Where do gandalf and radagast meet

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where do gandalf and radagast meet

Radagast will either give his staff to willingly to Gandalf or Radagast . to Gandalf through Lord Elrond (or the two must have met in Rivendell). In the hobbit 2 when gandalf is in the ringwraiths tombs. He gets spooked by a bird and then all of a sudden radagast is there? and radagast seems. A no questions asked thing, and when they finally meet up Rad still has no. In the White Council met once more and, after that, Saruman began to . Initially Gandalf describes Radagast as his 'cousin', as he did in The Hobbit, but.

where do gandalf and radagast meet

It seems like PJ is putting more thought into the damn trailers than he is the movies! Andiamo P Just a quick comment….

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I was thinking about this further so I decided to do a quick youtube search. Andiamo P I noticed this as well.

where do gandalf and radagast meet

People keep telling me Dwalin was fighting Bolg in the flashback during AUJ, but I call BS on that, and I think we have to consider the fact that this could just be some really sloppy moving making.

I mean, we all saw Thorin lose his sword at the end of AUJ…. You may be right about the filmmakers making last second decisions on each film in the editing room, that mess with the flow of the story! So hopefully, something else will happen that will explain everything, and still keep him alive or possibly leave it open to interpretation.

where do gandalf and radagast meet

In the Fellowship of the Ring, Saruman sends Radagast unaware the he has turned to evil to give Gandalf a message and tell him to come immediately to Orthanc because the Nine Nazgul are once more abroad. It is Radagast who sends the Eagle to Orthanc and saves Gandalf. During the Council of Elrond, Gandalf relates the story of how he went to Orthanc and was there betrayed by Saruman.

The Curious Case of Radagast the Brown

On his way to Isengard, he encounters Radagast who delivers him a message. The Brown wizard may come across as slightly absent-minded and definitely not interested anymore in his original purpose — unlike Gandalf.

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Clearly Radagast was an important element in the gathering of information through the natural world; and he still was a Maia after all.

Furthermore, Gandalf says once more about him that: It is therefore a strong possibility that thanks to Radagast, Gwaihir came to the rescue of Gandalf in Orthanc; and may have also contributed to the arrival of the Eagles during the Battle of the Morannon at the Black Gates of Mordor.

Radagast, it seems, was indispensable after all.

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We also learn that Radagast was not much of a wanderer: In Dol Guldur he encounters the spirit of the Witch-king of Angmaras well as the shadow of the Necromancer himself, and escapes with the Morgul blade taken from the Witch-king. Radagast's means of transportation is a sled pulled by enormous rabbits called "Rhosgobel rabbits"a concept entirely original to the movie. Radagast meets Gandalf, Bilboand the Dwarves en route to Erebor but in Rhudaurtells them of his discovery in Dol Guldur, and gives Gandalf the dagger to present before the White Council.

When Thorin's Company are attacked by Orcs riding WargsRadagast mounts his sled and provides a distraction, leading the enemy on a chase while Gandalf and the others escape. Later, Saruman makes contemptuous remarks about Radagast during a meeting with Gandalf, Elrondand Galadriel. He accuses the Brown Wizard of indulging in mushrooms, and dismisses Radagast's claim about the Necromancer being a true threat.

where do gandalf and radagast meet

The Desolation of SmaugRadagast appears with Gandalf in a few scenes. Gandalf bids Radagast to go and tell Galadriel of all they find, and that the White Council must make a pre-emptive move on Dol Guldur. A worried Radagast watches as Gandalf enters Dol Guldur. Inside the ruins, Gandalf confronts the Necromancer and finds that he is indeed Sauron, just as Radagast had thought.

where do gandalf and radagast meet