Curtin detention centre closure in a relationship

curtin detention centre closure in a relationship

THE Inverbrackie detention centre in the Adelaide Hills will be Abbott Government 'success' over stopping asylum seekers prompts closure of 10 detention centres And the maligned Curtin Immigration Detention Centre in Western bilateral relationship between Australia and Indonesia,” a statement. Home Office announces closure of Campsfield House following fierce condemnation of 'unacceptable' conditions at centres. May Bulman. seekers at Curtin and Woomera detention centres in and respectively since the closure of Nurrungar the area continues to be used for military . only a thorough investigation of our remarkable relationship with both the other and.

He thought, as his plane touched down, that this was the ideal place to keep asylum seekers "out of sight and out of mind". Because it was not a purpose-built centre and was operated by the private security company ACM, there were no mental health services.

When the Howard government mothballed Curtin in late after constant adverse publicity and protest the centre could accommodate people. A mental health study published in Social Science and Medicine journal found that years later the majority of refugees surveyed were struggling to rebuild their lives. So what persuaded the Rudd government to reopen the most notorious of detention centres?

There had been no bigger critic of indefinite mandatory detention and delays in refugee processing than the ALP when it was in opposition. The Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, is not giving away any extra details about the decision.

Repeated requests for an interview came to nothing.

curtin detention centre closure in a relationship

Earlier this year, in a speech to the Sydney Institute, Evans outlined a compassionate analysis of the surge in "irregular maritime arrivals" saying it was consistent with what was happening globally and in Asia.

He called for a comprehensive integrated approach to that tackled the "root causes''. No mention of Curtin being reopened to accommodate single men and no mention of inordinate delays in processing applications. Inquiries reveal, however, that the decision to reopen Curtin had been endorsed by Kevin Rudd and was a response to intelligence warnings that the spike in boat arrivals would continue throughout this election year.

A big influx of Afghan and Sri Lankan asylum seekers into Indonesia has created a thriving people smuggling industry operated by locals rather than Middle Eastern brokers. A senior government official who declined to be identified said: It's election year and Rudd panicked. Christmas Island was built forit now has over Rudd decided to send a message in the hope that the flow of boats will slow. Some boats have been stopped, but many more are getting through.

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A year ago there were just asylum seekers and refugees. In the space of 12 months the numbers have exploded and recent intelligence suggests the figures may be far greater. Afghan asylum seekers from Pakistan are believed to make up a significant number of recent arrivals, straining the already crowded facilities on Christmas Island.

Many are said to be Hazara refugees fleeing Quetta - a Pakistani regional city under the dominant influence of the powerful insurgent group Quetta Shura Taliban.

Immigration detention at Curtin: photos | Australian Human Rights Commission

Ethnic Hazaras fled to Quetta a decade earlier to escape Taliban repression in Afghanistan. With mobile phones word spreads fast. No doubt when I open my mouth Rudd will say well look at Ruddock, look how inhumane he was.

curtin detention centre closure in a relationship

Located on Defence land, Baxter was handed back to the army when boat arrivals declined to a trickle. Ruddock says it would make sense to reopen Baxter as it has recreational and schooling facilities and is built in such away that detainees are not forced congregate in one area.

During his time as minister Ruddock said he got to understand just how highly sophisticated people smuggling operations were. Informants in Australia and Indonesia provide instant feedback on policy changes, track clients through the immigration system and bribe officials in Jakarta.

Although Ruddock does not say it, the decision to locate all offshore processing on Christmas Island within easy reach of Indonesia also shortened the journey and reduced the risks at sea. The senior government official said: There is an ethically blurry environment where the more refugees arrive on our shores, the more profits companies make. The ongoing march for privatisation does not stop here.

Rightwing thinktanks in Australia, such as the Centre for Independent Studies and the Institute of Public Affairs a group that refuses to release a list of its financial donorsregularly call for the mass privatisation of state services.

This includes the ABCdespite consistent public polling finding huge support for the broadcaster. Even the Greens have embraced a market mechanism to reduce climate change, despite vast evidence questioning for-profit companies being the most appropriate way to do so.

Canadian writer Naomi Klein is currently working on a book that will argue that capitalism is inherently incapable of reforming itself to tackle catastrophic changes to our climate. In Australia, resistance to privatisation is reflected at the ballot box.

Privatisation agenda locks Australia into failure

The vast bulk of voters, according to polling, believe that corporations are the greatest beneficiaries from selling off public assets and overwhelmingly think that the state should own essential infrastructure.

Voters also show their displeasure with the outsourcing agenda by often opposing parties that back it. Queensland is a key examplewith current moves for mass outsourcing facing huge union opposition.

The left must now do a far better job in providing appealing alternatives. The facts are on its side. According to a recent report by the Australia Institute, electricity privatisation in Victoria has neither increased efficiency nor reduced prices.