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See footage of the real Niki Lauda crash and meet the real James Hunt. Lauda's decision to withdraw from the race hurt his previously amicable relationship with Ferrari. It should be James did and won the championship, no problem. F1 great Niki Lauda likens Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg rivalry to . James began commentating for the BBC, but often got into trouble for. Niki Lauda: My biggest problem was my grandfather. He was I had a good relationship with my mother and father, but my grandfather.

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Lauda needed to earn two points fewer than Hunt, or better, to stay ahead. McLaren team manager Alastair Caldwell had taken advantage of the gap between the final two races to hire the Fuji circuit - a track hosting its first Grand Prix and therefore unknown to all the teams - for an exclusive McLaren test.

After a few laps the gearbox seized, bringing the test to a premature close, but the team had had the advantage of acclimatising themselves to the new circuit. Conditions for the race itself were torrentially wet. Lauda retired early on in the race, unable to blink because of facial burns from his accident in Germany. But he managed to finish in third place, scoring four points, enough for him to win the World Championship by one point.

The presentation was made by the Duke of Kent.

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Hunt made an acceptance speech after the event which was considered "suitably gracious and glamorous". The media were critical of Hunt as he attended the event dressed in jeans, T-shirt and a decrepit windbreaker. Hunt was later released, and tested at Kyalami where his McLaren M26 suffered a loose brake caliper which cut a hole in one of the tyres.

He recovered and put the car on pole position. The race saw Hunt suffer a collision with Jody Schekter 's Wolf and another with Patrick Depailler 's Tyrrellbut he still managed to finish 4th. Towards the end of the year Hunt and the McLaren M26 were quicker than any rival combination other than Mario Andretti and the Lotus Hunt won in Silverstone after trailing the Brabham of John Watson for 25 laps.

Lotus had developed effective ground effect aerodynamics with their Lotus 79 car and McLaren were slow to respond.

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The M26 was revised as a ground effect car midway through the season but it did not work, and without a test driver to solve the car's problems, Hunt's motivation was low. His inexperienced new team-mate Patrick Tambay even outqualified Hunt at one race. In Germany, Hunt was disqualified for taking a shortcut to allow for a tyre change. At the start of the race there was a huge accident going into the first corner.

Peterson's Lotus was pushed into the barriers and burst into flames. Hunt, together with Patrick Depailler and Clay Regazzonirescued Peterson from the car, but Peterson died one day later in hospital. Hunt took his friend's death particularly hard and for years afterwards blamed Riccardo Patrese for the accident. Despite his poor season in he was still very much in demand. He was offered a deal to drive for Ferrari in [ citation needed ], but wary of the potentially complicated political environment at the Italian team, he opted to move instead to the initially very successful Walter Wolf Racing team.

Again he had high hopes to win races and compete for the world championship in what would be his last, and ultimately brief, Formula One season. The team's ground effect car was uncompetitive and Hunt soon lost any enthusiasm for racing. At the first race in Argentinahe felt the car was difficult to handle and on a fast lap, the front wing became detached striking his helmet.

hunt lauda relationship problems

In the race, Hunt retired due to an electrical fault. In Brazilhe retired on lap 6 due to instability under braking caused by a loose steering rack. During qualifying in South Africathe brakes on his car failed. He managed not to collide with the wall, but only finished 8th in the race. He retired at the Spanish Grand Prix after 26 laps. At Zoldera new Wolf WR8 was raced but Hunt crashed into a barrier hard enough to bounce back onto the track. After failing to finish the Monaco Grand Prixthe race where six years previously he had made his debut, Hunt made a statement on 8 June to the press announcing his immediate retirement from F1 competition, citing his situation in the championship, and was replaced by future world champion Keke Rosberg.

After a guest commentary at the British Grand PrixHunt accepted the position and continued for thirteen years until his death. During his first live broadcast at the Monaco Grand PrixHunt placed his plaster-cast leg into Walker's lap and proceeded to drink two bottles of wine during the broadcast. On one occasion, Hunt wanted the microphone and went up to Walker, who had continued for longer than expected, and grabbed him by the collar, with Walker having his fist near to Hunt.

Viewers were regularly exposed to his knowledge, insights and dry sense of humour during broadcasts, bringing him a whole new fanbase. Hunt criticised Jean-Pierre Jarier for blocking leaders, calling him "pig ignorant", a "French wally" and having a "mental age of ten" during live broadcasts. He became a Formula Ford driver inmoving to Formula Three within a year. Inhe started at Formula One, initially with the Hesketh team. James Hunt was a legend on and off the track Image: But he was very professional, meticulous and hard-working.

His co-host Murray Walker complained that he turned up hungover and shoeless. James and Sarah Hunt with their new-born son Tom in Image: Rex Features James continued drinking and taking drugs throughout much of the s.

The couple divorced six years later. PA Freddie was four years old when James had a fatal heart attack inthe day after proposing to Helen. Like us on Facebook. Was the movie reenactment of Niki Lauda's crash filmed where it actually happened? Had James Hunt and Niki Lauda been friends prior to the accident? In the Rush movie, Lauda and Hunt are portrayed as extreme rivals who eventually become friends out of mutual respect for each other.

In real life, James Hunt and Niki Lauda had been friends prior to the accident. We always crossed each other's lines. He was a very competitive guy and he was very quick. In many ways we were the same. I had a lot of respect for him on the circuit. He was a very solid driver. It would have been the best. Prior to the wedding, James Hunt had told friends that he didn't want to marry Suzy Miller. He was drunk through the entire ceremony.

In real life, British movie star Richard Burton divorced Elizabeth Taylor for the second time on August 1,the day of Niki Lauda's near fatal crash.

hunt lauda relationship problems

In real life, Hunt told friends that his engagement to Suzy Miller was a mistake from the beginning and that he didn't know what he was doing, but he felt that it was too late to get out of it.

Unable to stay out of the arms of other women himself, he saw his wife's affair with Burton as a blessing and a way out of the marriage. He talked amicably with Burton on the phone and the two men discussed the 'transfer' of Suzy. Yes, but it wasn't just because he felt that the rain-soaked track was unsafe. To complicate things, Lauda's tear ducts had been damaged by fire during the horrific crash at the German Grand Prix earlier in the season.

His healing injuries left him unable to blink and his eyes were watering excessively during the race. This complication from his injury, combined with the rain, caused him to retire himself from the Japanese Grand Prix after two laps, as he felt is was unsafe to continue. Lauda's decision to withdraw from the race hurt his previously amicable relationship with Ferrari.

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It should be noted that James Hunt also argued that the race should not take place due to the pouring rain and unsafe conditions. McLaren was irritated with James's position, telling him that if he doesn't race then they won't get the world championship.

Despite the rain continuing to fall, the race organizers decided to start the race after a delay of nearly two hours. They chose to do so because they did not want to lose money from the television contracts if the race was cancelled.

There was so much rain that nobody could drive. For two hours nothing is happening and then the race director came Why the hell do you want the same result? This for me at the time was completely stupid. I think four other guys with me did not race because of the stupid decision. James did and won the championship, no problem. And then a couple of races later you have to face this more difficult situation with the water and rain and risk going up, and at that time I was not prepared to take this extra risk because of the accident.

We took care of each other from the heart in a very nice way, which in these days the heart was never shown in Formula One. I also felt that Niki deserved to win the championship, and I just wish we could have shared it. Prior to Niki Lauda's crash, he had more than double Hunt's points. Having to miss two races after being severely burned and nearly dying, Lauda still finished the season only one point behind Hunt. Lauda also took himself out of the final race of the season, fearing his safety on the rain-soaked track in Japan.

Though James Hunt may have had the glamour and attracted more of a rock star type of following, it is hard to dispute that Lauda was the better driver. Hunts only championship season was The two races he missed while injured allowed Hunt to catch up in points. How did James Hunt die?

During our research into the Rush true story, we learned that James Hunt died of a heart attack in at the age of 45, at his home in Wimbledon, London, England. He passed away only hours after proposing via telephone to his girlfriend Helen Dyson, who was 18 years his junior.

Hunt met Dyson in at a restaurant where she was working as a waitress. The relationship was just one factor that had brought happiness to Hunt's life, in addition to his two sons and cleaner living. James Hunt had retired from racing in the middle of the season. He spent years working for the BBC as an often brutally honest Formula One commentator, especially when it came to the drivers he didn't like.

He married his second wife, Sarah Lomax, in and they had two sons before splitting in By that time, he had lost a significant portion of his money in bad business deals. What did Niki Lauda do after retiring from racing?