Relationship between planning commission and national development council

National Development Council and Planning Process in India

relationship between planning commission and national development council

The number of full-time members could be fewer than Planning Commission. States' role was limited to the National Development Council and annual. The National Development Council plays a vital role in the process of. Indian Planning It may be mentioned that between. and for . directs the Planning Commission to prepare the Tenth Plan on the basis of the approach that. The NDC comprised the prime minister, between the Commission's.

Determining the state level five year plans for the Twelfth Plan period early and set targets for growth and other social indicators.

They need to be built into consistent national targets for the Twelfth Plan. Create an economic environment that would support the efforts of farmers and entrepreneurs. It will determine much of the outcome in terms of the flow of investment to the State, and the growth of both output and employment.

Objectives and Functions of National Development Council (NDC)

Mobilization and allocation of resources for the Plan. Since inclusive growth depends on the development of rural and urban infrastructure, provision of health services extension of education and skill development, adequate provisioning shall be done for these sectors. That requires raising of the ratio of tax revenues to GDP, and cut untargeted subsidies.

States have to aim at much better revenue performance and also exercise progressive control over subsidies. Early implementation of the GST would not only raise more revenue for both the Centre and the States, it would also create a single market in the country and remove many of the distortions in the indirect tax system.

Both the Centre and the States must explore the scope for public private partnership, wherever possible to leverage limited public resources.

relationship between planning commission and national development council

Agriculture needs more attention and priority at State Government levels e. Management of energy resources will be a major challenge because rapid growth will require a significant expansion in domestic energy supplies and also a much greater focus on energy efficiency.

The viability of the power sector as a whole depends critically upon the financial viability of the distribution system. The total losses of the distribution system, if properly accounted, are probably as high as Rs 70, crores. But, history presents a very gloomy picture of this strategy.

Useful Notes on “Planning in India” (Planning Commission and National Development Council)

It has developed vested interests and created a vicious cycle. In view of severe lacunae in the process of planning and administrative performance, India embarked on strategy of Liberalization.

relationship between planning commission and national development council

The Government is contracting out of sectors hitherto taken care by it. It is opening up to market forces. Civil society and non-governmental organizations are to take care of social problems. However it does not mean the irrelevance of planning in Indian context.

The federal polity with wide regional disparity and surmounting problems demand retention of planning. Under this background following suggestions can be made i.

relationship between planning commission and national development council

Co-operative involvement and participation of central, state and local governments. Backing of each national plan by an appropriate administrative plan. Strengthening the administrative machinery through special training, broadening social base of bureaucracy, regular exchange of personnel etc. Checking bureaucratic malpractices and maladministration through jurisdiction of Tribunals and legal enactments. Strengthening grievance redressal mechanism. Including members from diverse discipline in the Planning Commission.

The reports of the committees have helped in the Implementation of plans by the Centre and the states and, have offered meaningful inputs for the formulation, implementation and evaluation of schemes and programmes. These committees analyze details for role-effectiveness of the Council.

National Development Council and Planning Process in India

The working of NDC in Nehru and post-Nehru era has invited favourable, unsympathetic and critical reactions from scholars and practitioners of Indian politics and administration. The collapse of the Congress ruled states and later the coalitional prime ministers and opposition chief ministers have totally revised the political scenario and the institutional roles of the commission and NDC are being adjusted to changing patterns of liberalized economy and regionalized federalism.

The NDC was established as a supreme administrative and advisory body on planning. It lays down policy directives invariably approved by cabinet.

Its standing committees have virtually relegated the Planning Commission to the Status of a Research Arm.

relationship between planning commission and national development council

This is surely incorrect as is clear from its composition. It is indeed to be a policy making body and its recommendations cannot but be regarded as policy decisions and not merely as advisory suggestions. Santhanam The NDC acts arbitrarily in fields which belong to other bodies. The council is incompetent both by law and by the nature of its composition to take high level national decisions.

L-69-National Development Council (NDC)-(Polity- Laxmikanth)(UPSC/ PSC/ IBPS/ SSC)- By VeeR

Jain The meetings of NDC are not held on a regular basis. Members cannot compel the Commission to call a meeting. The government only reports its decision and alternative policies are not presented.

relationship between planning commission and national development council

Decisions concerning resource allocations between Centre and states have been dominated by the view point of the Centre.