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Karakuri Circus is a manga by Kazuhiro Fujita (the same guy who did Ushio and Tora), placed in relatively modern-day Of no relation to Karakuri Odette. a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Karakuri Circus ep 1 *spoilers*". Shirogane has a very mother/big sister relationship with Masaru, doesn't she? I hope this doesn't mean that we will end up limited to 3 pieces of. Karakuri Circus (からくりサーカス, Karakuri Sākasu) is a manga by Kazuhiro Fujita, also the More importantly, bring the years cycle of tragedy and hatred to an end. . 白金): Voiced by: Toshio Furukawa: Younger brother of Yin who was devastated and filled with anger after Francine accepted Yin's proposal of marriage.

Masaru then offers to hire Ashihana's Slaughter Team to work for him. However, Zenji still plans to kill them, so Masaru savagely attacks him. Meanwhile, as Shirogane tells Narumi about her sad childhood, Masaru and Ashihana use Grimaldi to rescue them. Yamanaka attacks them again, but Narumi and Shirogane cannot defeat him, however Masaru takes control of Harlequin, turning the tide of the battle until suddenly explosives planted in the villa destroy the building.

Masaru, Narumi and Shirogane emerge from the wreckage, and Ashihana manages to help Shirogane escape, however Masaru and Narumi remain trapped in the burning building. The next morning, Masaru is alive, but all that remains of Narumi is his left arm. She enrolls in the high school next to his school protect him from bullies. However when the bullies try to antagonize Masaru he shrugs off their actions and shows the scars he received in his encounter while he was away.

Shinobu Nakamachi is about to be evicted for non-payment of rent while he tries to rebuild a circus. At school, Masaru becomes more accepted, and at high school Shirogane becomes popular because of her many talents, including her acrobatic skills. To cheer up Shirogane, Masaru takes her to see Mr. Nakamachi and convinces her to join his circus with Nori and Hiro and their animal handler Liselotte.

Elsewhere, Narumi lays unconscious in intensive care, missing his left arm. His savior introduces himself as Guy Christophe Resh. Narumi finds that the hospital run by Dr. Banhart is a research facility and houses 2, children suffering from Zonapha, but the staff are also suffering to ensure that they are always smiling to prevent the children from having Zonapha attacks.

He also learns that in the final stages, the Zonapha sufferer cannot die, and he sees older children lying comatose, caught between life and death.

Resh explains that automata are used by the Midnight Circus to spread the Zonapha syndrome and he asks Narumi to become a Shirogane and help him fight them. He tells Narumi that the last amount of Aqua Vitae which was created by an alchemist many years ago was used to heal him.

Lucille Verrneuil enters and announces that Paulmann and Anselmus are attacking the school so Resh goes out to confront them. He uses his Karakuri Olympia to attack the automata and then Narumi joins him to effectively finish them off. To protect the children, Narumi accepts Resh's offer to become a Shirogane and fight the automata.

Meanwhile, Shirogane is performing as a clown with the Nakamachi Circus and she is approached by Vilma who challenges her to a contest of skills. Vilma befriends her, but later that she night corners Masaru at the circus camp site and prepares to kill him. Vilma is surprised when Shirogane suddenly arrives and intervenes, but Vilma immobilizes her with her throwing knives.

However Shirogane's body recovers enough to fight back with Harlequin and defeats Vilma. Later Vilma is so impressed by the loyalty of Shirogane and the resolve of Masaru that she decides to join them in the Nakamachi Circus.

As they prepare the circus for opening day, Masaru convinces Lise to perform again and Shirogane reminisces to Vilma about Narumi. Meanwhile, Guy and Lucille fly with Narumi to China to confront the automata, but a group of ten automata hijack the airplane. They challenge Narumi to defeat them without causing them to explode which would kill everyone on board. Narumi defeats them, but then the airplane is attacked by a large number of Mr. Guy exits the plane to deal with Mr.

Spazza and the insectoids while Lucille tries to the land the airplane in the bay. Meanwhile, the Nakamachi Circus has its grand opening, however it is interrupted by the airplane crashing into the water nearby, causing everyone to run outside. In the airplane, the automaton Magdalen is still operational and prepares to attack Masaru and others to obtain their blood, but Shirogane intervenes to stop it.

Suddenly Magdalen is destroyed and Shirogane and Masaru appear to see Narumi through the flames and smoke. She tells Masaru about her past with Guy and how Narumi caused her to become more human instead of just a puppet. Disturbed by dreams about Narumi, Masaru leaves quietly to search for him. He tells them about his Bai family ancestors of years earlier, the brothers Yin and Jin, who went to study alchemy in Prague to improve their puppetry skills and Narumi realizes that he knows the story.

The brothers encountered the beautiful woman Francine who eventually caused friction between the brothers who both fell in love with her. Jin was devastated when Francine agreed to marry Yin, and he abducted her and disappeared. Nine years later Yin found Jin in Quiberon, but Francine was imprisoned by the villagers because of a rare disease.

Even moreso at the later arc where he revealed that he inherited the memories of the Big Bad of the series with an ability that can dismantle the complex mechanical parts of the automatons and the puppets in a matter of seconds. Narumi and Shirogane are leaning towards this before Narumi gets whisked away by a flood, loses his memories, and is believed dead.

Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Averted, although rarely hard. One exception would be Beast, a tiger who upon introduction kills a ton of people, the second being a woman. Hurt a kid in front of Narumi. And not just him. A lot of characters have soft spots for the kids. Nori and Hiro don't much like Masaru at first because he monopolizes Shirogane's attention but they despise a man who tells his ex-wife to leave the kids and return to him. As both of them were at one point abandoned, this makes sense.

Shirogane as the Snake King. The first chapter begins with Narumi Kato work as a costumed bear for the circus to entertain young passersby, and the final chapter ends with Masaru Saiga now a young man living in some European country and working as a costumed dog for a cafe to entertain young passersby but he does his best to protect many innocent people thanks to the martial arts skills he learned from Narumi.

A few times, with Uncle Zenji and the like. Professor Maruki the zoologist who discredits Drum's tail-needle and Beast's ferocity turns out to be not so bad after all. This series is full of them. Saiga Sadayoshi Masaru's father 's personal notebook that Masaru found during his kidnapping in the mansion Masaru's grandfather Saiga Souji The hospital staff and the kids in the Hospital Arc The teacher that Narumi saved in France The clown character that appears in every interlude of the story.

Narumi, much to his detriment. Shirogane to Masaru, and to an extent the circus brothers. Even when offered a ton of money with no apparent strings, he still promises to repay it. He seems to have quickly learned his lesson after the disastrous theft attempt. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: There's no way this is just Obfuscating Stupidity. In the omake of the final volume, every character of the series takes one last bow to the readers in the circus before they disappear in the final splash page.

Shirogane may be one. Masaru and Shirogane cross it when Narumi dies. Narumi crosses it when he "realizes" that he let Masaru die. Or so it seems. The title of the last arc in the series. Which also Foreshadowing on how the series end. Of the "how do these clothes look? Masaru freezes up entirely, even though the girls in question are not the type to get offended that way. Even the Girls Want Her: When the Nakamichi Circus is doing their park performance, Shirogane is performing as the Snake King Seems the norm when trying to deal with Guy.

Able to tame cats, dogs and her pet lion Drum. Narumi is a massive kempoist with a rough attitude and temper - but he would never harm somebody unless they deserved it. Narumi, although it's not as bad as it looks. These series foreshadowing plot is almost on par with One Piece. Narumi, In the Sahara Desert when he discovered that the Francine Puppet at there was a fake, making all of previous Heroic Sacrifices of his comrades were in vain.

Their purpose is to destroy all the automatons but they always lament themselves that they are no better than the automatons that they fought. Taken to extreme with Narumi when the automatons compare him to the demon. After all the dust has settled in the mansion explosion, it seems like both Narumi and Masaru have made it through. When Masaru turns his head back, he sees only Narumi's left arm remains.

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In Sahara battle, when Narumi is about to deal the last blow to Puppet! Francine, the puppet uttered out the series biggest Wham Line.

Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Shirogane is more average sized, but compared to Narumi Nakamachi and his boys are good at this one. Incurable Cough of Death: The plot kicks off by explaining the bizarre circumstances around Narumi's. We later find that it's a sort of curse passed on from the maker of horrible dolls, to try and bring a smile to his fake love's face; it makes breathing agony until he can make someone laugh.

Unfortunately, Narumi is not a funny guy. Shirogane's puppet, Arlequin, uses a detached left arm to fight with. Hiro and Nori were presumably left behind by their parents, so the Nakamichi Circus took them in. Averted hard with the attack of Midnight Circus.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Even though "jerk" may be too harsh. Narumi is a little rough around the edges, and while he claims It's All About Mehe will and has gone through hell for Masaru.

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Although it's subverted after Masaru saves the bullies from a couple of bounty hunters. And when Masaru leaves and helps pay a big debt to a former bully, said bully is shocked and just wanted for the two to be friends. Vilma Knight In Sour Armor: Narumi a bit, moreso after Guy resurrects him. He became even worse after the Battle of Sahara.

Lock and Load Montage: A quick one only for Narumi before he and Shirogane go on to rescue Masaru. He can use hard qigong to break blade weapons and bend iron bars.

He also breaks a fricking car! True, she's tasked with protecting him, but that's not all of it. Manly Tears or Tender Tears: When listening to Masaru's sob story, Narumi turns around and pretend not to be interested A gangster who Masaru accidentally splashes in the public bath bursts into these when he sees Masaru's scars. Shirogane means silver in japanese, Also Bai Yin is silver in Chinese. Masaru means "win" in Japanese. Saiga Sadayoshi stated he named his son Masaru because he likes winning.

This is the first time he shows his true colors to Saiga Souji. Honorable mention goes to Paulman and Anzelmas' henchman, whose skin peels and wrinkles away from his mouth to expose teeth and a blood-draining implement underneath.

No Sense of Humor: Not Distracted by the Sexy: Narumi again, when an automaton girl tries to force him to "love" her.

Maybe if it was Shirogane The latter two couples are Together in Death Panthera Awesome: Taranda's pet lion drum, and the savage tiger Beast. In conjunction with Shirogane's Mama Bearit seems like the two are his adoptive parents. Also serves as MacGuffin.