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The Legend of Korra is an American television series set in the seventy years after the end of the Avatar: The Last Airbender story arc with new There's Borra , the relationship that can be either romantic or friendly. see our: Top 40 Quizzes. When Bolin and Mako journeyed to Ba Sing Se with Team Avatar, Bolin was excited Water Tribe rebellion, Varrick cast Ginger as Bolin's girlfriend for the movie. . Bolin at first attempted to deflect the questions, but was forced by Asami into. This page is comprised of Korra's relationships with other characters in the I've never had a girlfriend to hang out with and talk to before, except for Naga.

Both had gotten over their former love triangle with Mako and Asami began to teach Korra how to drive. She also supported her and encouraged her in her efforts of trying to bring the city back to normal. They spent more time together, whether it was training or simply hanging out, and when Korra was still recuperating from her fight with Zaheer, Asami took care of her, comforting her when needed, and offered her a sympathetic ear if she would ever require one.

She almost wrote Korra about them but ultimately held back, fearing that Korra may never return if her feelings were not reciprocated. I don't think I could have handled losing you and my father in the same day. When Korra finally returned to Republic City after three years, she and Asami reunited warmly, but things grew cold after Asami mentioned her reunion with her father. The heiress snapped at the Avatar after the latter suggested that he may still be untrustworthy, to which Asami told Korra not to decide what was best for her.

Nonetheless, the two showed they trusted each other more when Prince Wu had been captured by Kuvira's spies, working in perfect sync while Mako was one step behind them.

In need of a vacation, the two retreated to the Spirit World together, where they officially started their relationship. She was hesitant about going public with their relationship, though it was only because she desired to have Korra to herself, thinking of their relationship as special and rare, without having the public's eye focused on their every move. Despite being back among the people, Korra and Asami continued to be naturally drawn to each other and worked together flawlessly, supporting and protecting each other when necessary.

When they felt the time was right, they made their relationship public to their friends. I'm sorry things got so messed up between us, but whatever happens today, I want you to know how much I care about you.

Asami met Mako after she crashed into him while riding on her moped as he crossed the street.

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Initially, she was apologetic until she realized he was the captain of the Fire Ferrets. Being embarrassed for hitting him, Asami invited Mako to go out to dinner as an apology for the incident, which he accepted.

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Their relationship hit off immediately, and she had her father offer Mako to solve the Fire Ferrets' financial issues. They spent a considerable amount of time together in the following weeks, during which Asami bought Mako a new silk scarf. While enjoying a romantic carriage ride through Republic City ParkAsami noticed Mako was still wearing his old red scarf, and he informed her that it was the only memento he still had of his deceased father. After Asami told him that she had lost her mother at a young age as well, they locked in an intimate embrace, with Asami saying she felt safe with Mako.

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She would visit Mako during practice as well as before and after pro-bending matches. She would watch the Fire Ferrets' games from the stands, from where, before the final match of the tournament, Asami and Mako blew kisses to each other. Asami invited Mako and Bolin to stay in the Sato estate after the Pro-bending Arena was closed down following the Equalists' attackdisplaying her care for Mako. When the Sato mansion was investigated based on Korra's suspicions, Mako defended Asami against the allegations against her father, even going so far as threatening to end his friendship with Korra if she continued to berate his girlfriend.

After it was proven that Hiroshi was working with the Equalists, Mako comforted the distraught Asami as they left the Sato estate. She had an angry and upset reaction once an irked Mako coldly told her off while leading the search for Korra.

legend of korra girlfriend quiz relationship

Questioning Bolin over the nature of Mako and Korra's relationship, she found out the two had kissed sometime prior to the finals of the Pro-bending Tournament and was visibly upset and angry over this new development. Later, as Mako lovingly carried Korra to OogiAsami looked toward them, bearing a crestfallen look. After returning to Air Temple Island, Asami and Mako started to drift apart; she watched from a doorway with a dejected expression as Mako sat at the bedside of an unconscious and injured Korra, holding her hand.

She continued to be bothered by his attentive behavior toward Korra, like when he entered the kitchen asking for hot water so he could give Korra tea.

She snapped at him, telling him that, as a firebender, he should boil it himself.

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She drilled him about his feelings for Korra, stating that she noticed his constant doting on her and that she knew he had shared a kiss with her during the Pro-bending Tournament.

Mako was unable to give her an answer regarding his feelings for Korra and placed a hand on hers, saying that they should concentrate on their own relationship. Enraged and feeling betrayed, she yanked her hand away and stormed out of the kitchen, stating that there "might not be any relationship to worry about" by then. Asami barely kept her alliance with Mako, begrudging him even during the attack on Republic City.

Hero of the South at the Pro-bending Arena. They walked arm in arm past the crowds of people waiting for them, waving as they went. However, as soon as they entered the Arena, Ginger dropped back into her usual demeanor, stating Bolin to be "as dumb as the rocks [he] ben[t]" and walked off by herself. Ginger only noticed Bolin when he was applauded a hero after saving President Raiko and the First Lady.

However, while Bolin battled the waterbenders who were after President Raiko, Ginger expressed her concern for him. After he had saved the President, she rushed out to where Bolin was having his photo taken and kissed him intensely, proclaiming that she could not believe her "boyfriend" was a "real-life hero", leaving Bolin somewhat confused after her previous statement.

She quickly brushed aside his bafflement and kissed him again, which Bolin gladly returned. Bolin first met Korra in the Pro-bending Arena gym, when she was caught wandering about the arena by Toza. He bailed her out, saying she was there with him, accidentally implying that they were "together".

While his brother was initially dismissive of Korra, Bolin was quickly attracted to Korra, stating that he had "a good feeling, there [was] somethin' special about her". When a messenger brought Korra a large gift basket in the name of TarrlokBolin expressed concern, immediately inquiring whether that "Tarrlok guy" was bothering her, as he was willing to have a word with him.

When Korra laughed it off, saying that Tarrlok was just "some old guy" on the council, Bolin expressed relief.

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Bolin asked Mako what he thought of Korra as a potential girlfriend, meaning for himself, though Mako mistook the question. When Mako told Bolin dating her was a bad idea, the earthbender stated that he and Korra were perfect for each other, confessing his crush.

Eventually, after flattering her to cheer her up, he asked Korra out on a date. Both enjoyed the date, however, Bolin was greatly hurt and disappointed when he brought Korra flowers and accidentally walked in on her kissing his brother.

legend of korra girlfriend quiz relationship

After winning the semifinals of the Pro-bending Tournament, Korra apologized to Bolin, who forgave her, and the two agreed to continue their friendship. Korra called him "one of a kind", something Bolin had called her earlier on their date.

legend of korra girlfriend quiz relationship

Before the final battle, Bolin warned Korra that "Amon [was] a nasty dude" and offered her a hug before she left to fight Amon with Mako. As they hugged, he looked on with a worried and upset feeling on his face. He was later alongside Team Avatar and their allies at the Southern Water Tribehoping that Katara would be able to restore Korra's bending.

Opal is the daughter of Suyin Beifong and Lin 's half-niece. Upon meeting Opal, it became clear that the two shared mutual interest in each other.