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He attends the True Cross Academy to become a Knight, an Exorcist who specializes in the use of bladed weapons Relationships Rin has messy, jet -black hair (dark blue in the anime) that sweeps down in his eyes, pale Quotes 編集. She became pregnant by Satan about sixteen years before the beginning of the series, giving birth to Rin and Yukio Okumura. Yuri was a young woman of. Okumura Rin & brother | Ao no Exorcist / Blue Exorcist | anime | Blue Exorcist - Ao no Exorcist Wiki Anime Characters, Blue Exorcist Funny, Blue Exorcist.

Taking note of KurikaraSatan picks up the sword, informing Rin that he will need to destroy it first before they can make their trip.

When the teenager reacts violently to Satan's approaches by summoning his flames, the Demon king merely laughs off the attempt, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him over to the Gate.

As he does so, he explains how even with his supreme power, he is unable to remain indefinitely in Assiah, as everything he possesses ultimately is destroyed. Stating that it was nothing but a whim that prompted him to create Rin, he goes on to say how much of a masterstroke that action actually was, as he now has exactly what he needs to make Assiah his.

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He then tosses Rin into the Gate, laughing uproariously as he declares that the boy will be reborn, welcoming him to Gehenna. Before Satan's plan could be completely successful, however, he is stopped by the remaining consciousness of Fujimoto, and curses the priest as he temporarily seizes control of his body, grasping his Exorcist pin and thrusting it into himself. As Fujimoto claims Rin as his son, and that he is going to take him back, Satan gleefully exclaims how wonderful it is that Fujimoto plans to commit suicide, as no matter what he does, nothing can escape the Gehenna Gate.

After this, Satan is sent back to Gehenna as Fujimoto dies, leaving Rin to escape the Gate by himself. Mephisto notes that Satan probably couldn't tell that he was playing with her since his ego had not sprouted, but does not the fact that she is most likely his first intelligent interaction.

During the instance he is seen playing Yuri, she is suddenly called to return home by her guardians. Not too long after this, the shelter in which she said is found caught on fire, with the bodies of guardians found burned to death.

It can be implied that Satan had burnt the area. Satan makes another major appearance when Yuri is 16 years old. The girl and Shiro have an argument in Mexico after Shiro elbows Rick in the face and proceeds to degrade him. This angers Yuri, who eventually slaps the exorcist. Shiro tries to retaliate, but is stopped as a blue flame suddenly appears and guards Yuri.

Everyone around is shocked at the incident, but eventually lets it go. His powers are not yet revealed except that he can summon the Gehenna Gate. Like any other Demon, Satan has the power to possess a human body but only for a moment as everything he touches in the world of Assiah is doomed to destruction, with even the strongest bodies only lasting five minutes at most Superhuman strength As the God of all Demons, Satan possess immense strength, giving him the ability to carelessly drag someone like Rin with ease and rip off his own fingers with no difficulty.

Gehenna Gate Satan opens the Gehenna Gate Satan has the ability to summon the Gehenna Gate; in the anime, it is implied that he's the only being in Gehenna powerful enough to summon and open the complete and full form of the Gehenna Gate, although other Demons are able to by conjuring a lesser or an incomplete version of the gate. This Demonic door needs blood in order to link Gehenna and Assiah. It's size, appearance, and even abilities depend on the amount of blood offered as a sacrifice.

Combining Yukio's blood with Rin's, the power dramatically increases, creating multiple Gehenna Gates to create a large portal to Assiah. This Gate is regenerative and able to withstand Rin's flames. Its weakness however is its heart which Yukio and Rin pierce through to destroy Gehenna Gate completely.

This caused them to eventually becoming quite close, to the point of being impregnated by him. When Shiro was shooting her Demon friends to convince her to come home, Yuri let out blue flames, revealing Satan and her pregnancy with their children.

Yuri with Rin and Yukio. When Ernst got entered shortly before she gave birth, Yuri was put into court at the Vatican, sentencing to death as a witch. Before she could be burned alive, Satan saved her by using her father as his vessel and commanded her to run. Mephisto freed Shiro from prison and they encountered a hospitalized Ernst, who ordered them to find and kill Yuri along with Satan's spawns.

The two went into the forest, only to find Yuri with her newborn children, whom she named Rin and Yukio. She soon died of childbirth after tenderly saying her wish to they grow strong and understanding. Using KurikaraShiro was about to slay them until he saw Rin smile at him. Remembering what Yuri said to him before, he decided to raise her children as his own, much to Mephisto's amusement. Frequently chipper and obnoxious, Shura is carefree about her job, as she drinks alcohol in excess and oversleeps.

She appears to harbor a dark past, as she claims Shiro "came and rescued" her. All heirs look exactly like their mother, as the deity was infatuated with her beauty. After her curse is removed, Shura becomes more open in showing her concern for the Okumura brothers. Disguised under a hood as Yamada, one of Rin's classmates, Shura reveals herself when Amaimon attacks Rin. Shura intended to dispose of "her master's mess", Rin, after verifying that Rin was Satan's son, but Rin convinces her he would become a Paladin and prove Shiro was right to let him live.

Shura decides to teach Rin how to control his powers in accordance with Shiro's wishes. Later it is revealed that her true mission is to keep an eye on Mephisto, whose real intentions are still shrouded in mystery. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye, and has Aria incantations and magic circles tattooed on both arms.

He had a run-in with Satan when he was younger, which robbed him of his family and the sight in his left eye, which is why he holds immense hatred for Satan and demons that are related to Satan.

Yet ironically, he is extremely loyal to Mephisto, willing to listen to his every command, which is why he stopped his attacks on Rin prior to the latter becoming an Exorcist. In the anime, he ends up the suspect for the Masked Man attacks on those allied with Rin; however, the truth is much worse.

He was ordered by the Grigori to interrogate Mephisto and capture Rin as evidence. Arthur is a respected Exorcist with dubious ethics, as said by Shura to be like a saint on the outside but really a devil inside. He uses the sentient demon sword Caliburn. When speaking, Caliburn shows extreme affection towards him and talks like a love-struck teenage girl.

Arthur has a great dislike of Rin simply because of his lineagebeing annoyed that the son of Satan destroyed the Impure King. Arthur is a terrible liar, and hinted to be somewhat of an idiot by Shura since he always lets Lightning do the thinking for him.

In the spin-off, Salaryman Exorcist, it is shown that Arthur has an immense distaste for dirty objects getting near him and draws Caliburn to eliminate the dirt. In the anime, Arthur is replaced by Yukio when Ernst takes over the Vatican. He uses ventriloquism to talk and he is usually rude. Although initially posing as an Esquire, Nemu's powers are revealed to be equivalent to that of an upper first class Exorcist. He is hired by Mephisto as a 'moderator' for the cram students.

It's suggested Nemu's puppet is sentient and is actually the one controlling his body, since it was telling Nemu to calm down; adding to this is that Nemu's eyes are usually seen closed, suggesting that he is in a trance. Among the Eight Demon Kings, he is the seventh in strength.

Amaimon has vast control over the land, such as being able to create earthquakes. He is eccentric and hates being laughed at or ignored. Unlike his father and elder brother Mephisto Pheles, Amaimon initially had little interest in Rin, instead wishing to tour Japan upon arrival, but quickly became obsessed with his younger half-brother after fighting him. Amaimon mentions he has a cousin who has an interest in the occult and even goes on to say that he would be happy if he brought him a human eye.

After Rin defeats Amaimon in the anime, he turns into a green hamster for the rest of the episodes, running in a hamster wheel located in Mephisto's office. He retains his ability to speak to Mephisto. In the manga, Mephisto Pheles stopped Rin and Amaimon from fighting when Rin went berserk; he is later kept in another dimension, skewred in place by Mephisto until Amaimon's desire to kill Rin cools. He has an obsession with sweets, as he is seen with a lollipop in his mouth most of the time.

He is sly and skillfully manipulates others to achieve his still-unknown goals. He can take control of demons and use their abilities. He seems to be interested in Yukio's development due to him being a son of Satan, and even attempted to convince him to kill Rin. He became younger by gaining Karura's power.

When Rin awakes his demonic powers inherited from his father, Satan takes control of Rin's guardian, Shiro Fujimoto, in order to encounter and use his son to destroy Assiah. However, Fujimoto's suicide causes him to lose contact with Rin.

He really seemed to care about Rin and Yukio's mother; it was their shared dream to make world where demons and humans lived together in harmony. He meets her spirit at the end of the anime, where she comforts him on his failure by explaining their sons are the first step. He attacks Rin after AstarothKing of Rot takes over his body. Astaroth was exorcised by Shiro Fujimoto and Reiji hasn't been seen since. Reiji was a delinquent gang leader and likes troubling others.

Due to his evilness he was further possessed by Astaroth, the King of Rot. He is very sadistic. In contrast with his delinquent personality, Reiji comes from a rather rich family. Later on, it is revealed that he too attends True Cross Academy as a student.

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She is four or so when we are introduced to her and about nine years old when we see her after the whole nine-tailed fox mess. She is Izumo Kamiki's little sister. After an incident when her mother got possessed by a nine-tailed fox demon, she and Izumo were taken to an Illuminati headquarters. They were told they were there for their "protection" and that the Illuminati was "taking care of their mother".

One day Izumo awoke without her sister without beside her as usual. An Illuminati agent named Maria Yoshida said that she had found out they were going to use Tsukumo for experiments, so the night before, Maria had taken Tsukumo to be adopted.

She was adopted right away because of her young age. Five years later it is revealed that Maria had not been lying to Izumo, Tsukumo had been adopted by Nemu Takaras' aunt and uncle. Tsukumo was safe from the Illuminati because she had been taken in by people protected by the True Cross Order. When Izumo approached her sister for the first time in five years, her sister did not remember her, unfortunately. Her personality was somewhat like Rin's, rebelling against her father's wishes by living in the forest.