Crawley and horsham hunt opening meet 2012 ford

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In the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt is SOUTHDOWN & ERIDGE BOXING DAY MEET . Don't knock Janet Cummings because she is opening the eyes of the . Grimsby Telegraph Tally ho-ho-ho but the fox isn't laughing By Geoff Ford - THE great spectacle of the hunt. Posts about Illegal hunting written by Accidental Activist. At the opening meet of the Crawley a& Horsham Hunt a saboteur was assaulted by huntsmen First up is the case of PC Clair Ford as seen in the video clip above, filmed and . Police Equine team back in where he is described as a 'Detention Officer'. Welcome to Crawley & Horsham South Pony Club Branch We hold several of our own Pony Club shows and Hunter Trials throughout the.

Virtually no gamekeepers aim to wipe out predators on their estates. The aim is to control predators to reduce their impact on game birds… Shooting depends on good habitat, so shoots put a lot of effort into habitat management and creation.

crawley and horsham hunt opening meet 2012 ford

Reece Fowler, Middlesbrough letter Shields Gazette Yes Val, it is depressing, in this country alone there are countless animal species suffering at the hands of man and because of man…. The Government is committed to a free vote on overturning the ban on hunting with hounds but Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has ruled out one being held in the near future… story Independent on Sunday Matthew Bell meets Tracy Worcester … story Following the traditional Boxing Day Brocklesby Hunt, Lord Charles Yarborough said he believed people wanted the "sport" to return, adding many were concerned about an apparent rise in fox numbers since the ban came into force in However, his comments sparked a great deal of debate on www.

crawley and horsham hunt opening meet 2012 ford

It is also surprising that the hunt received no favours or help in fighting what they describe as an injustice from their local MP, the Prime Minister. It could be seen as an admirable thing for Cameron to be so impartial.

Or it could be seen as betrayal…. Whether or not the Chipping Norton set have the strength to fight any longer, I hope that Cameron has a change of mind and decides to keep the flame —burning story Independent Even if the ban were lifted, many packs of hounds across Britain would struggle even to find a live fox.

In fact, most landowners would now make the hunt unwelcome, not only because the hounds might disturb snares, but also because the game-shooting business brings in money from wealthy bankers… Aidan Harrison, Rothbury, Northumberland Unlike hunting gentlemen, I turned out on Boxing Day to support my local morris dancers… Lots of clashing sticks and then a sword dance but nothing killed for fun.

Dave Nicholson, Windsor Recent reports imply that the Crown Prosecution Service is reluctant to, and does not, prosecute hunting offences.

Where there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction, and it is in the public interest, the CPS does prosecute such cases….

Chairman of the Countryside Alliance Sir Barney White-Spunner said he was concerned that churches in villages and towns were falling into disrepair and not being used enough….

Bishop of Burnley John Goddard said he would commend any church that uses their building for a variety if purposes, and to serve the community… story Boxing Day hunts - Hunt supporters turned out in force to uphold a centuries-old Boxing Day tradition in West Cumbria. This year was no exception.

The West Street Tickham decided to amalgamate with the Ashford Valley and East Kent due to financial pressures and the lack of sufficient country during the shooting season….

The village was full as 65 riders departed at 11am, led by new hunt master Stuart Radbourne. Joint hunt master Mike Smith said: Many of the participants, led by our own Lord Yarborough, want the Hunting Act repealed.

It staggers me that there are still people around today who want to see wild animals ripped to pieces by packs of dogs… story Grimsby Telegraph In true Boxing Day tradition, riders in the Brocklesby Hunt stormed across the Yarborough Estate in view of thrilled locals, farmers and former riders…. In true Boxing Day tradition, riders took part as thrilled locals, farmers and former riders watched on… story Western Morning News London Editor Graeme Demianyk spoke to him about a number of rural issues….

It is a commitment a vote on repeal. The intention is to find time at the appropriate moment. But we are currently facing some very severe problems such as one of the largest deficits in Western Europe. That is currently taking priority. From Bromyard to Bosbury, Leominster to Ledbury, followers attended on what is one of the busiest meetings of the year… But Graham Baker, chairman of the South Herefordshire Hunt, said the negative publicity had not stopped supporters turning out at Christmas… story Uttoxeter Advertiser A group of about 15 members of the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt put their animals through their paces… story Bolton News Now in its 50th year, yesterday's hunt was given an enthusiastic send off from the crowd that gathered outside the Castle Hotel in Neath town centre….

More than 1, people turned out to watch a traditional Boxing Day hunt. Around 45 riders and scores of dogs from the North Staffordshire Hunt were put through their paces on legal trails through farmland and tracks at Woore….

Riders were out in force for the Quorn and Fernie meets yesterday….

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Crowds converged on Holbecks Park in Hadleigh from Another group set off from Driffield Showground. I grew up, I read the arguments, I became better informed about rural life and I realised that most of those excited about banning fox-hunting were bigots, class warriors or too sentimental to look properly at the evidence… and that those involved in hunting tend to be keen conservationists… story ITV Campaigners claim three hunts still kill foxes with hounds despite ban — Furious animal rights campaigners last night vowed to flush out hunting groups who break the law and use dogs to kill foxes.

Minister rules out repeal of hunting ban - The tens of thousands of people attending traditional Boxing Day hunts in the West Country yesterday did so knowing afresh there was no realistic prospect of the hunting ban being lifted….

The Conservative Manifesto in promised a free vote on hunting in the Commons. The pledge probably encouraged some people to vote Tory. You will, however, search the pages of the same manifesto in vain for any reference to gay people being allowed to marry.

Ban 'cannot be overturned' in free vote - The Conservatives do not have the parliamentary majority to overturn a ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales, the Tory Party chairman said.

Grant Shapps said he agreed with Environment Secretary Owen Paterson that a free vote for MPs on lifting the ban would be defeated… story Independent How the uneatable became unbeatable - The nearly eight-year-old ban on hunting with dogs is starting to look like a classic case of the law of unintended consequences.

A measure broached almost off the cuff by Tony Blair in opposition, cynically pursued by him in government as a sop to his left wing, and described by him later as a mistake, may indeed turn out to have ended a particular strand of country life….

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With two Prime Ministers left looking rather foolish on the sidelines, the only winner — if there is one — is the fox. Lets see how long it takes for them to contact me. The Killing Continues Posted: Sabs were unfortunately only moments too late to save the animal but according to Bycroft it was all their fault. They use hunting horns and play recordings and try to disrupt the hounds.

If an incident has happened they are to blame. A hunt is in the area, the only hunt and Bycroft is the huntsman. Hounds have killed a fox as they are trained to do.

crawley and horsham hunt opening meet 2012 ford

The hounds belong to the hunt which is in the area. Sabs are on the scene moments later and witness the kill and record footage. Blaming sabs for the incident is of course complete and utter nonsense. Except of course he knew all along the hounds were on a fox. Rightly this has made the national media and the evidence has been passed on to the police however despite the obvious illegality I doubt there will be any convictions resulting. His hunt have also been filmed illegally chasing and killing foxes but have never been prosecuted for this due to the inadequacies of the police and the Hunting Act.

Whether they get prosecuted or not this video footage speaks for itself. The Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent are a bunch of rural law breakers who think they are above the laws of the land. Three foxes were killed by the hunt in the same day from their meet at The Wolds Farm near Holwell. Sabs from Northants Hunt Sabs witnessed a fox being chased and brutally killed in a farmyard near Scalford Hall. Huntsman John Holliday was present and made no attempt to stop or call off the hounds but dismounted his horse and assaulted a female sab as they tried to save the animal.

It unfortunately died in the arms of the sabs at the scene.

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On reporting this incident to the police they confirmed the Belvoir had already killed 2 further foxes, this time in the grounds of a nearby nursing home which was witnessed by staff and patients alike and reported by a horrified member of the public. The police also had the bodies of the murdered foxes as evidence. They were implicated in keeping captive foxes, then viciously assaulting those who had exposed them.

Now as the year draws to a close they brazenly hunt and kill three foxes in the presence of Leicestershire Police. It is perhaps fortunate that the Leicestershire PCC was also present on the day to insist that this latest law breaking by the Belvoir is not brushed under the carpet. There has been a review in Scotland recently on their hunting laws and I remain hopeful that progress will be made there. The same process should be followed in England and Wales however the big difference here is we have a pro-hunt Government and an Environment Secretary who wants to repeal the act.

Until these hurdles are removed it will be left to those in the field putting themselves on the line to stand up for our wildlife — The Hunt Saboteurs. Find your local group and bung them a few bob. August 22, in Comment 10 During a quiet moment the other day I decided to have a snoop on-line and see what our local hunt the Oakley Hounds had been up to.

Guy Napier with whom I spoke with last season see here is no longer a master, so alongside the constant gruesome twosome of Lydia Thompson and Caroline Evans we have new masters, Nikki Lightfoot and Steve Harris.

I decided to check out the new masters and my first port of call was this Steve Harris character as he was the only male in the group.

A quick search led me to his Facebook profile. But hello, whats all this then?