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alonso massa relationship advice

Felipe Massa believes his former team mate Fernando Alonso knew of “ McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh offered Ferrari a piece of advice on how to But in his relationship with Ferrari and Alonso he's only grown a pair. Formula 1 gossip: Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso, Massa, Ricciardo Nico Rosberg will seek advice from father Keke, the world champion, remains steadfast in its view that its relationship with Honda should remain an. Formula E boss targets Fernando Alonso for shock switch to all-electric series Alonso's former Ferrari teammate, Felipe Massa, has joined.

And yet 12 months on Massa is not only still on Ferrari's driving staff but is looking a much stronger proposition than he has in some time. Stronger indeed than at any point since his harrowing accident while qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix, which resulted in a fractured skull.

Formula 1 gossip: Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso, Massa, Ricciardo

Indeed, he's started to give even the exalted Fernando Alonso across the garage a run for his money, having qualified ahead of him in the last four meetings. And you'll struggle to find people unhappy with this state of affairs, given Massa's status as one of the most popular figures in the sport. Like his countryman Rubens Barrichello, even in the hard-bitten and cynical paddock there are few who speak ill of him, and his dignity displayed in the most testing of circumstances in Interlagos in was a true mark of the man.

alonso massa relationship advice

Felipe Massa, Ferrari Photo by: XPB Images And perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised at the resurgence. As after all we all knew that there was a very good F1 driver kicking around in there somewhere. His campaign, wherein he at the end of it was world champion for 30 seconds, confirmed as much. But it cannot be denied that Felipe's trough was an extended one, and the book of suggested reasons for it is well-thumbed. Of course, no one, probably not even Massa himself, knows the exact extend that the aftermath of the head injuries sustained at the Hungaroring diminished his subsequent performances.

But further it seems that a major part of Massa's chronic woe was the psychological impact of Alonso taking over things at Ferrari off the track, as well as routing him on it.

It would be understandable if this was the case. The bonds between Massa and Ferrari were always close: His accident recovery no doubt cemented this relationship further. And having this blown asunder by the Johnny Come Lately cannot have been easy.

Massa gives Alonso an uncomfortable welcome

What, more broadly, was also no doubt difficult for Felipe to accept was that with Alonso he had to face that there was someone he was struggling to beat. OK, he had that with Michael Schumacher too, but that was different given Schumi was much older, had been there and done it and Massa's relationship with him was transparently that of master and apprentice.

He and Alonso instead were contemporaries. And Massa's career progress up until that point had been clear and regular: To spend years climbing a mountain, believing that you are close to the summit finally, only at that very point to encounter a sheer face that you cannot scale, must be a devastating experience.

And nothing succeeds like failure: And firming up the negative cycle was that Massa, more than just about any contemporary F1 front-runner, seems reliant on confidence in order to perform, and his confidence now appeared shot to pieces.

Felipe Massa, Ferrari F leaves the pits Photo by: Well, the book of suggested reasons for that is as well-thumbed as that for reasons for his struggles. His resurgence was actually more gradual last year than is often acknowledged, but in terms of results the difference between pre and post the summer break is striking: Part of it can be attributed to Ferrari's general technical improvement: But mirroring that the overarching reasons for his trough were psychological, it seems that psychology helped him get back into an upturn.

Indeed, the man himself attributes his improvement to that: You need to believe in what you can do. The consensus is that in this ilk Massa, crucially, stopped worrying about how he compared with Alonso and instead shifted his focus onto himself and how to make himself better. I've no idea if Massa sought professional help with psychology at this time, but I'd imagine that if he did then 'you can't control the other guy, you can only control yourself' would have been one of the first things said.

Perhaps also being at the point where he had nothing left to lose indeed, had Ferrari dropped him it is not at all obvious where if anywhere in F1 Massa would have ended up in a perverse way helped too. Just as a tennis player in that situation facing almost certain defeat in a match often suddenly loosens up and starts to hit winners, Massa seemed to display the freedom of the damned, forgot his burdens built up over time and start to drive to his best.

Massa x Alonso . ''Fernando is faster than you'' - 2010

What is certain is that this episode will not marr in any way the relationship I'll have with Fernando when we will be teammates. But it looks like it isn't going to be that kind of relationship and he isn't going to play that kind of game.

alonso massa relationship advice

Massa knows that Alonso is a very different beast as a team mate from Raikkonen and he knows that many people expect him to lose the inevitable psychological struggle with Alonso. McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh offered Ferrari a piece of advice on how to manage the Spaniard last week, "I'm sure as long as Fernando is winning everything will be fine. Massa is fast enough to trouble him and they both know that.

The key question; is Massa strong enough in the head? And that is what we will find out next season. Those close to him say he most definitely is. What's intriguing about Massa's comments here is that he wants to show Alonso from the outset that he is no pushover and he has no qualms about probing Alonso's weak points, such as the doubt over his involvement in the crash scandal and thus, by extension, his reputation.

Massa clarifies Alonso comments

It is easy to dismiss Massa's outburst as nothing more than an aftershock from the frustration he feels about losing the world championship because of a race whose outcome was 'fixed'.

Maybe, but there is definitely more to it than that, after all here he is implicating his new team mate in that fix; quite a tough statement at this stage and an uncomfortable welcome to Alonso. This is great stuff, I love this psychological business between drivers, it's so fundamental to the racer's instinct and is such a window on the soul. The key is to play a hard game, but without damaging your reputation.