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This page contains a list of characters from the anime and manga series Haré+ Guu At the end of the manga, Guu leads Hare to her birthplace in a dream (and refuses Weda's relationship with Dr. Clive is an odd one, since she seems to be very Hare's baby brother who was born in the OVA Haré+Guu Deluxe, but has. Posts about Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nocchi Guu written by Chua Tek Ming. mansion and got into a relationship with Dr Clive that time, resulting in Hare's birth. .. But the final ending theme Teruteru Bouzu,is sung by Rikako Aikawa which is. Illusion Ending! There are also 4 OVAs out, called Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu Deluxe And Hale and Guu's relationship is much of the funny.

She is very ambiguous when it comes to her true intentions and morals but always seems to have some greater goal in mind which either involves a humorous way to torment Hare or simply perform some crazy shenanigans, however most of the time it appears that her actions, which early on did not help anybody eventually turned into a genuine form of aid for the residents of the jungle, including Hare, as they at first seem dangerous, insane and maybe even cruel but at the end her actions manage to resolve a dilemma within someone's life, most usually Hare who normally suffers due to Guu's insane antics but at the end learns something that needed to be known to mature and help his friends, albeit he still suffers due to all the torment in between.

At first, Guu did not seem to care much for Hare or the villagers and simply enjoyed tormenting them at first, but appears to have genuinely grown fond of them despite her emotionless personality not showing it or she may have never genuinely had any dislike for them and simply humorously tormented them as some form of "game"and she always leads Hare through her antics to help him or the rest of the village with their problems.

She appears to be closest to Hare for reasons never fully understood and always accompanies him wherever he goes and finds ways to mess with him or teach him a lesson in her own weird way.

Weda, Hare's mother is the only one Guu seems to never involve in any dangerous antics, likely due to her acting as an adoptive mother to Guu. Guu has a very "robotic" way of laughing in which her head will bobble in a toy-like fashion while making dull "HA" sounds.

Skip section By the end of the series, she erased the memories of her existence from everyone who ever met her except for Hare, showing that she may have genuinely cared about the memories of them spending time together more than anyone else's. She would later on choose to be reborn as Hare's daughter, likely seeking to be a part of his life and family once more. Spoilers end here Edit Guu's adult form seems to have her own separate personality, although whether she is an independent being or another side of Guu's personality is not known.

The adult form is the exact opposite of Guu in both appearance and personality, being calmer, less deformed, more serious and seems to care more about the happiness of the beings living inside her, and while she is just as emotionless as Guu her appearance never changes and her words always seems to hold sincerity.

It is possible she is Guu's orderly half while regular Guu is the chaotic half.

Powers and Abilities Edit Guu is a being of incredible power, capable of almost of any feat imaginable or unimaginable. She can freely alter reality as she sees fit to suit her needs and usually does so to simply torment Hare in a humorous fashion. Guu can change her appearance into several forms, although her true form is unknown.

She can turn herself into a human child her most common forma human adult, a shadow monster, and a giant kaiju-like monster. She can also alter the appearance of her attire into whatever she feels fits her current situation.

She can also alter parts of her body into anything, such as turning her elbow into a machine gun and sprouting numerous eyes. Guu can alter her arms and usually most of her body so they can stretch to impossible lengths and move in a rubbery fashion. She can also open up her mouth to a grand size to swallow people or creatures and she can grow to enormous sizes. Guu has incredible physical strength, capable of lifting things several times her size and overpowering anyone.

In her adult form she was shown defeating a large bear with ease. Guu is truly the definition of omnivorous, having two stomachs and there is apparently nothing that she cannot eat or swallow whole, however most of the inedible things she eats along with whatever people she swallows end up in her alternate world-like stomach where she keeps guests while regular food likely goes into her other stomach.

Guu possesses the ability to appear anywhere she wants usually at times that will be inconvenient to Hare. She can move at high speeds and teleport almost anywhere she wants. She can also travel through time and even into pictures, showing she has complete mastery over space and time. Guu can freely alter her surroundings and the appearance of others in whatever way she wants and seems to have complete control over reality.

Skip section Near the end of the series, Guu reveals to Hare that she is actually a goddess, explaining how she was capable of so many amazing things, making her basically omnipotent, omnipresent and possibly omniscient.

Spoilers end here Edit She possesses two stomachs and one seems to act as its own separate world filled with all manner of bizarre creatures, terrain and structures. There are also three Japanese humans residing within her for reasons unknown who are not bothered by their predicament very much. She claims that this stomach is for guests only while the other stomach was never seen but is likely where her actual food goes. History Edit Guu was brought to Hare during one of Weda's drunken tirades.

At first she seemed like a cute nice girl that Hare can get along with, so Weda adopts her as her foster daughter. When Hare first meets her his description of her was that she was beautiful, and that her eyes were so terrifying amazing that he feels they are sucking him into them.

They play a board game and get some sleep until the next morning. And it all started because Mari read a book on the Alps and wishes how it would snow here as well.

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Then after the snow melts in episode 21, Hare wonders how life is in the big city. And just like that, Weda decides to pack her bags and return home. So fast decide ah. Be careful of what you wish for. So hold on to your seats. The gang have arrived in the big city in episode Besides having to adjust from a jungle life to a more civilized culture, Robert and Guu decides to train Hare for his own protection because Robert tells them that this concrete jungles is filled with lots of danger.

So another short flashback in episode 23 of how Robert met Bel as the former admires the latter and thus decides to to the same for Weda but found out that Weda is totally opposite of what he perceives her to be. Now he has to go through this terrifying situation as well. But the robber leader seems to be friendly with Hare because of some video game thingy. Once Weda and Robert knew of the situation, they both sprung into action and managed to save the day.

And that robber leader seems to accept his fate and defeat as he intends on using that free time in jail to play and conquer whatever video game he and Hare discussed during the hostage crisis. Hare receives a letter from Mari in episode 24 asking him about the life in the city.

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I wonder how Mari knows the address of the mansion. At the same time, Dr Clive has left the jungle to attend some lecture in the city and coincidentally meets with Weda and the 2 got into a hotel room. Of course Hare is surprised to see his perverted doc here and together with Guu and Robert, they pull off crazy tactics to pull them apart.

Yeah, Guu dresses up Hare like a girl as a disguise. But in the end, Weda left on her own will. Whatever that means, but it was sure funny. But Hare soons become terrified when he finds out that Guu is swallowing everyone in the mansion! Hey, even Tomoyo, Seiichi and Yamada are running out and about. Finally Weda and grandma meet, but Weda now decides to leave the mansion and head back to the jungle.

Change her mind again, huh. However Hare is reluctant to leave as he just got to know his grandma. In addition, the episode stories are shortened by half meaning that in 1 episode there are 2 stories.

The whole gang are now back in the jungle. First off, probably Reiji has been sleeping on the job too much so much so that the school has got a new substitute teacher called Yomi. In short, she has mood swings. Yeah, Hare found out the hard way too. Here comes the pain. And in a way it ended up Yomi having Hare as her boyfriend.

But the biggest surprise is that Weda is now pregnant and that Dr Clive and Weda are going to get married! Uh-huh, even Bel, Asio, Robert and grandma have arrive at the jungle. So round 2 of that weird contest whereby the winner gets Weda continues with Dr Clive, Asio, Bel and Wiggle vying for her attention.

But in the end, nobody really won because I think Weda just wants Bel and her mom to congratulate her on her wedding. Other than that, other hilarious adventures include the time when Mari transforms into an adult version of herself after thinking that Hare may like a grown up version of herself. Then Hare got his hair dyed all white which spells disaster. Because Dama now thinks that Hare is her beloved dead husband!

Also, it seems that Hare too becomes a violent person when he becomes drunk. He could challenge Yamada as well. But another important point in this second season is when Hare and Guu take a trip back in time when Weda is still pregnant with Hare.

Because Hare tries his best not to let a young Weda know his identity and possibly ruin or screw up his futurehe tells her that his name is Ame, because it was raining back then. And so thus back to present time, Weda has given birth to her second child called… Ame because of the events back then. But the last episode in this season sees the return of that bald robber leader. Dr Clive tries to stop her but too late. Everybody could only watch in horror. Dama is so different here. In the end, Dama not only defeats the robber yeah, some super kick to the crotch but they both end up in love with each other and got married!

Yeah, all good things must come to an end. This final season starts off with Weda getting a video message from the Bel and Asio back at the jungle. Because of that, they decide to do a video letter reply and with that, Weda decides to go back to the city once more to see her mom.

Hare seems to be blabbing how bored he is and hates the city and wishes to go back to the jungle again where his friends are when Weda decides to enrol him in a private school. Thing is, Hare instantly fell in love with a cute blond girl named Rita. See how love could change a man. At least he has something to look forward to. Of course in school Hare tries to fit in while Guu is trying to give Hare a usual hard time.

So Hare has his fair share of being a bully victim. Robert tries to protect from afar trying to snipe a kid? Seriously but gets thwarted by Dama. Yeah, the class threw a farewell party for Hare. She is used as a female stock character, filling out various roles as Weda's friend. One of the older students, the lack of influence he has on the storyline is occasionally used as a gag. He is madly in love with Weda, but never gets to prove his love, usually resulting in a comedic attempt to hang himself.

Even after Weda gets married to Clive, he still fantasizes and pursues Weda. Another upperclassman in the school, he is fairly impulsive but not particularly mature. Starts off with long blonde hair, gets it cut short and blackened when Dama first appears, then it grows back out to a brown color later.

An obnoxious student who always laughs when he talks, and tries to encourage Guu to do the same, to questionable results.

He is sometimes found weeping in the forest for unknown reasons. Some theorize that this is because his father beats him. The oldest female student in the school. She is a bit air-headed and unsure of herself.

Completely lost in her own world as she fails to pay attention or care about events going on around her when she runs errands for her mom. Creatures abundant in the jungle, often seen in people's houses. They look like armless rabbits with human faces. Pokute were supposedly sent from the heavens as protectors, although the villagers use them as a food source.

One of three people living inside Guu's stomach world. A kind and friendly office lady, she does not seem to mind living inside of Guu. Seiichi and her are good friends and are even possibly a couple.

Like Tomoyo, he is a friendly high school boy who doesn't seem to mind living inside of Guu. He is good friends with Tomoyo and is even possibly her boyfriend. One of three people living inside Guu's stomach world who first appears in episode 8 of the TV series.

She is a 22 year old who attempted suicide by throwing herself into the ocean and was rescued by Guu, who swallowed her while fishing and while bringing in a massive haul of various sea life, she technically didn't catch any fish.

Unlike Seiichi and Tomoyo, Hiroko is mentally unstable and Bipolarmaking her dangerous and unpredictable. In fact, she tried to kill herself in an elaborate plot to take revenge on her cheating husband by dying, going through hell, and coming back as an evil spirit to haunt him for the rest of his life. She now spends most of her time in Guu's stomach world drinking alone on a hill, where most of the other inhabitants have now learned to avoid. Became fast-friends with Yumi-sensei when Guu had swallowed Yumi for a short time.

A servant at Weda's parent's estate, he has very scary eyes though it wasn't always the case, was stated to have beautiful eyes when he was younger. Loves Weda, but she thinks of him as a brother. He is often the one who goes to pick up Weda after nights where she had been drinking specifically heavily revealed to be quite frequent due to Weda's habits. Another servant, she is prone to gigantic nosebleeds when thinking of Weda as a child this implies she has a perverted obssesion with Weda.

She and Asio have often been used to fill in the story of Weda's past. Hates Clive with a passion.