Relationship between supply and demand in the business environment

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relationship between supply and demand in the business environment

A business owner must always be thinking in terms of supply and demand. He holds a Bachelor of Science in environmental legal studies from Missouri State. The relationship between demand and supply underlie the forces behind the there is a climate change, and the population will need umbrellas year-round, the . of the business environment: market environment and between supply and demand as well as their relations to the other functional elements.

On the other hand, if the dolls can be bought on every street corner in town, then an ample supply of dolls exist for the consumer to purchase.

Demand Demand defines the willingness of consumers to purchase a particular good or service. If a Robbie doll came to market and only a few consumers purchased it, the doll has very little demand. But, if the doll came to market and every store had people waiting in line to buy it, the doll has high demand.

Supply and Demand The principle of supply and demand states that when a particular good or service has limited supply and increased demand, the price of the good or service increases. Conversely, when a particular good or service has an abundant supply and little demand, the price of the good or service decreases.

Economic Impact When Federal Reserve policy increases the available money supply, consumers react and spend more. This creates increased demand for goods and services. Companies respond and increase production to meet the increased demand.

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Initially, that creates lower prices in the market because an adequate supply of products exists. But when this cycle continues too long, companies reach their production capacity and can no longer meet the demand.

For example in relation to expand their business in Asia Singapore can be considered as possible future market. Resources that impact the business in 21st century As I have discussed earlier that there are too many factors that influence the business in different ways.

PEST analysis is the common factor to evaluate the business assessment and influence decision making.

relationship between supply and demand in the business environment

In order to check the profitability of the selected market, PEST analysis can be used to evaluate. It is, basically, the scrutiny of political, social, structural and technological stimuli of the company. On the word of GriffithsIt is also consideration of the market which influences the profitability of the market in macro environment.

PEST analysis is also considering all the factors which relate to the growth and decline of the market. It helps to understand the potential introduction of the business and is also beneficial when planning market activities. The analysis is being done according to the political point of view.

It also covers the point related to the ruling party, rules and regulations and the stability of the Government and laws which must be taken into consideration when entering the Singapore market. In their point of view to make politicians corruption free, their salaries must be high. In Singapore Government politicians salaries are higher than rest of the world. Another important factor to be taken for the future market of TESCO in Singapore is to know the restrictions about foreign investment.

For this purpose TESCO has to get all the knowledge about their laws and regulation for the purpose of expanding their business in Singapore. The New York Times, ii Economic analysis: This section is about gathering the information according to the economical point of view.

In this area you can find out the interest rates, foreign direct investment, and sales of the retail market. In short it is all about the economic condition of the country in which you are going to operate your business. The act of commercial institution must come below this heading.

Singapore has very high capital per income so people can easily afford to go to the market and spend money in the TESCO or in other retail stores. An important factor to look at the economic condition of the country is to check previous year sales index in supermarket.

Sales in supermarket are increased in Singapore from 7. One other factor is social factor. It is about the people living there. What is the thinking of the people? As stated by Craig and CampbellIt is the adjustments in the demography profile of country such as weak origin rate are gender balance of working age people. In Singapore there is diversification of people, diversified culture and religion which makes it probably open minded country to new influences. So it will be easy for TESCO to invest in this country for the expansion and growth of their business with proper planning and marketing.

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If we consider the other factors about the living standards, Singapore has the population of approximately 5 million. Salaries are high to meet the daily basis expenses.

The most the educated people in the company, the more encouragement on the growth of the company. In line with Henrythe quick rate of change of vision has changed the dynamics of industries such as investment, business services, and insurance.

How Supply and Demand Impacts Decisions in Business

According to an analysis, Singapore is the most successful in the race of innovation and advancement. This is the advantage to TESCO to exploit self-checking out and electronic shelf labelling in its merchandising in Singapore. Singapore has more than 4 million users of internet. These factors involve and have effect of both, externally and internally.

In legal analysis companies have to follow all the rules according to the countries legislation. There are certain legal policies which effect the business environment and the companies have to maintain their businesses according to these laws.

relationship between supply and demand in the business environment

These laws include for example, consumer laws, safety laws and labour laws etc. Henry, Singapore parliament has just passed the Lemon law; passing of Lemon law will not only benefit retailer or consumers but boost Singapore retail industry in the long run too.

Lemon law is all about the sales act. This is the benefit for TESCO to open their business in Singapore because their retail industry will be boosting in long run.

This analysis includes factors that influence or determined by the surrounding environment. This includes tourism, farming, agriculture etc. According to IMD word competitiveness year book, declares the Singapore is the finest Asian country to work because of its climate and environment policies. So this is also beneficial for TESCO to run their business in one of the finest country in Asia for the expansion of their business.

How Is Supply & Demand Relevant to Business? |

If we look at the political impacts in Singapore, is developing and rules and regulation are stable. In Singapore people have money to spend, their living standards are good. Interest rate is low to borrow the money from local financial institution.