Relationship between sheep and shepherd

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relationship between sheep and shepherd

I have often heard that sheep are among the simplest of livestock. the good shepherd to teach his followers about the relationship offered and. Sheep are mentioned in the Bible more than times, more than any The Bible describes close relationships between shepherds and their. A shepherd may have to look after as many as animals, Most shepherds take care of sheep, although they may be responsible for goats as well. of Sheepherders · California Department of Industrial Relations.

Readers of the day would have understood this to be a promise of extravagant blessings from the good shepherd. The Shepherd of Psalm 23 not only provides for the needs of the sheep, He provides them with abundant blessings, beyond what they could expect. A good shepherd strengthens the weak, heals the sick, binds up the broken, searches for lost sheep, delivers the captive sheep, gathers the dispersed sheep, and feeds the hungry sheep vv.

A good shepherd puts the welfare of the sheep above his own well-being. Probably the most famous passage is the 23rd Psalm, but there are many other references as well.

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When the children of Israel left Egypt, they were totally dependent on the Lord. When He moved, they moved. When He stood still, they stayed camped. By day, He led them with a cloud and by night with a pillar of fire.

God provided their daily food, the miracle food manna. He provided water in the wilderness. He protected them from Pharaoh and his armies and subsequent armies who attacked them. The Bible says that He even took care of the details of their lives.

That is truly a miracle of provision. Imagine yourself in their situation. They had only the possessions they could carry.

relationship between sheep and shepherd

They had no transportation. They had left behind the only homes they had ever known, their occupations, and their livelihood. They could not even provide their most basic needs of food, water, and shelter. The children of Israel were totally vulnerable. When you read the biblical accounts, you see how they struggled with this total reliance on the Lord.

Often, we find them complaining to Moses. Even so, God was leading them, providing for them, and protecting them. Other Scriptures show that God continues to act as a shepherd. Passages which speak of the return of the Jewish people to Israel from the lands of their dispersion, which is happening in our own times, speak of the Lord bringing them back and caring for them as a shepherd.

Responsibilities of Sheep As far as I can see, there are three main responsibilities of sheep. They must know the shepherd, recognize his voice, and follow him. However, the biblical idea of knowing God has a much deeper level, an intimate knowledge that comes from spending time with Him. Intimate relationships between husband and wife are described using this word, as: Theoretical knowledge is not enough. We must know God with our heart, not just our mind. I grew up in a Christian home with parents who loved God and the Bible.

They instilled the Word in us.

relationship between sheep and shepherd

I had a good knowledge base of the Bible. In fact, at age eight, I read the Bible through for the first time. But the knowledge alone was not enough. I needed a personal relationship with the Lord.

That requires spending time with the Shepherd and really getting to know Him, through prayer, worship, and times reading the Bible and meditating on it. Recognizing the Voice of the Shepherd As we spend time with the Lord, we learn to recognize when He is speaking. Yeshua said that sheep recognize the voice of their shepherd. To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.

And when he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. Following the Shepherd It is possible to know the Shepherd, recognize His voice, and still choose not to follow Him. But, following is the most crucial part for the sheep. He will be isolated from the flock and vulnerable to the attacks of wild animals, as well as the elements.

He will not know where to find provision. Only the one who follows the shepherd enjoys all the benefits he provides. In order to follow, we must keep our ears tuned for the voice of the shepherd and keep our eyes on the shepherd. When He moves, those who are attentive to His voice and movements will immediately move with Him and enjoy the provision, protection, and safety He provides.

Moses and King David. God called both of these men to become great leaders in Israel while they were occupied as shepherds. It was on the lonely, barren hilltops that they learned to be leaders.

In solitude, they learned the lessons of listening to and communing with God. They learned to be ready to deal with any threat or problem that endangered the flock. David cited some of these abilities when talking Saul into letting him fight Goliath. Your servant has killed both lion and bear; and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, seeing he has defied the armies of the living God.

David had the courage to go after the lion and the bear. He cared enough about the sheep to put his own life in danger. All the while, he knew that God was the One who delivered him as he stepped out in faith to deal with the perils that came his way. Moses was a leader appointed by God to lead the children of Israel. Moses did not lead with arrogance but instead recognized that he was totally reliant on the leadership of the Lord. God puts leaders in place to shepherd His people.

A wise leader recognizes the responsibilities, is faithful to act, but recognizes that his strength comes from the Lord. As the wise leader follows the Good Shepherd, he or she finds success, safety, and provision. In reading the accounts of the kings of Judah and Israel, I am struck by how a king was judged as good or evil in the sight of the Lord. It really all boils down to one thing. Like rebellious sheep, they went their own way. I have been a follower, and I am now a leader.

Or you could say that I have been a sheep and am now a shepherd. I have learned that leadership is not for the weak, lazy, or unsure. Leadership requires courage, faithfulness, faith, energy, compassion, and the ability to make decisions.

There are always sheep in need of care and feeding. God demands that the shepherd put the needs of the sheep before their own needs. The weak, sick, lost, and displaced sheep must be nurtured, doctored, found, and restored. He might even bring along part of his family to help scout out the terrain.

This job had to be done meticulously, going over acres and acres of grassland to be assured that it would be safe when the sheep were brought to that tableland.

Another part of that verse in Psalm 23 references being in the presence of enemies.

Jesus The Great Shepherd! Differance Between Sheep/Goats

He has to be ready for them. He has to be prepared. Phillip Keller brought out that it is a good idea for us to stay close to Christ. Wolves and other animals will not mess with the shepherd; they are just interested in the sheep. So sheep are the most protected when they stay close to the shepherd.

It is the same with us; the closer we stay to the Shepherd, the safer we are. Come to where the Shepherd is. Move into that territory in your home. Pray that we might be alert to the Shepherd, that we might recognize the voice of the Shepherd, and that we might tune out any other strange and unusual voices—voices that we do not want to identify with, that could lead us into danger.

Speaking of voices, you may recall the incident with Balaam in the Old Testament.

relationship between sheep and shepherd

As Balaam rode on his ass, on his way to Moab, his animal saw the angel of the Lord with the sword in his hand. The ass fell down underneath Balaam. Balaam proceeded to have a conversation with his ass, just as you and I would do if we were talking back and forth. I have often thought about that. That was a strange conversation! The problem was that Balaam could not hear the Voice of God, so the ass was given a voice to get his attention.

I do not want to get that low, do you? I want to be able to hear the Voice of the Good Shepherd. I think all of us do. It is wisdom to walk close to the Good Shepherd. That is where we want to be. In 2 Corinthians He went on to say: It does not mean that the sheep are strong in themselves, but that the relationship between the Good Shepherd and the sheep is strong.

When we recognize how weak we are, we become aware how needful it is that we depend completely upon the Good Shepherd. We are vulnerable, but He is strong, and that makes the difference. When sheep are left to their own devices, they will destroy pasture. It requires the maintenance manager skills of the shepherd to take them into new pastures, to pay close attention to them at all times, and to be aware of their needs. Some of the sheep will wander to areas where the grass is not so good.

relationship between sheep and shepherd

They may break through the fence and end up on the other side, on their own, in an unfamiliar area. It may seem restrictive, but it is safe.

The Good Shepherd knows what is on the other side of the fence and that it is not beneficial to us, nor for His plan for our lives. It may take us some time to figure that out, but we always do best when we obey the Shepherd.

We did not have sheep at the farm where I worked as a young fellow, but sometimes the cattle would mess up the barbed-wire fence. They would push and push on the fence. There was plenty of grass where they were, but they liked to push on the fence. The cattle would lean way over it and reach down and get the grass that was on the other side of the fence.

Sheep do that too. And as human beings, we are so much like that! Give us a boundary and we push against it or reach across the edge. When we cannot go there, that is where we want to go. It is the adventuresome spirit in man that gives him the desire to reach out to take some risks that otherwise would not be taken. However we had better stay away from those risks through prayer and commitment to God.

We must always be sure that God would sanction the territory that we are stepping into. Another fact about sheep is that the only way they can lie down and be calm is if there is a good relationship with the shepherd.

A good shepherd also helps the sheep get along with one another. With hundreds and hundreds of sheep there could be problems with getting along, but the presence of the good shepherd makes a difference. We have a big advantage, do we not, over sheep? We have a brain that is much more advanced than that of sheep. We have the opportunity to have a right relationship with God. It is an amazing thing. We have a great advantage.

In Psalm 23 we read of His rod and staff comforting us. The staff of a shepherd would be made out of wood and would be meticulously worked on until it pleased the shepherd. This is because he would be spending a lot of time with that staff.

It had a real purpose in the management of sheep. It was not used for hitting the sheep, but for guiding and directing them. We can picture the good shepherd using it with compassion, long-suffering, and kindness for the sheep. The staff is also symbolic of the Spirit of God, and can be summarized in one word: We will conclude with a look at the lost sheep.

What Are the Duties of a Shepherd?

And if so be that he find it, verily I say unto you, he rejoiceth more of that sheep, than of the ninety and nine which went not astray. Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish. If we are one of those ninety-nine sheep who are safe, that is wonderful. But the interest that Jesus references here is to the one that is outside of the fold. Mathematically, in a ratio of one to ninety-nine, one is not very significant.