How to restore my relationship with jesus

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how to restore my relationship with jesus

Before we can begin to restore our relationship with God, we need to Christ emphasized the importance of being internally moral, not just externally moral. I'm also destroying my relationships with my loved ones, and I have to rebuild broken bridges. So, I brainstormed these tips to help us get closer to Jesus, and. When you ask yourself what is the condition of my relationship to Jesus Christ, you have to ask yourself a very simple question. Do I love Jesus.

That is where Christ comes to dwell.

Fellowship: 7 Steps to Restoring Broken Relationships

And that is how Christ will restore you, through an inner work of incredible grace. People have filled their hearts with so many vain and empty things But Jesus brings love and restores you to wholeness when you invite him into your innermost being.

Jesus comes with love, and forgiveness. Jesus comes to you with peace, and restoration. He comes to rule and reign in your heart, and where the King of Kings is ruling, there is a peace that surpasses all human understanding. There is an inner strength, a new hope, when Christ Jesus is invited back into your heart to reign. His presence satisfies, and brings a warmth of love to the human heart. His presence provides a new strength, a willingness to love, a restored hunger for the very presence of God.

I encourage you to set your heart - to make a commitment to restore your relationship with God. But see this as the key - inviting Christ into your heart again to rule there, and inviting Christ into each situation you face.

Then you will not be alone, but Christ will be with you and will restore you with love from the very heart of God. Is Christ only an occasional visitor to your heart, or is He a reigning King?

He passionately desires to reign as King in your heart. This is the key not only for restoring your relationship with God, but it is the key to an overflowing life, a life of abundant love - a life filled with God's strength and peace. Even in the midst of challenges and difficulties that you may face, Christ will be ruling in your heart, giving you inner strength and peace.

But you must invite him in, and allow him to rule in your heart as the King of Kings - not just one time, but as an ongoing and supernatural rule of peace. We are told, "Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts. To paint a picture of this rule of Christ, your heart can be pictured as a throne.

Something is always going to be ruling on the throne of your heart. It may be Christ, it may be self, it may be an idol. But something will always be ruling on the throne of your heart.

how to restore my relationship with jesus

If Christ is not actively welcomed and allowed to reign as King in your heart, other things will begin to crowd in. Before long, something else will be ruling on the throne of your heart.

It may be another person; it may be material things or some other substitute for God; or it may be self. But Christ will no longer be on the throne. A major reason believers drift from God is that they get caught up in outward things, or get distracted by cares or pleasures.

They lose track of what is happening in their heart, and Christ is gradually replaced by other things at the center of their heart and life. Then the peace and love of Christ is no longer ruling your heart, because Christ is no longer given first place. We are told, "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Coming back to God means opening your heart, and asking Christ to come in, to rule in your heart once again.

And it includes a commitment to continue to invite Christ in, to rule and reign in your heart every day. To apply this truth: Stop now, and ask Christ to rule and reign in your heart. Ask him to reign as king, directing your life and ruling your heart with love. Commit yourself to an ongoing way of life, of allowing Christ to rule and reign in your heart at all times.

Give him first place in your life!

how to restore my relationship with jesus

He alone has been given the keys to the heart, that lead to peace. In Christ all the fullness of the deity dwells, in bodily form Col. There is a void in the human heart, designed by God Almighty, which only Christ can fill. When you open the door of your heart to him, he will come in! If you are coming back to God, you can experience God's compassion and forgiveness as you confess your sins. Jesus died on the cross so that these sins could be forgiven and washed away.

You may have wandered far, and committed many heartbreaking sins Take the time now to confess any sins to God, asking for forgiveness for your sins. Daily Invitations As you invite Christ in, he brings love and begins to restore you in your relationship with God. But asking Christ to rule in your heart is not a one-time event: Jesus has resources that are far beyond what you and I have.

He has love, patience, peace and wisdom for every situation. But what is the key? It is inviting him in - inviting him to rule in your heart and inviting him to intervene in your situation of need - as often as you need to.

The rule of Christ brings love; the rule of Christ brings wisdom. The rule of Christ brings peace, and the rule of Christ brings the strength to be patient.

Too often believers only ask for "things," when they need to welcome Christ in, as the all-sufficient King. Open the door to his presence!

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Brother Lawrence was a man who worked in a kitchen in a monastery. He worked in a secluded place, at a common task. Yet by daily inviting the presence of the Lord to rule in his heart as he went about his work, his kitchen became a holy place where he encountered God every day.

His life was transformed. There are people who go unrecognized by this world, who have discovered what it means to have the treasure of Christ within them. Their satisfaction is not based on money, or position, or what other people think. It is based on the treasure of Christ's love, as he rules in the heart.

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As Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you. The kingdom of God is expressed where the King of Kings is ruling, and he brings righteousness, and peace, and joy Romans Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ comes to reign.

To Apply This Truth: Ask Christ to rule in your heart often, each day. Invite Christ into each specific situation you face, where you need his help. Invite the presence of God to permeate your life, each day. Christ on the Throne, or Self on the Throne Jesus Christ must displace the rule of other things on the throne of your heart, including the rule of "self. Paul testifies boldly that "I", the self-centered life, has been crucified with Christ and that the risen Christ now rules in his heart: It is no longer "I" who live, but Christ who lives in me.

He goes on to say, "The life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

How to Rebuild Your Relationship With God

Since "self" is what gives us most of our troubles, we should be glad to have self crucified, and taken out of the way. It is only Christ who can do this, by ruling and reigning in your heart. This is what Christ died for: Tear Down the Idols God told the prophet Ezekiel, "Son of man, these men have set up idols in their hearts.

An idol is anything that becomes more important than God in your life. It may be a person who would lead you away from God; it may be a pleasure or an addiction that is controlling you; it may be material things, or the approval of the crowd. These idols must be cast down from the throne of your heart, by turning away from them and turning to Christ.

You may feel powerless, or unsure of how to do this. But you can admit your powerlessness, and turn your life and will over to Christ. Jesus will melt your heart if you give Him time and attention. A quick list of ways to get closer God: Schedule a daily coffee, dinner, or other date with God.

Show up on time, every time. Realize that you will take your relationship with Jesus into eternity, forever. The closer you are now, the better your eternity will be. The echoes of your time on earth will ripple in Heaven.

Know that a healthy Christian relationship with God involves periods of closeness and distance, ups and downs, silence and togetherness. Allow your relationship with Jesus to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Learn what this means! Listen to sermons on podcast during the week, not just on Sundays. Learn what this means. Do things that scare you, that force you to rely on God to bring you through. Tell Him stories about your life, remind Him of the way you and Jesus were. Reminisce with God, remind Him of the promises He made you.

Tell What have I missed? What tips would you give for building a relationship with God or getting closer to Jesus? He just wants to be with you. Share your thoughts below - you won't be judged or criticized! I read every comment, but can't always respond personally.

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