ability to focus on the eggs and try your best to ignore the big boss. After smashing all six, Mary wakes up and Roy orders her to use some Technomancer magic. Lure the mole queen to the bottom of the tunnel the north end on your map and Mary will seal the queen behind a rock wall.

Ask about the rebel mutant at the recruitment office 2. Find the rebel Dust among the other mutants 3. Find the tools the mutants need 4. Crater Zone Stop in the recruitment office and speak with Saul, specifically asking him about the rebel mutant. Instead of finding and turning the criminal in, it's probably best to use him to our advantage.

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Head to the northwest sector of the Crater Zone, where all the mutants live. This is a bit of a hostile environment, so try not to be a huge jerk when talking to the Dust mutants. Talk to the one named Scum and interrogate him about the rebel. Unfortunately, things devolve into a fight, so beat him down to half health to get him to confess - turns out he himself is the rebel. Scum offers his assistance, so long as you retrieve two tool boxes from the surrounding areas.

Return to the kennel area where the Dog Master resides. Search the workshop on the northern wall to collect one of the two toolboxes. Now make your way back to the POW Camp. POW Camp Enter the mess and look for another workshop in the southeast corner of the room.

Now that you have both sets of tools, return to Scum. Crater Zone With the tools in hand, offer them over to Scum and he will hold up his end of the bargain. Now you have the Dust on your side when your eventual escape plan comes to fruition. The mole bone is given to you once you complete this mission; it's a good weapon and a definite upgrade over the cracked tube, so equip it when you get a chance.

Find a prisoner with access to the cistern 2. Talk to Jey 3. Try and get a key to the mushroom field from a guard 4. Stock up on water from the cistern 5. Crater Zone The water supply is stowed away in the Cistern, which happens to be unavailable to prisoners. Talk to Saul in the recruitment office and he'll spill that Jey handles who can and cannot access the Cistern. He divulges some unpleasant news, leading you on a scavenger hunt among other detours. Exit the cafeteria and meet up with Bob at his guard post; your acquaintance gladly forks over a key.

When Innocence asks you, agree to let him join you. Now make your way to the door leading to the Cistern west of the mess hall. Cistern Area Snoop around for some goodies before walking on the circular platform to the north.

mars war logs electrical relationship walkthrough game

Sneak around and knock out as many prisoners as possible before assaulting the others. Some dogs dwell in the tunnels, so watch out when walking 'round corners or else they may surprise you. Now follow the northern path to the Mushroom Field. Search the dead dude in front of you for 12 Serum and a reinforced prison uniform; make sure to put it on right away.

Up ahead is a circular room with patrolling moles. Execute an ambush and eliminate the remaining foes. In the following room you run into quite a few moles: Loot the corpse for a handmade grenade and go through the caverns. You run into two warrior moles and a dog they are usually duking it out if you manage to sneak up on themso now's a good time to use that handmade grenade you just found. Climb the ramp and open the door - one final dog stands between you and the water supply.

These are nifty proximity mines that can be used in battle. You've got your water and now you can go back to camp. Make all the necessary preparations for the escape 2. Go see Jey to start the escape 3. Remove the security around the train 4. Once you have wrapped up all other main quests, now you can complete all additional sidequests. Find Jey in the mess and tell him to spread word of the Dust mutiny. This gets the ball rolling in your favor.

Cistern Area It's a battle between the mutants and the Abundance guards, so jump in and help your brothers out. The Abundance guards are nasty, and some of them have shock batons that can deal electrical damage.

There are also anti-riot soldiers equipped with riot shields; you must roll and attack their backs. Loot their bodies they usually have good stuff and enter the Power Plant. Power Plant If you took the sidequest "Escape Together", Bob will be waiting for you at the entrance and becomes a companion throughout a portion of the Power Plant. The building is small and cramped, but exit the foyer to the west wing.

Defeat all three enemies and a scene will play assuming Bob is with you. Bob falls in combat, leaving Roy and Innocence alone. Run up the ramp to the control panel and press the button to remove the protective shield around the train. Drop down into the east wing and sneak through the chute to ambush the trio of soldiers.

Station After the cutscene, you are pitted in a battle against Sean, the Technomancer overseeing the POW camp. You can either have Innocence stay out of the fight or join in; I don't know if there are any negative results between the choices, but two is always better than one! Make sure to eliminate the Abundance soldiers first. They aren't nearly as strong as Sean and some of the Technomancer's spells even hurt his allies, so they should not last long.

On the other hand, Sean is one tough customer. His weapon of choice is an electrical sword and has a supply of dangerous spells. He can fire lighting bolts at Roy, create a powerful shockwave, and can also protect him with a bubble shield.

Refrain from physically attacking Sean if his shield is up. Try to use whatever items you have in the tactics menu.

Handmade grenades work well, especially if you can target multiple enemies huddled together. The nail gun is always a good long-range option, and make sure to bind health injection packs to one of the three shortcut buttons. Block, dodge, and heal if your health drops to below half. Use your nail gun and tell Innocence to back off if the Technomancer raises his shield.