Alpha protocol mina ending a relationship

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alpha protocol mina ending a relationship

Mina Tang is an intelligence analyst at Alpha Protocol. At the end of the game, if the player is with her on the boat, unless your reputation with her is +7 or you slept with her, she won't hug Michael. Relationship, Bonus, Effect, Description. For Alpha Protocol on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "End Near the end, I let Leland live and had Heck kill Scarlet (having max reputation I was never able to get my relationship with him above neutral. Mina - your handler and Alpha Protocol analyst and a state of the relationship that was sufficient for me to obtain the achievement. In addition during Moscow end missions I chose to rescue SIE from her predicament.

They meet again in the weapon training and properly introduced themselves. Thorton soon go through the weapon orientation before he prepares his mission in Saudi Arabia. She is Thorton's handler for the airfield mission. She soon warn Michael about the missiles hitting the area as Halbech tries to destroy the evidence.

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She detailed him about the situation and half lies to him that Alpha Protocol declared him rogue as she knew Alpha Protocol wants him dead when he returned back to base and having him rogue is the only way to stop Halbech and Alpha Protocol.

Dossier Edit Mina Tang is an analyst first, a tactician second, and a field agent third. She's been with Alpha Protocol for about a year, working primarily in encrypting and decrypting information. She assists Alan Parker on intel assignments, but is also called upon to help train new recruits in firearm basics.

alpha protocol mina ending a relationship

Her data analysis led to the discovery of several missing advanced prototype missiles from Halbech 's stock, and the evidence she obtained forms the basis for Operation Desert Spear the mission to track down and deal with Sheik Ali Shaheed and recover the stolen Halbech missiles. Mina was with the National Security Agency for several years before coming to Alpha Protocol, they asked her to join out of college, right after a calculus professor had told a friend in the NSA about her mathematical ability.

All her reviews at the NSA bordered on above average to outstanding, but eventually she decided the work was not for her, and resigned. According to records, Alpha Protocol contacted her the hour after she placed her resignation letter on her superior's desk at the NSA.

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Once Alpha Protocol explained their purpose and her assignment, she agreed to join the agency. Mina found work within the National Security Agency unsatisfying - and to quote her own words, she "didn't feel she was doing much to make the world a safer place.

It is unusual, however, in that both Mina and Parker were made unaware of each others presence. Mina has been inserted into Alpha Protocol as a spy to monitor their activities - as such, it is possible she never truly resigned her role in the National Security Administration, but instead, has continued to feed them information about Alpha Protocol's activities.

A clever little bleeder, was Oscar Wilde. He once defined a cynic as a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Call me a cynic, then. Swiftmend Swiftmend 8 years ago 2 One major thing I'd like to know regarding multiple play thoughs, is Mina That's who I had always your handler during the game?

Or can it be someone else from AP? Never saw Yancy again, but I don't think he'd be your handler either. With the amount of dialogue Mina is given as your handler throughout the game, I doubt they went through the trouble of recording all those different lines for four separate characters. Oh, and another question - was anyone given the option to dismantle Alpha Protocol?

I remember some of the X-Box achievements being given for either letting AP continue operating or destroying it entirely. But I don't remember ever getting any sort of choice that let to either of those options. Sparda X Anyone know what happened to Yancy Westridge? Didn't feel any more stealthy, but Sis saved me from the medical room and showed up in the fight with Alan. Occasionally G22 members would show up.

Alpha Protocol - SIE Romance (Sarcastic/Suave)

Mina was captured and then saved. Alan was beaten unconscious and never seen again. Darcy was my first kill in the game because hell if I was gonna try to tranq him with a pistol while dodging grenades.

Didn't see Yancy or Scarlet at all. Rode off in a boat with Mina.

alpha protocol mina ending a relationship

Madison became some kind of activist speaking out against terrorism policies. I'm up to the fight against Leland, and I haven't seen her yet. I had a romance with her, had her at 10 Friendship level and gave her the Halbech files.

alpha protocol mina ending a relationship

Leland said she was in the building, but I never saw her User Info: Zetgob Zetgob 8 years ago 9 My ending was very similar to yours. I chose the bombs over Madison, so it was the Madison Act in honor of her.

Albatross was dead for me, so I went with Heck. Before the mission began I got help from Shaheed, as well as Scarlet. During mission Mina died, and while I found out about Scarlet I never actually ran into her at the base.

Not sure why, but the end said she vanished and Michael couldn't contact her. I assume she is only seen if you save Mina, and otherwise dies in the boom.