Dreamland sarah dessen ending relationship

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dreamland sarah dessen ending relationship

Even though their relationship is abusive, Rogerson still makes her feel good and makes her senshido.info This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Dreamland by Sarah Dessen. Dreamland () is a teen-oriented novel in three sections by. Complete summary of Sarah Dessen's Dreamland. has entered into a relationship with the quarterback, and she is organizing a relationship for Caitlin as well.

All I'd ever wanted was to make my own path, far from Cass's. And even after what had happened, I wasn't ready to give that up just yet. Sometimes we fall into the easy habit of victim-blaming. Why didn't she still leave him when she could? Why didn't she tell someone the first time?

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But I know what it is to have loved someone so much you would forgive them anything until it's too late. And so I understood Caitlin, how she struggled with herself for so long.

dreamland sarah dessen ending relationship

Yet she was brave, and resilient in her own way. I was drawn to Caitlin all throughout the book. And I hated Rogerson. Like any sane person would.

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I will admit that I loved him at first, but after that first slap all I wanted to do for the rest of the book was gut him. Do whatever he was doing to Caitlin back unto him. I just couldn't bear to see Caitlin sit back and take his abuse. I'm very happy that Sarah Dessen decided to touch on this subject in YA. She didn't just gloss over it either - she fleshed out all the gritty details, creating a poignant masterpiece that will touch the hearts of readers everywhere.

There are no words to describe how much I loved this book, or how much it affected me. I myself felt like I was dreaming as I was reading - everything seemed so surreal and impossible. It was as if I was dreaming with Caitlin and then rudely awakened with her, as well. Such is the power of Sarah's writing. I was worn out, broken: He had taken almost everything. But he'd been all I'd had, all this time. Cass[ edit ] Caitlin O'Koren has just realized that on her 16th birthday, her year-old sister, Cass, has run away.

Everybody completely forgets about Caitlin's birthday. Her parents are broken-hearted, since Cass was supposed to attend Yale two weeks later.

Everyone searches for Cass, but she soon makes a call saying she is with Adam, her boyfriend. Her father is furious, saying he had better expectations of her. Later on, Caitlin's friend, Rina, asks her to join the cheer leading squad, but Caitlin keeps refusing. Caitlin gives in and makes the squad, much to Boo's dismay. Caitlin's mother is very excited. Caitlin says that it's probably best to take her mind off Cass' departure. It turns out that Caitlin hates cheerleading, but she remains on the squad because of her mother, who sees Caitlin as Cass' replacement.

On her 1st game at half-time, Caitlin goes to the top of the pyramid. While on top, she hears someone calling Cass's name. So, while thinking of Cassandra, Caitlin reaches up to find the scar from the shovel incident. She feels it, then falls to the ground, and someone from the bottom of the pyramid, runs out from under everyone to catch her. Luckily, the worst injury out of the pile of cheerleaders is a broken nose. Later on, Caitlin meets a boy named Rogerson Biscoe at the car wash, who is a drug dealer.

They meet again at a party and she ditches Mike Evans to leave with him. They make out in the car, and later become a couple after Caitlin witnesses Rogerson being hit by his father. Rogerson[ edit ] Caitlin and Rogerson's relationship becomes more physical. Rogerson introduces Caitlin to drugs and a woman in her mid-twenties named Corinna. They become best friends and begin to smoke pot. Caitlin begins to forget school which causes her to not attend classes and fail every class possible.

Rogerson helps her with this, claiming that "he knows everything. Caitlin begins writing in the gift that she received from Cass, a dream journal. Caitlin begins to see Cass in a TV show that Cass's boyfriend works on. Caitlin's mom engages in the show, not caring about what's happening but finally seeing her daughter again.

On Christmas Eve, Caitlin finally agrees to sleep with Rogerson. She says later in the book that whenever they have sex it is the only time she feels safe. One day, Caitlin's friend, Rina, decides to take her out for some fun. They go to Rina's step fathers' lake house, but Caitlin was terrified because she knew that Rogerson was waiting outside of her house.

dreamland sarah dessen ending relationship

How does the scar on her eyebrow that Cass inflicted sum up those feelings? On the other hand, what different meaning does the scar hold for Cass?

What scenes dramatize this? What small evidence can you find that this message has not been entirely wasted on the teenage Caitlin, even as she goes through her cheerleading routines and surrenders her life to Rogerson? What are the missing pieces in this enigmatic personality, and can you guess at the rest of the picture?

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What do you think is the particular quality in Caitlin that makes her so attractive to him? The first time Rogerson hits Caitlin, it comes out of nowhere as a complete shock—for us as well as her. We knew some things about him that should have been warning signals. Obviously, Caitlin should leave him immediately at this point. Why is this impossible for her, and why does it become increasingly impossible as his violence escalates?

Sketch out a scene as to what might have happened if she had been able to walk away from him after the first attack. Would it really have ended there? The affectionate portrayals of New Agers Boo and Stewart, with their tempeh salads and wise comments, lighten this powerfully dark novel. Rina, too, who has issues with men, brings some comic relief to the story, and she and Caitlin are another unlikely friendship.

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What do you think holds them together? And why is Caitlin unable to confide in her about the abuse? When Corinna makes a safe haven for Caitlin, how is it both comforting and destructive for both of them?