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add relationship chart elsword

Pictures of the awesome characters you can play as. | See more ideas about Add elsword, Anime guys and Anime boys. Add (Hangul: 애드) is a descendant of a family that researched Nasods. His entire family was exterminated after being caught. Never truly hated Elsword for having too many characters until I started working on *looks at Add and Ciel describe eachother* . >taking a comedy shot for a costume set as a supreme declaration of character relations.

Blazing Heart's passive Blooming Flame lets her negate a status effect inflicted on her and turns it into a pick-up item that can buff either her or her ally. The downside is that there's a cooldown after each negation effect.

List of Elsword classes and characters

Among the Set Bonus effects of the Hamel Secret Dungeon equipment set is negating all status ailments you may have when you enter Awakening Mode.

The few antidote items in the game hardly sees any use because the debuffs that they cure rarely have a significant effect on players. And even if they do, using a Healing Potion or eating food is often the more favorable option. Many items have different caps in your item storage.

Like how you can only hold Emergency Energy Tank in one slot or a certain crafting item in a slot. If you don't expand your item slots, managing your items will be harder. There are also the "temporary" items most notably the promotional costumes that you can only hold for a certain amount of time, ranging from a day to a month. There's a stamina gauge which slowly decreases after every dungeon play, pretty much placing a limiting on how much experience you can gain a day.

However, events which give you unlimited stamina are fairly common, and happen every weekend on the North American server. Also the level cap put for the characters are actually pretty low when compared to most RPGs, and that late-game dungeons will tend to be more than a match for the characters even when they're on their max level.

The Hot Springs areas encourage taking breaks by providing a buff for standing in them for a while and letting the character gain EXP for how much they've accrued in a day. During the game's backstory, each apocalyptic event that occured made people realize their mistakes and work with each other for the better.

The April Fool's joke has the characters works as maid and butlers for Edel.

The twist is the characters are Crossdressers. The joke is temporarily changing the game UI into dating sim-like theme. Numerous in Hamel dungeons. The Sander region has a distinct Arabian imagery on it.

You can only play with 4 people at maximum in a dungeon. One for each region. The Ruben region has Banthus, the bandit who steals the town's El Stone and is the Starter Villain who kicks off the plot. He is the main focus of the story until he is dispatched for good halfway through Elder. He is the Big Bad until the second-half of the Bethma arc where he and his airship were shot down by the Black Crow Raven's airship led by the Nasods. The Bethma region primarily the first-half has Kayak the Shaman, an Evil Sorcerer who brainwashes the lizard folk into starting a civil war against the region's inhabitants.

The Feita region has Berthe, a demon guarding the gate at the top of the spire which is where all the demons in the region are coming from.

add relationship chart elsword

The Velder region has Chloe, a dark elf who is in command of the demon army attacking the city and summons Dark Nephilim to attack the El Party. The Sander region has Karis the Succubus Queena demon who revives the Eldritch Abomination Behemoth and was the one responsible for hypnotizing the Trocks.

Raven can shoot fireballs from his Nasod arm and the Weapon Taker job path enables Gatling Good as one of his special active. Armor and Magic Don't Mix: If we're talking about the playable characters, it'd be zig-zagged. The first thing Eve does upon being reactivated is slap Elsword in the face. It's also used as a move in one of Eve's combos - said slap turns the enemy's back against her, which makes it useful for shield-wielding enemies.

In Altera, there is a group of Mooks and Bosses under the category "Alterasia" - plant-like parasites that can take over powered-down machines through their spores. Not just that, but a collectable drop item from the dungeons is Alterasia Seeds. Seeds and spores cannot be used by the same plant. With the socket revamp in KR, the ability to recycle Raven's and Eve's cores is a socketable stat that is fully supported by the system. The Icy Hedgehog pet's baby form has become something of a Breakout Character within the community, in part thanks to a "Breadlord" meme due to its resemblance to Ciel.

The baby hedgehog is now something of an unofficial mascot for the game, alongside phorus, and hosts in-game events there's even in-game costumes featuring the pet. Attack Its Weak Point: The Nasod King's Core. Ditto with Ignis and Leviathan's shield generators. Downplayed with the Plant Overlords - attacking their roots still do damage, but attacking their "heads" will do full damage.

After an update for the PVP system, the and MP-tiered skills for the PVP see above have their damage reduced, making them this trope except for a few, especially the Super Mode ones. Upon advancing to a new job you'll be rewarded with said job's special costumes that will give you high stats and a number of beneficial effects, but they only last for 15 days. You'll also get a free B-Slot for 15 and 30 days, for the first and second job change respectively.

Same goes for the Experience Booster and the additional skill points you can purchase from Item Mall or, for the latter, exchanging rare items from an NPC. As well as the Mana Necklace which gives you more mana from attacks if you get it from Camilla's quest they last for 30 daysbut in the Item Mall you can purchase a permanent version of it.

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King Nasod and Enraged Karis only attack you from the background. Every character gets one once you begin the game, showing why they're on their quest. A few accessories come in form of capes. Elsword is shown to have these about his sister in the Eltype comic serialization. Void Princess, Aisha's job advancement from Dark Mage. Over Taker, Raven's first job change on the Reckless Fist path. Also Rose's Tempest Burster form.

The boss of Elder's secret dungeon, Nasod Inspector, can put up a barrier of either physical or magical defense. Attacks of the associated Damage Typing will have its power reduced significantly, forcing you to either be versatile with your attack types or, if available, use Anti-Armor or Armor-Piercing Attack. The Lady of El was this, to secure the power of the giant El Stone. There are also the 6 El Masters that acts as her aides.

Much later on, in the present day, the El Priestesses are also this for the respective elemental El Stones. Battle Amongst the Flames: The Ancient Bone Dragon boss battle has the surroundings of the arena covered in flames. Later, the arena itself can be covered in flames when the dragon flies and breathes a carpet of fire on it. Eve's Hyper Active, Code: Thunderbolt adds Ferdinand to the list.

Ciel, though he has a distaste for being called Lu's "butler" this changes in his Royal Guard job path Battleship Raid: Beat the Curse Out of Him: Some bosses are under mind control which you have to dispel by beating them. Helputt in Hamel and Chief Karu in Sander. Subverted with Ran who instead runs away after being defeated. There's the rare bee enemies in Elder and their robotic variant in Bethma.

The Ponggo race dwells beneath the soils of Altera. Some stages of said region also take place underground. Beware the Nice Ones: Rena is shown to be very calm, kind, and understanding, but if you make her angry she really gets angry.

Chung, too, once he gets in his "Berserk" mode. Chung's cannon, the Destroyer, is as big as himself. Sometimes when you picked up a special potion in the dungeons and PVP, you'll get this instead. It makes you run slower and jump less high.

Certain fancy costumes can definitely turn male characters to this.

add relationship chart elsword

Overall, one of the best examples would be the Waltz of the Flowers costumes. The third raid boss excluding the event-exclusive TedPerkisas, hits this hard in the third phase, transforming from a hulking red dragon to a handsome man with horns, wings and a very short jacket. One of Aisha's possible job change - Dark Mage - practices this. In the English version, Raven introduces himself by saying "I'm the quickest of them all. His Blade Master path works towards this with an attack speed boosting passive, but still has to compete with all of Ara's classes and Wind Sneaker.

Some of the costumes will make you look very bling-y. Currently there are seven of them, waiting for player at the end of secret dungeons. Alterasia Type-H gets special mention for being endlessly infuriating due to a fight essentially rigged against you. There's also Steel Watcher Eltrion, whose boss area can only be accessed from the Fields and is only open periodically. It's a gigantic Ro Beast who has 99 bars of HP and devastating area-clearing attacks.

Normally, the battle was rigged so that, even though the game allows 12 players to be in the fight at any given time, Eltrion would still be a Marathon Boss. There have even been reports of the best players in the server getting matched together and killing him in less than 2 minutes. After an update, there's also Drabaki, a gigantic Creepy Centipedes that sometimes will appear in place of Eltrion. The secret dungeons, as above. Entering them would require drop-only items, and inside, the mooks are all souped-up versions of the ones in the normal dungeons, many dangerous obstacles, and finally the bosses that will really test your skills.

Also the Heroic Dungeons, which is basically a beefed-up version of regular dungeons. Especially so in the Wind Sneaker class advancement path.

In fact she's the first girl character to have stronger physical attack stat the girls before her emphasized their magical attack more. Exemplified in her Asura class, which dresses the most to show them off and is the most vicious and direct of her classes in terms of melee combat. Rose's Storm Trooper also counts, being the toughest among Rose's classes. To some extent, Dimension Witch and Grand Master Aisha and Elesis' "physical" classes respectively has their assets noticeably grow.

A few boss are pretty talkative when they fight, such as Victor and Giant Waldo. Boss in Mook Clothing: Normal enemies, which are basically slightly stronger versions of enemies from the normal dungeons of the city, and "Commander" enemies, which, as the developers themselves described, "were designed to be minibosses in their own right".

Stupidly enough, Commanders are actually more dangerous than a few minibosses, due to ridiculously high damage, almost infinite Super Armor and a ridiculously large health pool. Some enemies - like the Commander Shadow Master - can instantly kill even the tankiest players.

Also coupled with Fake Difficulty because after the revamp, what enemies are what is completely random, and even what enemies spawn is completely random, so you might either end up with an almost harmless enemy becoming a Commander, which is easy enough to deal with, or you can turn a projectile-immune, ranged-damage, or even a multi-hit enemy into a Commander.

Multi-hitters are the most dangerous: Pretty much every enemy attack that is multi-hit also deals damage in an area, combine that with the insane damage boost Commanders have There's also special randomly chosen monsters appearing in Heroic Dungeon which can teleport being players and has elixir auras that can easily kill players when not killed quickly, especially if the player has low elemental resistance.

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Killing the monster will guarantee the dungeon drop and will transfer its elixir aura to the players. The special dungeon "Henir's Time and Space" is essentially this. Every boss have one before the boss fight starts.

add relationship chart elsword

Feita dungeons onward have these. When you fall in there, you'll merely lose a bit of HP, and it'll never outright kill you merely bringing your HP to 1. However, when a Mook falls in there, they'll die instantly.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Bow and Sword, in Accord: Some titles, namely Henir's Absolute Power and Henir's Transcender especially the latterare usually gotten when your character is at its maximum power. Some of the bosses are actually under influence to fight you and you have to beat them to submission to cure it. Elesis's Strong Iron Body skill buffs her damage output, which lasts until she's hit.

However, if she's hit, she'll become Immune to Flinching instead. All equipment has a durability percentage that decreases the more you get whooped on. You can get it repaired at equipment shops. Inverted - when you attack some of the bosses or sometimes, certain mooks enough times, they will become Immune to Flinching and start attacking back. Sometimes they may also force you to get knocked down when it happens without doing any damage. Bribing Your Way to Victory: To gain extra slot stats which improves your character's performance, you have to buy avatar sets, which cost a hefty amount of cash.

Or, if you prefer to be even better, buy Ice Burners, which is like gambling, to get special avatar sets that are even better than cash avatar sets. This also applies to unlocking the second skill slot, where you have to complete a certain quest to gain it.

Also the consumable item slots, and inventory slots. There are skill notes that can enhance certain skills exclusively in the cash shop, but are quite inexpensive for some of the effects they have. Despite this, the game has very little difference between paying users and free users, thanks to the Player Market. The Transcendence, 3rd Job quests and their respective skill quests are sadly grindy and resource-consuming and the most practical approach to them to buy them using real money.

Although in certain events, free Transcendence unlock items are given away to players. Feita and the dungeons within are actually just one giant shrine. Elrianode dungeonDebrian Laboratory, serves as a large one toAltera Core. Both levels are structured around descending though a Nasod facility to fight a giant boss in a curved room that largely attacks from the background. With a few exceptions, Special Active attacks all begin with the character calling their attack.

Some monsters may drop Monster Cards that you can use to summon said monster as your ally for 3 minutes. Cast from Experience Points: Lu was once a powerful demon, but she got sealed by other demons. In order to escape, she used most of her energy - and succeeded - but she turned into a little girl as a result. The early part is about allocating skill points, practicing your play style and leveling up.

However, the game gets less forgiving as you go, and you eventually need to focus on crafting powerful equipment and socketing them with the correct stats. Except in Japan where Elsword is renamed "Els".

add relationship chart elsword

Anudran - Wind Priestess. She was kidnapped by Kelaino under Karis' command and is released after player defeated True Karis. Artea - Earth Priestess. She was kidnapped by betrayer Ignia and is released after player defeated Ignia in dungeon Gloria - Light Priestess.

She was kidnapped by Sdeeing and is released after player defeated Sdeeing. Darkmoon - Dark Priestess. Each of them have the same fight mode even model and voices as some of classes in Elsword, with some benefit only them can have.

All Epic NPCs also have great natural mana regeneration; they can spam skills and only can be stopped with the skill's cooldown. Noah is called "The Princess of Ice", due to her phobia to fire and only learned ice and water elemental skills. Shadow Witch, Speka Void Princess - A girl who loved darkness and dark magic so much that she becomes a dark magician.

She is known as an extremely cruel and harsh witch who is very serious in battle. Developed by Apple, Q-Proto was only meant as a testing product, which is why she has no installed emotions. Nemesis, Q-Proto has infinite duration of Queen's Throne. Ancient Nasod Princess, Apple Code: Kayak the Shaman - A Lizardman conspirator who serves as a villain in Bethma. His true name is "Adam", the first advanced Nasod ever created. He returned as the gate keeper of the portal from Demon World.

Chloe - A dark elf who lead the invasion of Velder.