Inu x boku ss karuta roromiya ending relationship

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inu x boku ss karuta roromiya ending relationship

A page for describing Characters: Inu × Boku SS. Here a list of characters that appear in Inu × Boku SS. A half-human, half-oni high school girl who . Karuta Roromiya, Inu x Boku Secret Service Asuna, Female Characters, Anime . Inu x Boku SS, Watanuki Banri (Tanuki), Roromiya Karuta, Chocolate, Tanuki. Looking for information on the anime Inu x Boku SS (Inu X Boku Secret Service)? Synopsis, Background, Alternative Titles, Picture, Airing Dates, Producers, Relations . #6: "sweets parade" by Karuta Roromiya (Kana Hanazawa) (ep 6) In the end, it is always others that do the shaping; one cannot merely wish to be.

Ririchiyo seems to be physically weak throughout and has asthma to varying degrees of severity. Apparently, she is the weakest at arm wrestling out of the main female cast. Ririchiyo helped him when she was little, although she's initially unaware of it. Later on in the series, it's revealed that his family had kept him under house arrest because they feared the powers of the kitsune, and in order to obtain freedom he learned to manipulate and appeal to others through obeying their whims.

However, because of this, he was unable to form his own personality. He's very calm, polite, and gentle to everyone he interacts with, but he bears particularly strong devotion to his Ririchiyo, blindly obeying her and protecting her with his life if the situation calls for it.

He enters a relationship with her after she confesses her love for him, which was prompted by him reading a letter that detailed her feelings for him that she meant to put into a time capsule, but instead sent to him by mistake. What he wishes for is a family, which he never had. A notable feature is his heterochromiain which his right eye is blue, while the other is dark gold. He is reincarnated but does not remember his previous life. The memory card revealed to be full of Ririchiyo's photos and letter from his childhood.

Before getting killed, Ririchiyo stepped in front of him and protected him, he remains besides Ririchiyo after being saved from dying. Because Ririchiyo said that even though she loves the previous him, he is also a very special person to her and that she is glad that he was born in this world.

Yoshimasa Hosoya Japanese ; David Wald English An Ittan-momen descendent with a water lily inspired tattoo across his tanned skin, he is the tenant of Room 3. He has known Ririchiyo since they were children and acts like an older brother, keeping her company, as Ririchiyo tended to be isolated due to her attitude and family status.

His SS Agent is Nobara, who, despite their bickering, he has a close relationship with. He has a very lazy personality. He is fairly popular to girls but according to him, the relationship is always ended by the girl. He was the only one of the Maison de Ayakashi members who survived the Night Parade of Demons, and as such, he has aged normally, and is 41 years old in Part 2. He was waiting for the others to reincarnate for these past 23 years, and he's become quite jaded as a result of living on while the others had to be reborn again.

In Part 2, he lives with the middle school reincarnation of Nobara, and laments her small breasts. He still cares for Ririchiyo for these past year, and supports Ririchiyo after she loses her memories. When Ririchiyo is stuck in her recovery of getting her memories back, he is the one who triggers Ririchiyo's memories to return.

She is descended from a Yuki-onna and wears glasses in her human form. She is very interested in fashion and cute girls, often sexually fantasizing over them. She shouts the catchphrase "Maniac! She often acts like a big sister to both Karuta and Ririchiyo as well as Chino. She recalls memories of her past life and have the same personality. His SS agent is Karuta, who is made to wear a maid outfit and a chain around her neck when he is around. He compulsively classes people in two different categories - "Sadist" or "Masochist".

Despite his outrageous, egotistical personality, he has shown the ability to be surprisingly perceptive, and at times even sensitive, towards others. He died and reincarnated along with the others. Now, he is 20 years old and currently living in Maison de Ayakashi in Room 2. His face that he hid, is proven to be handsome and charming. In the last chapter, he intended to be the one who go back to the past and even saying his farewells, but stopped by Karuta who said that she does not want him to become a lonely person.

He becomes gentler than before, and even said that had he realizes what's important to him maybe things will go differently between Ririchiyo and him.

Though she appears to be "zoned out" most of the time, she's actually very clever, observant, and likes eating. Karuta shows special feelings for Watanuki, who is her childhood friend. She asked Watanuki to kill her, as she could never return to human form. Watanuki yelled at her and told her that he would still be by her side, no matter if she could not return to human form.

Although she was so happy to hear those sentiments, she was completely taken over by the enemy and was forced to be killed sometime after the raid.

inu x boku ss karuta roromiya ending relationship

He might a yandere stalker, but to his credit, he's not willing to make assumptions about his relationship with Ririchiyo, and lets her be the one to decide where they stand with each other. When he says he'd do anything for her, he really does mean it. Katanas Are Just Better: He wields a katana in his youkai form. Speaks very respectfully under any and all circumstances. He's the knight, Ririchiyo is the lady. Soushi was with many women in his past, but he was merely using them as a means to get his freedom.

It was when he got to know Ririchiyo that Soushi fell in love for real and he has been devoted to her ever since. Love Before First Sight: Kagerou made him write replies to the letters from Ririchiyo. Soushi got to know her rather well throughout her letters and eventually developed genuine feelings for her even though he had never met her before. There doesn't seem to be one thing that Soushi doesn't know about Ririchiyo.

In Episode 9, he gives a laundry list of Ririchiyo's likes, dislikes, hobbies and daily routine When all Zange asked was if Ririchiyo liked dogs or cats better.

He got his way through life by stealthily exploiting other people, even his friends, which he's still all too willing to do even now. The only person he will not exploit is Ririchiyo. Miketsukami means "Great Fox God". The only times he's really seen wearing glasses is when he's relaxing. He's been seen using his duplication abilities to help with chores or as part of battle strategy.

Mistress and Servant Boy: He willingly chose to be Ririchiyo's "dog", and is quite an eager one at that. It gets Played With because Ririchiyo never acts as his superior and is actually disturbed by his submissiveness and excessive devotion.

Once they start a romantic relationship, Ririchiyo tries to get Soushi to act more like a boyfriend instead of a servant, but it's hard for him. Silver-tinged, but close enough. It actually does turns white when he's in his demon form in the anime though.

Soushi admits he doesn't really know how to interact with other people other than acting like a servant, since that was the only mean of contact with others he had for most of his life. Not with Them for the Money: From the very beginning, Soushi makes it clear to Ririchiyo that his devotion to her has nothing to do with her family status. It's later revealed that Ririchiyo was, in fact, the first woman Soushi became interested in because of her personality instead of a social position he could exploit.

They start dating near the end of the first part of the story. Their relationship enters shaky grounds in the second part now that they've been reincarnated, and Ririchiyo's declared that she only loves his past self.

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However, things turn out well in the third part and Soushi and Ririchiyo are now a happy couple in the new timeline. Off with His Head! Inugami kills him by cutting off his head at the end of Part I. While working under Kagerou, Soushi was made write letters for Ririchiyo in his master's place because Kagerou didn't want to do it himself. Instead of responding the letters like Kagerou would, Soushi wrote them in a way that he would make Ririchiyo like Kagerou because he felt that was part of his job.

As they exchanged letters through several years, Soushi ended up falling in love with Ririchiyo, but he was saddened by the thought that the one she was interested in was Kagerou, not him. However, Ririchiyo reveals she always knew Kagerou wasn't the one replying her letters, which makes Soushi feel overjoyed at Ririchiyo being able to notice him right from the start. He is astoundingly loyal to Ririchiyo, but has no qualms about hurting others if they're in his way, not even his own friends.

Power Dyes Your Hair: His hair color becomes white in his youkai form. Pragmatic Hero Professional Butt-Kisser: Before he met Ririchiyo, Soushi lived by appealing to people in higher positions than him and doing whatever they wanted so he could use them to become free. Soushi happily says all the time that Ririchiyo is his owner, referring to himself as her dog.

Despite the fact that one of Ririchiyo's defining characteristics is that she often says the exact opposite of what she means, Soushi tends to take the things she says way too seriously.

inu x boku ss karuta roromiya ending relationship

A rare main protagonist example. He has little to no personality outside of his devotion to Ririchiyo. He even declares he would have no reason to live if he can't serve her. Justified since he basically was an Empty Shell before he met Ririchiyo. Has the ability to form clones of himself.

His shapeshifting allow him to transform into a woman.

Karuta Roromiya

It's heavily implied and made clear in the anime that one of the things Soushi did to worm his way to freedom from his life-long house arrest was allow the women in higher positions of his extended family use him for sexual favors. Disturbingly, he started doing this in his early teens. He himself has stated that it wouldn't matter if she were an old woman, a boy, or even an animal, he'd still be equally attracted to her.

He has a photo-covered shrine to Ririchiyo in his apartment room. Stalker with a Crush: People are quick to notice Soushi's obsession with Ririchiyo and the way he's always following her around make him a prime stalker.

Soushi prefers to call himself her dog, though. He even comes with a Stalker Shrine! Since he was very young, Soushi had to put up an obedient servant boy act as a means to gain his freedom. Behind his polite smile, he was completely hollow inside.

It was thanks to Ririchiyo that he realized this and gained his own personality.

inu x boku ss karuta roromiya ending relationship

Even then, he only can smile sincerely when he's with Ririchiyo. He wanted to become Ririchiyo's servant because nothing makes him happier than to serve her.

Soushi's attempts to convince Ririchiyo to commit his Seppuku when she claims doesn't need him and wants to dispose of him are Played for Laughs. Soushi gets shapeshiftingshadow clonessuper reflexessuper strengthand a Cool Swordwhich is a lot more than most other atavists get.

Taking Advantage of Generosity: His strategy to obtain freedom for himself when he was young was to appeal to the sympathies of household workers and members in order to manipulate his way to freedom. Ultimately, this undeniably got engrained into his personality.

Even when pissed off, he remains polite and respectful at all times. The signature power of Kitsune like himself. He can even turn into a girl! White Hair, Black Heart: Though there does exist goodness in him, his self-admitted, even twisted and manipulative personality qualifies him for this trope.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: According to Kagerou, who isn't far from the truth. Soushi plays up his charm and submissiveness to get people's sympathy and hide his more twisted, manipulative nature.

inu x boku ss karuta roromiya ending relationship

He's not a bad person deep down, though. He's arguably got more self control than most examples, but his obsession with Ririchiyo and desire to protect her can go to very extreme and disproportionate levels very fast. Renshou even calls him this once. Tropes that apply to the second half of the series Soushi was killed in action at the end of Part I at age 23, protecting Ririchiyo from a band of evil youkai. His reincarnation appears in Part II.

inu x boku ss karuta roromiya ending relationship

This Soushi has no memories of his past life, which troubles his relationship with Ririchiyo. He tries very hard to act like the previous Soushi to gain Ririchiyo's love, but things just don't seem to be working out between them.

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In Part II, reincarnated Soushi doesn't remember anything of his past life or his past relationship with Ririchiyo. Ironically, he's the one pining after Ririchiyo because she's still in love with his old self. When visiting Ririchiyo during gym class one day, he transformed into a girl because he hoped that Ririchiyo would be more comfortable with the company of a female. Naturally, all of the guys in her class are interested. Initially, he was just trying to emulate his past self to express his gratitude to Ririchiyo for saving him.

After spending time with Ririchiyo, his behaviour soon stopped being an act as his feelings for her grew stronger. Dark and Troubled Past: He had it even worse than the previous Soushi since his family put him under even worse restrictions than before. However, thanks to Ririchiyo setting up precautions, he didn't have to go to the lengths he did in his previous life to escape it.

He is Soushi's reincarnation, but he lacks his past self's memories and this makes him essentially a different person. Even then, this Soushi loves Ririchiyo's reincarnation and wants to replace his past self for her sake. Unfortunately for him, it doesn't work out because Ririchiyo decides the previous Soushi is the only one she loves.

It's until Chapter 34 that Ririchiyo realizes that no matter if he's a reincarnation, Soushi is still Soushi and she admits she could have loved him the same as his past self had they gotten more time together before the time reset. He wears a black outfit in his youkai form as opposed to his original white one. Subverted when it's revealed he's not actually evil.