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batman puppet master sub relationship

ost Nets fans probably do not recall Del Harris establishing any sort of relationship with the Vandeweghe wanted Harris to play Robin to his Batman as the new Therefore, he needed a puppet master to wield control from behind the. in Nazi propaganda's ideological representation of the Jew: the 'puppet master' ; Working from an outside perspective of 'Batman Studies' and the vast and Hood bring into question the changing role of villains and their relationship to. The ironic concept of a puppet becoming the puppet-master is so extremely repeatedly expressed a desire to terminate his rather unhealthy relationship with .

The Animated Series remain some of the best episodes to air on television. Birdman Penguin Mobster Mayhem This villain is one of the most financially successful and intelligent villains that Batman has duked it out with over the years, and his status of on Batman's most popular villains is never in question with fans.

This is a character that we have seen in print, on television and on the big screen. If you are ever looking to tell a solid Batman story with a compelling villain, this guy should be one of the first that crosses your mind. Jester Princess Clown Harley Quinn This character has toed the line between good and bad for a long time, but her origin from Batman: The Animated Series shows her working hand-in-hand with Batman's greatest adversary. She has gone on to become one of the most popular characters in the world of comics thanks to Margot Robbie breathing life into this character in the film Suicide Squad, and she has been the anchor of her own series for DC Comics.

No one could have predicted that she would become such a force. Poison Ivy Mistress Oak Rose Red It is an absolute shame that the version we got of this character on the big screen is one of the biggest jokes in recent history, because fans of Batman know that this character can serve as one of his most menacing villains when she is done correctly.

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The abilities that she has makes her an opponent that can never be overlooked, and the fact that she is extremely intelligent means that she's able to outsmart most of the people that get in her way. Time Menace Clock King The Time Man This character made his debut all the way back inand we have seen a number of successful iterations of this character over the years.

He has shown himself to have a pretty high level of intelligence, and he has committed some of the most heinous crimes to hit Gotham. He may not hold as much prestige some of the other villains that you are going to find on this quiz, but he has done enough to make himself worthy of inclusion.

Hush Silencer Peacemaker If you are a fan of Batman comics, then we can guarantee that you have read this story on multiple occasions. Many people will cite this as one of the most iconic Batman stories in recent memory, and this ominous villain is a huge reason why it became so iconic.

Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee truly knocked the ball out of the park when they created this character, and seeing him up on the big screen would be a dream come true.

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Freeze Not unlike another villain that appeared earlier on this quiz, the live-action adaptation that we were exposed to of this character in the s was one that left many people shaking their head.

This character's tragic story was reshaped on Batman: The Animated Series, and it has since become the definitive story of this character's life. He possesses a brilliant mind and some tremendous abilities that always give Batman a world of problems, and he deserves a second shot at big screen immortality. Holiday Calender King Weekly Menace Batman villains have come in all shapes and sizes over the years, and what this character was able to accomplish during his time in the comics is something that has helped make him one of the most recognizable villains ever dreamed of.

He comes from one of the most notorious crime families to ever pollute Gotham, and he made his debut in the iconic story Batman: Goliath Behemoth Gargantuan Despite an earlier depiction that nearly destroyed this character for good, this villain has since gone on to become one of the most popular around thanks to the film The Dark Knight Rises.

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Re'a Al Ghul Ra's Al Ghul Ro'e Al Ghul This character was an excellent choice to be the primary antagonist in the film Batman Begins, and he is one that has seen a tremendous amount of popularity during his time in the comics. His utilization of the Lazarus Pit means that he is able to tap into the Fountain of Youth and have an extremely long existence. He is known for being the leader of the League of Assassins and for being one of the most gifted fighters in the world. Fierce Feline Catwoman Captain Cat This is another example of a character that has done heroic and villainous deeds throughout her career, and she has one of the most complex relationships with Batman that we have ever seen.

She seems to be one of the few individuals in the world that is able to get through to him and connect with him on a personal level, but things always end up getting complicated between the two thanks largely to her innate desire to do bad.

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Eagle Eye Stryker Deadshot While we have seen a number of characters in comics that have shown proficiency with archery, this character has decided to apply his tremendous accuracy to shooting bullets instead of arrows. He has been an antagonist to Batman and other members of the Bat Family, and he is one that has been able to hold his own with some of the most gifted fighters in the world.

This character made his debut all the way back in June of The Ventriloquist and Scarface. While the two spoke, Donnegan awakened and attacked Wesker, brutally beating him down onto the floor. He also stabbed at Woody with a corkscrew, creating a long scar across the right hand side of the puppet's face.

Arnold fought back and smashed Donnegan along the side of the face with a loose brick. He strung his body up on the noose that he originally intended to use for himself, and Woody and he made their escape through Donnegan's tunnel. The tunnel led to the shoreline of the island near the prison boathouse. At Woody's urging, Wesker picked up a riot shotgun and killed two guards, before stealing a raft. They paddled to the mainland of Gotham City and acquired a fresh set of clothes.

The puppet, unsatisfied with the name that Donnegan had given him, decided to provide himself with a new name; one more befitting an angry criminal mind with high ambitions — Scarface.

List of Batman Family enemies

Scarface became the vehicle through which Wesker could express all of his years of bottled up rage. It was clear early on however, that Scarface was the dominant partner in their relationship, and Wesker always maintained a subservient and obedient countenance. Wesker let Scarface do the dirty work, including robbery and murder. He became dominated by Scarface, who barked orders at him and degraded him with verbal abuse.

Wesker was also unable to enunciate the letter "B" while throwing his voice, and replaced them with the letter "G" instead. For example, Scarface often calls Batman "Gatman. They operated out of a trendy hot spot on Electric Street called the Ventriloquist Club.

The bouncer of the Ventriloquist Club was an over-sized leg-breaker named Rhino. Like many of the Ventriloquist's underlings, Rhino paid very little attention to Wesker himself, but was devoutly loyal to Scarface. The Dummy and his dummy The Ventriloquist and Scarface made their marks in the Gotham underworld through the sale and distribution of a designer drug called Fever.

Processed in Tijuana, Mexico, they had the drugs smuggled into Gotham City inside of human cadavers. This earned them the attention of Gotham's nocturnal vigilante, the Batman. Batman fought through the Ventriloquist's armed men and apprehended the drug lord and his puppet master.

Wesker spent very little time in prison however, and before long, Scarface and he were reunited and back in operation at the Ventriloquist Club. Wesker actually wanted to retire from a life of crime, but Scarface wouldn't hear of it. They discovered that while they were serving time, a criminal gang known as the Street Demonz had taken over Scarface's drug operations.

One of Scarface's closest enforcers, Bruno, betrayed his former employer and threw his lot in with the Demonz. During a confrontation between Wesker's men and the Street Demonz, Scarface's body was riddled with bullets.

batman puppet master sub relationship

For a brief moment, Wesker felt that he was finally free of the puppet's control. He even built a small coffin for his damaged wooden partner. Even from beyond the proverbial grave however, Scarface still had control over the Ventriloquist. Wesker heard the dummy's voice from within the coffin, and set him free. He repaired the damage from the bullets and Scarface was back in action.

Following another resounding defeat at the hands of the Batman, the Ventriloquist was apprehended and sent to Arkham Asylum. Time passed until one day a criminal known as Bane masterminded an elaborate scheme to weaken the Batman's resolve by blowing up the side of Arkham, setting dozens of psychopathic felons free.

Wesker was but one of many violent patients to escape from Arkham during the chaos. Although no longer confined to a cell, he was still lost without the commanding presence of Scarface. Desperate to compensate for Scarface's absence, Arnold briefly took to using an old sock as a hand puppet, naming it appropriately enoughSocko. Wesker and Scarface were reunited soon after and attempted to gain a foothold in the Wharfdale area of Gotham by eliminating a rival gangster named Marty Vetch.

Scarface made a severe impact in Vetch's operations by killing one of his main drug suppliers and by contaminating a shipment of heroin that belonged to his cartel. When Duela found the Dollmaker, she convinced him to inject her veins with the Joker's blood, which he had been keeping in jars.

She then proclaimed herself to be the Joker's "daughter", continuing her career as a supervillain. He is among the villains who are executed by the second Tally Man. He is among the villains who was killed by Bruno Mannheim. Completely delusional, yet quite dangerous, he usually uses electricity-based weaponry to emulate the lightning bolt of Zeus, and at one point formed the New Olympians consisting of characters based on Greek mythology characters.

batman puppet master sub relationship

Though briefly cured of his delusional state, he reverted to his Maxie Zeus persona when the Joker murdered his nephew. Green Arrow 12 March Onomatopoeia is a serial killer who targets non-powered, vigilante superheroes. He earned his name because he imitates noises around him, such as dripping taps, gunshots, etc.

No personal characteristics are known about Onomatopoeia, including his real name or facial features. Onomatopoeia is a superb athlete, martial artist, and weapons expert. He carries two semi-automatic handguns, a sniper rifle, and an army knife.

Prometheus [] [] [] New Year's Evil: Prometheus 1 February While the original Prometheus, Curtis Calhoun, was an enemy of Blue Beetlethe most notable villain to use the name is a twisted mirror image of Batman. As a child, he watched in horror as police slaughtered his parents in a Bonnie and Clyde style shoot-out. He swore revenge upon "justice".