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SGRho Official Shield Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Gamma Phi Beta, Sorority. Visit . Phyl's SGR Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc University of Illinois Urbana The Black Greek Factor: Making a Difference in Our Communities. Greek Gear's Alpha Kappa Alpha ivy leaf denim shirt is a great way to show your AKA pride right on your sleeve, so order now and get cheap, fast shipping. What's deep is we find this showz a connection to Masonry and can also seen on the Boule's logo. Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi fraternities do as well. .. Sigma Gamma Rho was founded on the campus of Butler University on.

As a result, the Sorority is committed to providing education on and active support of early detection as well as research for the prevention and cure of breast, prostate, ovarian, colon and other types of cancers.

Mwanamugimu Essay Contest[ edit ] Mwanamugimu Mwah-nah-moo-gee-moo Essay Contest The Mwanamugimu Essay contest's primary goal is to provide an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge of the historical and contemporary development of Africa.

Its objectives are to provide the target population with opportunities that: Allow structured ways to learn about Africa Heighten awareness of African cultural heritage Improve writing and research skills The project title, Mwanamugimu, is a proverb from the Republic of Uganda that means "from small acorns come mighty oaks. Regional contests are also held, with winning essays announced at regional conferences.

The NEF Board of Trustees convenes annually at rotating geographical locations throughout the nation.

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Scholarships are awarded to high school students, undergraduates, and post-graduate students who can demonstrate financial need.

The Foundation's mission is based on seven foci: To be the conduit for receiving corporate and grant funding To develop strategies that promote a positive service image of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. To develop partnerships that support region initiatives To support the technology initiatives at headquarters To identify resources and strategies that will assist in eliminating the mortgage To host the Life Member Luncheon during the Boule.

Additionally, the Foundation has identified a corporate group who serve as an extension of the Seven Pearls Board. The corporate group will strengthen the board's credibility in the corporate arena. The mission is fulfilled through community services, public education, advocacy, and social science research. SPEAR's goals emphasize the development of public education and advocacy programs that will reduce poverty, and improve the quality of life for minorities, women, and children.

This c 3 organization seeks funding sources, and provides technical assistance on program management and development. SPEAR encourages CBO's to take advantage of the services SPEAR provides by informing them of the processes involved in acquiring additional funding sources and organizational linkages necessary for the transition of a successful project into an extended program.

The information provided encourages CBO's to expand current projects and facilitate additional programming that increased financial support encourages. SPEAR looks forward to fulfilling its mission to provide civic, economic, and educational progress of vulnerable families, and communities. SPEAR strives to facilitate charitable marketplace access, community innovation and improvement, and nonprofit sector experimentation. SPEAR extends full legal, corporate and financial sponsorship to the projects it supports.

These women were organized into auxiliaries that had various names until when the sorority officially approved the organized affiliate group and accepted the name of "Philo" meaning Friend as their official name. The Philos have contributed countless hours of community service and thousands of dollars to aid Sigma Gamma Rho's aim to enhance the quality of life within every community.

Young people today face challenges that could never have been imagined years ago, but such challenges provide the sorority with opportunities to carry on the vision of Little.

Rhoers are young girls organized on a local, regional and national level. The following year, another cluster of people tried their hand at organizing themselves, Sigma Pi Phi Their aim was to extend membership to professionals: When Sigma Pi Phi was founded, black professionals were not offered participation in the professional and cultural associations organized by the White community. Side note…what I love so much about our people is that we are constantly taking the bull by the horns when rejected by the masses.

What can that teach us today? They had far more to endure than we and they persevered. On December 4,a group of guys at Cornell University decided to try their hand at organizing a collegiate fellowship. After assessing the lack of return for fellow students due to their murders, the seven gentlemen saw the importance of banding together on campus to protect one another. I have to say, these were some brave men.

In the span of 3 years, they managed to pave the way for what we know today as Black Greek life and have given us opportunities that cannot be misunderstood. A couple of years later, not too far from Cornell University in Ithaca NY, a group of ladies at Howard University in Washington DC must have caught wind of what had taken place with the gentleman.

It seems the banding together concept in an effort to survive the racial tension and abuse worked well and the ladies quickly established our oldest sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. It had to have been a cold day that January 15, but the necessity of sisterhood far outweighed the weather.

This was a matter of life or death and just like their parents and grandparents, it was far more dangerous traveling alone. Even though there were only 4 founding members, they appeared pretty determined to make a name for themselves and take their cause to other Universities as quickly as they could. Being the first male organization to be founded on a historically Black University is more than notable.

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A year after the Ques came on campus, there was a little bit of discord with the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha. They appeared to be a dominant force on campus but some of the members began to express concern over a variety of issues and later decided in order to see the growth and political involvement they wanted, they would have to change their name and mission.

These sisters were not playing. Just like the Ques, they began with just a handful — 3, but that proved to be more than enough. Henry Tourner Asher, Dr.

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The founders endeavored to establish the fraternity with a strong foundation before embarking on plans of expansion. By the end of the first year, the ritual was completed, and a design for the coat of arms and motto had begun. The decision upon the name Kappa Alpha Nu may have been to honor the Alpha Kappa Nu club which began in on the Indiana University campus but had too few registrants to effect continued operation.

During this time there were very few African-American students at the majority white campus at Bloomington, Indiana and they were a small minority due to the era of the Jim Crow laws. Many African-American students rarely saw each other on campus and were discouraged or prohibited from attending student functions and extracurricular activities by white college administrators and fellow students. African-American students were denied membership on athletic teams with the exception of track and field.

The racial prejudice and discrimination encountered by the founders strengthened their bond of friendship and growing interest in starting a social group. InXi Chapter was chartered at Howard University. Inthe fraternity installed the Omicron chapter at Columbia Universityits first at an Ivy League university. The fraternity's first chapter in the South was established in at Morehouse College — Pi Chapter. Founder Elder Watson Diggs, while observing a young initiate compete in a track meet, overheard fans referring to the member as a "kappa alpha nig", and a campaign to rename the fraternity ensued.

The kappa canes were longer in the s than in later decades. In the early s, the cane was decorated with the fraternity colors. In the s the cane was shortened so brothers could "twirl" and tap the cane in the choreography with high dexterity. The process of covering the cane in the fraternal colors is considered as 'wrapping' and is done very specifically. Its reach extends to high schools and colleges alike.

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In the latter, giving due attention to the needs of undergraduate Brothers. Jesse Jerome Peters, later to become the eighth Grand Polemarchwas chairman of the committee, during the administration of W. Ellis Stewart as Grand Polemarch.