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jersey girl 1992 ending a relationship

A working girl from New Jersey looks for love with a fast-lane Manhattan This is one of those films that proves decades in film don't just end and begin at the. Jersey Girl () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Tobey lives in New Jersey and dreams of a better life that doesn't include her dead end job and of Sal's (Dylan McDermott) 'correct' relationship is deftly portrayed, and, sorry, but I. I'm a Jersey Girl who happens to be in France right now, reflecting on mobster Tony Soprano ended his HBO run in ; New Jersey has.

He's the slick corporate guy that Tobey's been looking for.

Jersey Girl

She wrecks his car, gets all obsessive about her alleged destiny man, and boom, you have a love story that ends with a sloppy sewer water kiss. Too bad this love story sucks. I've seen Jamie Gertz in a lot better things, and I hardly think of Dylan McDermott as any kind of a lover, he was just another one of those immature guys who's too superficial to care about anything like Rob Lowe's character in About Last Night If your looking for a girl who wants to be 'movin' on up' your best bet is Working Girl moving on up from secretary to boss in the financial district and Pretty Woman moving on up from prostitute to the Madame of Rodeo Drive and those kinds of things.

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Jersey Girl is just a waste of time. I might've like it if it had some good humor to it, at least, but it wasn't even funny. Was this review helpful?

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Sign in to vote. As a native New Jerseyan of Italian ancestry who spent the first ten years of his life in Hackensack, however, I had mixed feelings about the film's portrayal of middle class New Jersey culture.

Jersey Girl () - Jersey Girl () - User Reviews - IMDb

Ditto for her apartment above Foschini's bakery and a storefront Italian shop that sold ravioli and Italian sausage. As part of his job in the borough, Ollie speaks to a group of outraged citizens to win over their approval for a major public works project that will temporarily close a street in the neighborhood. His successful and enjoyable interaction with them leads him to realize how much he misses the public relations work.

jersey girl 1992 ending a relationship

The prospect of moving back to New York City creates tension among Ollie, Gertie, Bart, and Maya, especially when he says that his interview is on the same day as Gertie's school talent show. She yells at him, saying she hates him and that she wishes he had died instead of her mother. He claims he hates her right back, and says she and her mother Gertie took his life away and he just wants it back. He immediately regrets it and tries to apologize, but the damage is done and she angrily pushes him away and runs to her room, crying.

jersey girl 1992 ending a relationship

A few days later they finally patch things up, and she accepts the fact that they will be moving to New York City. While waiting to be interviewed, he has a chance encounter with Will Smith playing himselfwhom he trashed at his public outburst years before. Smith has no idea who Ollie is, but they have a conversation about work and children that persuades Ollie to skip the interview and leave. Ollie rushes to make it to Gertie's Sweeney Todd performance at the last moment.

jersey girl 1992 ending a relationship

The film ends with him, Gertie, Bart, Maya, and the rest celebrating at the bar.