Birthday relationship comparison quotes

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birthday relationship comparison quotes

Love compatibility horoscope (Synastry) calculates planet positions of both partners and shows their mutual aspects, including free astrology interpretations. Partner A - Date of Birth. © quotes have been tagged as parents-and-children: Maya Angelou: 'I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them. I enlisted a troop of relationship experts, psychotherapists, dating to birthdays goes on this list, and becomes something of a collected, common, ever-present force. . of Love Styles: How to Celebrate Your Differences, tells Bustle. . In this context, I always think of the quote, "Be kind, for everyone you.

Happy Birthday to my dearest sister! There is only one place where I can keep my every strength, my every weakness, my every secret safe. Happy Birthday to my wonderful Sis!

birthday relationship comparison quotes

Oh, that everyone could have a sister like you! Wish you a very happy and sweet birthday! Happy Birthday to my fantastic, wonderful, great, super, beautiful sister! Happy Birthday to you, my dearest sister! It is wonderful having a sister like you. If I have another chance I will choose to you be my sister over and again because no one else can love and care like you do. Happy birthday to you my dearest sister. You are such a great sister who is unstoppable and I am very proud to have you before me.

What a great opportunity to see another year! Surely, I see all things turning around for your good. I dream of good health and happiness and I want those dreams to come true for you too. Your physical beauty may fade in the years to come but your inner goodness and beauty will always shine through sister. I am so glad to be your twin. Thanks for the encouragement when I am down and the words of wisdom when I am up. Childhood can never be happier with a vibrant and adventurous sister like you.

We did not choose to be sisters but still we clicked and chose to be good friends as well.

birthday relationship comparison quotes

What a privilege to be sisters and friends as well. I have many friends to hang around with but I know not all of them will be with me forever. But you sister, I knowwill be forever here with me in heart and soul. The heavens above has bestowed on me a very special gift that I will have for life—you!

Not all angels are in heaven because I have you here with me everyday. Thanks for being an angel who bears with me and my moods. I saw a falling star and I wished for you to be happy and to have fulfillment in love, career and life. I can wish all the riches in the world for you but I know that what would really make you happy are things that money cannot buy.

So I wish you all the intangibles that can make your spirit rich. A sister like you can be compared to a rainbow because you bring so much color to my life. I wish you a happy birthday and a brighter year ahead sister! I never believed that one person is capable of expressing all these emotions — jealousy, happiness, anger, joy — all at one time.

Only you, sister, can have such a colorful life. You are the best sister for me. I thank the Lord for giving me a lovable and huggable sister like you. Your birthday is always a blessing to us, your family. Pillow fights are out forte but when it comes to defending each other from the rest of the world then we are the best pair. Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world! I am always so proud and fond of you dear sister no matter how many times you pull my hair or tell me you are far prettier than me.

At least I know I am wittier. We grew up much like twins and I admit I am having a hard time now that we are living our own lives. Seeing you during your birthday is one of the best gifts for me and for you. I can only count the blessings that I wish the Lord would grant you today.

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Now you can start counting your candles and the gifts that your loved ones have brought for you. God must have thought I have done some good things in my past life because I was given a baby sister like you.

If there is one person I know who will stay with me through thick and thin then it would be you. I am lucky to have a sister like you who can stand my eccentricities. Thanks for being around even when I am in a foul mood. You keep my feet on the ground no matter how many achievements I make or how popular I become. Thanks for being always there to tell me that I need not change to belong.

I always look back on my childhood whenever I feel down because the moments I spent with you while growing up were so much fun and unforgettable. We may not be sisters by blood but I know we will always be there for each other no matter what the future brings. Happy Birthday, Soul Sister! I may not always be kind or nice to you but you always were pleasant to me.

birthday relationship comparison quotes

Sister Inlaw Quotes Gosh I love hanging out with my sister-in-law. It is a mystery to be lived, loved, experienced. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you. Life is really a great cosmic laughter.

And you will be growing. It asks nothing in return, it expects nothing. Love is a spiritual phenomenon; lust is physical. Ego is psychological; love is spiritual. I simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem.

Discipline means creating an order within you. As you are, you are a chaos. Then you will know and that knowing will come out of your experiencing. And then you will be surprised how much growth starts happening of its own accord. To avoid death, they avoid life. From body to soul, physical to spiritual, sex to superconsciousness, everything is divine for me. Plan for a miracle.

birthday relationship comparison quotes

You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.

birthday relationship comparison quotes

Be proud that you are still natural. Be proud that you can express the inexpressible through your tears. It is your responsibility.

Drop all these stupid ideas of being superior and inferior. You are neither superior nor inferior.

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You are simply yourself! There exists no one like you, no one with whom you can be compared. Then, suddenly, you are at home. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation. Move the way love makes you move.

Move the way joy makes you move. Think twice before you jump. Jump first and then think as much as you want! Either bring your potential to actuality or go inwards to find yourself, but do something with your freedom. If I say something, wait, search, and you will find the way. That is the right place to begin with and then spread.

Nobody else is responsible — only you and you alone. You are your hell and your heaven too. That is the first understanding. It is the highest form of Love where nothing is asked for, no condition, where one simply enjoys giving.

Seriousness becomes like a blindness. Just simply be a human being. Bring God to your ordinary life introduce God into your ordinary life. No teacher, no scripture can give it to you. It is inside you and if you wish to attain it, seek your own company.

Happiness is like a tree going into the sky, and sadness is like the roots going down into the womb of the earth. Both are needed, and the higher a tree goes, the deeper it goes, simultaneously.

The bigger the tree, the bigger will be its roots. In fact, it is always in proportion. And love cannot exist as a monologue; it is a dialogue, a very harmonious dialogue.

When you do not know, you are bold. Ignorance is always bold; knowledge hesitates. And the more you know, the more you feel that the ground underneath is dissolving.

The more you know, the more you feel how ignorant you are. It is continuously giving you hints; it is a still, small voice. It does not shout at you, that is true. And if you are a little silent you will start feeling your way. Be the person you are. Never try to be another, and you will become mature.

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Maturity is accepting the responsibility of being oneself, whatsoever the cost. You are not here accidentally — you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The whole intends to do something through you. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are in love — now you are love.