How to stop silly arguments in a relationship

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how to stop silly arguments in a relationship

Communication in a relationship prevents silly arguments. We must be able to talk about everything and not bottle up our emotions. Here's one simple technique to stop bickering dead in its tracks. I can't tell you how many pointless arguments I've overheard from my clients and friends. relationships and causes us to bicker over stupid stuff like the exact. This didn't translate well in my early romantic relationships and I found myself arguing incessantly with the men I dated. I would like a guy a lot.

She has a private practice I mean arguments — where tension starts to rise, responses start to get personal, and you go around in circles without getting anywhere.

how to stop silly arguments in a relationship

With some skill, though, you can learn to stop them, so you can get on with solving the real concerns.

Or maybe every once in awhile you just have to have something go your way? For some people, the feeling of urgency nudges them into using some of these tactics: A raised voice can sound like an attack.

Evidence provides an opportunity to get sidetracked by debating the evidence. Urgency often comes across as impatience or frustration. If the conversation stays on track, you can keep trying to solve the problem. If it turns into an argument, you might need something another strategy. A game changing strategy One of the kids in our neighborhood has a great way of handling the frustration of not getting his way.

Like many six-year-olds, he loves winning. Young kids about this age are often obsessed with winning, losing, and rules. If there is a contest, Frankie naturally wants to come out on top. It can be a silly and mushy list, or it can be a serious list of things that hit you hard.

Next, put that list up at a place where you can see it every day. Use a piece of paper or use post-it notes—whatever will grab your attention every time you walk by.

Here are a few examples. I want to stop fighting with my boyfriend because I love him a lot. I can't afford to lose him. I would feel jealous and destroyed if he started dating someone else. Who is going to drop me off at dance class every week? I can't spend one day without him, let alone one week. We make the perfect pair. We've been through a lot, and I don't want all the effort that's been put in our relationship to go waste.

How to Avoid Stupid Arguements with Your Girlfriend

I want to stop fighting with my girlfriend because I love her and we have a great bond. She is beautiful and makes me laugh. I have never had a chemistry with anyone as good as the one that I have with her—inside and outside the bedroom. Who else will accept my idiosyncrasies? She is perfect for me, and not just because she is hot. Neither of us is perfect and I don't want to lose a person just because I wasn't willing to listen.

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While nobody enjoys arguing with their significant other, the truth is that all couples fight. It's just part of being in a relationship. It's also true that some couples may argue more than others, but it doesn't necessarily mean that their relationship is "on the rocks.

It's hard to mesh two different sets of preferences, needs, and styles. There's nothing wrong with being yourself, but you have to accept that your partner is different and his or her needs are just as valid as yours. That's not always easy to do," says Sloan.

On the flip side, it's important to recognize that if you seem to be having the same fight over and over, it's maybe time to take a step back and look at why this is happening.

Does it come down to a difference in values or priorities? Is it something you can compromise on?

8 Practical Tips to Stop Fighting With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

You should, of course, try and work out your issues, but if you find you can't come to some sort of consensus, then it may be time to part ways. It can be tempting to start fighting about something via text. But don't do it! I mean we spend most of our lives attached to our phones, so of course, an argument is going to pop up as you're messaging back and forth.

Stop Arguing About Dumb Stuff! How I Learned To Keep The Peace In My Relationship

It never ends well, and here's why. It's easy to misunderstand things. Words can get misconstrued since you aren't able to hear the person's tone of voice or see their body language. Things can escalate very quickly if you are both not understanding each other. If your lizard brain is trainable, you can jump in there and reframe the situation entirely. Holding a high context, and not falling prey to the lower mind, is so important.

To reframe the situation, you look at the circumstance differently than a hunter, a tree hugger or a warrior would see it. Remain positive no matter what comes up, with a steady commitment to things working out in the long run. Make the conversation light-hearted, as you recognize any trouble will be only temporary. Make light of the heaviness with a smile, but without mocking her or invalidating her experiences.

One of the best reframing positions you can take incorporates gratitude. Without being fake she will know you can communicate the appreciation that she is bringing something up that is important to her, and therefore important to the relationship. Shutting up is a better approach than a bad reframe job.

Focus on Being Proactive Instead of Reactive When you see a fight on the horizon, and the heat is being turned up on some conflicting topic, you can go into proactive mode. But not in these ways: Devising a plan of defense.

how to stop silly arguments in a relationship

Devising a plan of offense. Implementation of instruments of battle. No You can be proactive in these ways: Write her a poem about how freaking cool she is. Get her car detailed. Let her know of your plan to take her out to her favorite nightspot.