Relationship between uk and russia

Bilateral relations

relationship between uk and russia

In the light of the Skripal case, and Syria, cooperation is more vital than ever. Relations between Russia and the UK have taken a hard knock. RUSSO-BRITISH BILATERAL RELATIONS. The Relations between Russia and the United Kingdom historically have never been simple. In recent years, our. of the UK as the most irreconcilable antagonist of Vladimir Putin's Russia. Relations between Russia and the UK are among the most antagonistic in the.

As to the open hearings, they served to release hysterical rhetoric of selected witnesses, including anonymous and "professional" critics of Russia and defectors. The use of these methods in investigation provides sufficient grounds to question the objectivity and impartiality of the verdict.

The Russian Investigative Committee terminated its participation in the "public inquiry" for the sole reason that the inquiry was non-transparent and the ultimate politicisation of legal action taken. These fears have been proved true. We consider the Litvinenko case and the way it was disposed of a blatant provocation of the British authorities.

relationship between uk and russia

The Russian side will never accept anything arrived at in secret and based on the evidence not tested in an open court of law. We view the whole situation as an attempt to put additional pressure on Russia in connection with existing differences over a number of international issues.

For us it is absolutely unacceptable that the report concludes that the Russian state was in any way involved in the death of Mr Litvinenko on British soil. In the absence of full information and all the facts, as well as of the very adversary scrutiny of the evidence, with official allegations on the Russian state's involvement over a number of years, there cannot be too much openness and transparency in this case.

Only truth and due process could help overcome this artificial irritant in Russo-British relationship. It goes without saying that we deeply deplore the way the British government chose to dispose of this case, i. And, of course, it cannot help harming further our bilateral relationship in a serious way. At the same time, the UK authorities do not rush as regards execution of the Prosecutor-General's Office's requests for extradition of Russian citizens, who are under criminal investigation in Russia currently - more than 40 requestsmainly for economic crimes.

As a result, the picture of our bilateral relations is reduced to a sort of mini-agenda consisting of minor technical matters, primarily visa issues. One of a few bright pages in our relationship is the systematic work of the Embassy on presentation of the Ushakov medals to British veterans of the Arctic Convoys.

All in all British veterans were awarded the Ushakov medal.

relationship between uk and russia

Despite the reluctance of official London to approach the issue of normalization of bilateral relations with Russia in a constructive way, representatives of the British Parliament have been steadily expressing willingness to develop contacts with their Russian counter-partners. In addition, the Russian Embassy in London prepared its submission to the Foreign Affairs Committee, where official Russian position on the current state of the bilateral Russo-British relationship is comprehensively stated its full text can be found at the official website of the UK Parliament: Hopefully, this decision will help to restore invaluable parliamentary contacts between our countries, which might contribute to the development of bilateral relations as a whole.

Inter-regional links were, too, significantly affected by complications in our political relations.

relationship between uk and russia

The number of official visits at this level has been sharply reduced. Dialogue is mainly sustained through expert community and civil society. Within this context, people-to-people contacts, related primarily to cooperation between the Russian and British regions, including the Twin Cities, gained special significance. Thus, there was a successful visit of the delegation of the Government of Volgograd to Coventry in late As a result, the parties reached an agreement on development of economic, cultural and educational ties between the two cities.

Russia and the UK -

In July the delegation of the Government of Moscow visited London to discuss the issues of development of the transport systems of the two cities. Plans for other areas of joint work were discussed.

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Contacts in the area of cultural cooperation, especially within the framework of the Year of Culture, held at our initiative inmade a positive contribution to our overall bilateral relationship. Its programme counted around events. The success of these events confirmed that the British public and cultural community is ready for a direct and unbiased dialogue despite the prevailing political conjecture. The "Cosmonauts" exhibition, hosted by the Science Museum of London has become a new highlight in our scientific and cultural cooperation with the British side.

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Events within the framework of the Year of Languages and Literature in will also contribute to the development of our cultural ties. The exhibition "Russia and the Arts. The age of Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky" in the National Portrait Gallery, which has been a great success, gave the British public an opportunity to see masterpieces on loan from the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

Some of them have never been shown outside Russia before. Russia refused, stating their constitution does not allow extradition of their citizens to foreign countries. As a result of this, the United Kingdom expelled four Russian diplomats, shortly followed by Russia expelling four British diplomats.

relationship between uk and russia

Kremlin officials called it a "disturbing moment" in Anglo-Russian relations. Berezovsky remained a wanted man in Russia until his death in March ; having been accused of embezzlement and money laundering. These patrols neared British airspace, requiring RAF fighter jets to " scramble " and intercept them.

Eventually, work was suspended at the offices, with the council citing "intimidation" by the Russian authorities as the reason. She was forced to reassure concerned Members of Parliament that her decision had been made only on legal grounds, and that diplomatic and foreign policy questions had played no part.

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Baird's determination of the case was however endorsed by the Attorney-General Baroness Patricia Scotland. It attracted much criticism. However, questions continue to be raised that Baird's decision was designed not to offend the Putin government in Russia.

relationship between uk and russia

In NovemberDavid Miliband visited Russia and described the state of relations between the two countries as "respectful disagreement".