Georgian russian relationship with iran

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of Georgia to the Islamic Republic of Iran. H.E. Ioseb cultural relations with other regional states, and under the attack of Bolshevik Russia and fell in. . Georgia and Iran are taking actions to carry forward millennia-old relations by forging closer ties in trade, business and economy. Due to its close relations with both Russia and Georgia, Iran at first attempted to remain relatively neutral.

They are doubtless encouraging the Iranians not to change their position.

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Georgia obviously has a very different relationship with Russia, so maybe that was one factor. Another option is that Armenia simply couldn't do without the visa-free arrangement, while Georgia could. All countries make decisions based on their national interests, and it's no secret Georgia has chosen the United States as its key ally.

And when the US knocks on the door and asks for certain things to be done, the Georgians pay attention.

georgian russian relationship with iran

Water will definitely be in demand across many parts of the world. I'm no engineer, maybe it requires a pipeline or other ways of getting the water to Iran, but I don't know what the reaction in Georgia would be to such an idea because water is such a sensitive topic: Would that scenario be realistic? Iran needs water, so do a lot of countries. How much water can Georgia provide? And how would they get it to the customer?

georgian russian relationship with iran

Would Iran risk making a big investment in Georgia with Russia looming in the background? If Russia tells Iran that spending money buying Georgian water makes Georgia strong, therefore compromises my position so don't do it, I don't know what the answer to that would be. There is mistrust on both sides right now: The Iranians will likely think carefully about the option of buying water from Georgia rather than simply listening to what Russia tells them to do.

Another recent development is in the number of Iranians coming to Georgia for short stays or to invest: That may soon be up to a million, the ministry says.

georgian russian relationship with iran

One thing is obviously the beautiful landscape, social freedom they can enjoy, which they cannot in Iran; they go to restaurants, they listen to music, they enjoy drinks and other things they cannot do freely in Iran. Another benefit of Georgia is it's a relatively inexpensive country to visit if you're coming from Iran; you spoke about property. Iran is extremely expensive when it comes to buying land and housing and Georgia is very inexpensive in relation to that.

At the risk of sounding slightly populistic, what the average Georgian wonders is are they here to stay or are they here to look for paths into the European Union? I don't know the answer to that.

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I'm sure some of them would want to stay, but I would guess that the vast majority are looking to Georgia as a stepping ground to Europe, America and other traditional destinations for Iranian immigrants. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Iran was quick to establish diplomatic ties with its independent neighbors in the South Caucasus and maintained consistent trade and political relations.

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Most notably, during the Russo-Georgian war ofIran condemned Russian military expansion in Georgia and did not recognize the so-called independent states of South Ossetia and Abkhazia despite constant Russian pressure; a move that further solidified ties between Tehran and Tbilisi.

InGeorgia imposed limited sanctions against Iran over controversy surrounding its nuclear program. Subsequently, when Israeli officials alleged that Iran was directly involved in an attempted car bombing at the Israeli embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia terminated its visa-free agreement with Iran in The political reality, however, was that Georgia took the aforementioned steps at the behest of western powers on then-Ivanishvili administration, and the two countries continued to maintain political and economic ties.

Foreign Direct Investment did not reduce by a substantial proportion, termination of the visa-free agreement remained one-sided, and unlike most other countries, Georgian sanctions against Iran were not full-fledged. Granted, high level talks and delegation visits between the two countries waned and the tourism industry from Iran to Georgia suffered.

But the social, cultural and economic factors kept the relationship intact, due in no small part to the influx of Iranians who migrated to Georgia on Small and Medium Enterprises SME visas. This signals a bright future ahead for Georgia-Iran relations, which will undoubtedly see benefits to the economic and security interests of both countries and of the region.

georgian russian relationship with iran

Energy security will most likely dominate this alliance. Most Georgians share a common concern that any form of dependence on Gazprom will only increase Russian influence in the country, often referring to the Russian electricity and gas blockade of Georgia in

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