Relationship between ghost dance and wounded knee massacre quotes

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relationship between ghost dance and wounded knee massacre quotes

45 quotes from Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American were eager or even willing to join Chivington's well-planned massacre. WOUNDED KNEE MASSACRE- DECEMBER 29, The massacre of Quote from Chief Standing Bear . in the form of the Ghost Dance that led to the assassination of Sitting Bull on Dec. . The biggest surprise for me has been the frequency of stories indicating a cooperative and friendly relationship between Indians. As word of his Ghost Dance Revival spread, a Lakota delegation visited Although the story of the Wounded Knee Massacre is well-known.

Two Indians were killed, and several other wounded. Nearly federal criminal charges were filed. A Tattoo on My Heart: The Warriors of Wounded Knee tells this dramatic and emotional story in the words of those men and women who struggled for survival inside the bunkers and ravines at Wounded Knee. I believe this is a core issue of the Siege of Wounded Knee Should the law punish those who use force to defend themselves against criminal acts? What do you think? Going back to frommore people survived if they tried to escape through this tree row, because there was more tree cover.

More were massacred if they tried to escape through this tree row, because there was much less tree cover. The truth has still been tried to be slanted and concealed, even after over one century ago, because the old sign said that there were warriors.

Ghost Dance

The truth is, there were only 40 warriors the sign at the beginning of this diary records the truth of there being 40 warriors. However, I sincerely hope that reparations and forgiveness will someday become reality. For forgiveness leads to healing prayers and healing actions in my personal experience, and I believe that healing prayers and healing actions such as the Big Foot Memorial Ride can and will mend the sacred hoop. The Northern Paiute community at this time was thriving upon a subsistence pattern of fishing, hunting wild game, and foraging for pine nuts and roots such as Cyperus esculentus.

Community events centered on the observance of seasonal ceremonies such as harvests or hunting. InHawthorne Wodziwoba Paiute man, organized a series of community dances to announce a vision. He spoke of a journey to the land of the dead and of promises made to him by the souls of the recently deceased. They promised to return to their loved ones within a period of three to four years. He urged the populace to dance the common circle dance as was customary during a time of celebration.

He continued preaching this message for three years with the help of a local "weather doctor" named Tavibo, father of Jack Wilson.

relationship between ghost dance and wounded knee massacre quotes

This and other European diseases killed approximately one-tenth of the total population, [6] resulting in widespread psychological and emotional trauma. The disruption brought disorder to the economic system and society. Many families were prevented from continuing their nomadic lifestyle. Round Dance influence[ edit ] A round dance is a circular community dance held, usually around an individual who leads the ceremony.

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Round dances may be ceremonial or purely social. Usually the dancers are accompanied by a group of singers who may also play hand drums in unison. The dancers join hands to form a large circle.

relationship between ghost dance and wounded knee massacre quotes

The dancers move to their left with a side-shuffle step to reflect the long-short pattern of the drum beatbending their knees to emphasize the pattern.

During his studies of the Pacific Northwest tribes the anthropologist Leslie Spier used the term " prophet dances " to describe ceremonial round dances where the participants seek tranceexhortations and prophecy. Spier studied peoples of the Columbia plateau a region including WashingtonOregonIdahoand parts of western Montana. By the time of his studies the only dances he was allowed to witness were social dances or ones that had already incorporated Christian elements, making investigation of the round dance's origin complicated.

The Prophet[ edit ] Wovoka— Northern Paiute spiritual leader and creator of the Ghost Dance Jack Wilson, the prophet otherwise known as Wovokawas believed to have had a vision during a solar eclipse on January 1, It was reportedly not his first time experiencing a vision; but as a young adult, he claimed that he was then better equipped, spiritually, to handle this message.

The Ghost Dance and Wounded Knee

Jack had received training from an experienced holy man under his parents' guidance after they realized that he was having difficulty interpreting his previous visions. Jack was also training to be a "weather doctor", following in his father's footsteps. He was known throughout Mason Valley as a gifted and blessed young leader. Preaching a message of universal love, he often presided over circle dances, which symbolized the sun's heavenly path across the sky.

Mooney confirmed that his message matched that given to his fellow Indians. According to Mooney, Wilson's letter said he stood before God in heaven and had seen many of his ancestors engaged in their favorite pastimes, and that God showed Wilson a beautiful land filled with wild game and instructed him to return home to tell his people that they must love each other and not fight. He also stated that Jesus was being reincarnated on earth inthat the people must work, not steal or lie, and that they must not engage in the old practices of war or the traditional self-mutilation practices connected with mourning the dead.

He said that if his people abided by these rules, they would be united with their friends and family in the other world, and in God's presence, there would be no sickness, disease, or old age. Wovoka began to prophesy around Wovoka's prophecies stressed the link between righteous behavior and imminent salvation. Salvation was not to be passively awaited, but welcomed by a regime of ritual dancing and upright moral conduct.

relationship between ghost dance and wounded knee massacre quotes

Do not hurt or do harm to anyone. Do what is right, always. Treat one another justly.

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Cleanse the body often. Do not refuse to work for the whites and do not make any trouble with them. The vision itself emphasized cooperation with whites in this world and equality with them in the next.

Wovoka believed that if he complied, he and other Indians would be rewarded in the new life. Wovoka also discouraged the practice of mourning — the dead would soon be resurrected — demanding instead the performance of prayers, meditation, chanting, and especially dancing. In his thirties, Wovoka began to piece together a religion from diverse cultural and religious doctrines into what would be called the Ghost Dance religion of His first source, tribal mysticism, drew upon the Northern Paiute Wodziwob who had prophesied in He urged his followers to dance in circles, already a tradition in the Great Basin area, while singing religious songs.

Wovoka's second source, his Christian education, added the concept of a supreme being, and validation for the resurrection of natives. Drawing on the Bible, Wovoka incorporated the story of Jesus, the messiah who had come to live on earth to spread the message of peace and love to the white man, and the resurrection of believers.

God gave Wovoka a dance that was to be performed for five consecutive days.

relationship between ghost dance and wounded knee massacre quotes

His message of a new golden age was received with enthusiasm, and it spread quickly among the Great Basin and Great Plains tribes. Many tribes sent delegates to visit Wovoka, hear his message, and receive instructions for the dance.

Throughout the yearthe Ghost Dance was performed, stimulating anticipation of a return of the old ways.

relationship between ghost dance and wounded knee massacre quotes

That turn of events was all the more remarkable for three reasons: Instead, members of other nations came to Nevada to learn from him. The movement preached unity among tribes — even those that were once enemies — and a revival of Indian customs that were threatened by the civilization of European peoples. They also spoke openly about why they were dancing.

The Ghost Dance, they claimed, brought about renewal of native society and decline in the influence of the whites. The dance and ceremonial garments. The most important practice to ensure the effectiveness of the movement was the dance itself. It was unlike other Indian dances with fast steps and loud drumming. Participants joined hands and sidestepped leftward around a circle, following the course of the sun, while singing special songs about how Native American life would be restored to its former order and balance in a dance.

It would be performed for four or five days and was accompanied by singing and chanting, but no drumming or other musical instruments. In addition, both men and women participated in the dance, unlike others in which men were the main dancers, singers, and musicians. Wovoka claimed that performing the dance would result in the return of the buffalo. The ritual garments were just as important as the movement itself.

The Ghost Dance dresses and shirts, painted with magic symbols, reflected the spiritual aspects of the ceremony. Wovoka told those that had come to learn from him, "When you get home you must begin a dance and continue for five days.