Relationship between forrest and jenny

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relationship between forrest and jenny

Forrest and Jenny have very different lives – Forrest is trying to do his We know that Jenny has had a difficult childhood, so her relationship with men is clear line between both characters – Forrest is good, Jenny is bad. Jenny teaches Forrest to read, while he teaches her how to swing in the branches Forrest witnesses an argument between Wesley and Jenny in which Wesley. If you google “Jenny from Forrest Gump”, one of the top results is . Jenny's push -pull relationship with Forrest is not about indecision or an.

Forrest finally found Bubba badly wounded and managed to carry him away from the combat area before it was hit with napalm from an air strike. Sadly, Bubba died of complications from his wounds soon after; his last words were "I wanna go home. Lieutenant Dan was in the bed next to his, having lost his legs because of his injuries.

relationship between forrest and jenny

Lieutenant Dan later became angry at Forrest for cheating him out of his destiny to die in battle with honor as several of his ancestors had and rendering him crippled. When being awarded, President Lyndon B.

Johnson asked where he was hit and when Forrest told him, he whispers in his ear, asking if he'd like to see it, President Johnson simply smiles and walks away.

Shortly thereafter, Forrest went out sightseeing in Washington, D. While making a speech at the rally that was rudely cut off by a policeman, he was reunited with Jenny, who had since become a hippie. Forrest was less enamored with her new boyfriend Wesley, the president of the SDS at Berkeleyand beat him up after he saw him hit Jenny during an argument at a Black Panther Party gathering.

Forrest and Jenny stayed up all night while Jenny told Forrest of her travels. Before they went their separate ways again in the morning, Forrest gave Jenny his Medal of Honor, saying "I got it just by doing what you told me to do," since Jenny told him to just run away instead of being brave in combat.

His exceptional skills earned him a place in the All-American Ping Pong team, with whom he traveled to China during the Ping Pong Diplomacy period of the early s. Hearing Forrest talking about the Chinese having "no possessions" and "no religion" during his interview with Dick would eventually inspire John Lennon to write the song " Imagine ". Soon after, Forrest reunites and stays with Lieutenant Dan, his platoon leader from Vietnam and now using a wheelchair, over the winter holidays.

Dan has since became an alcoholic who has lost all faith in God, and was dismayed that such an "imbecile" like Forrest could earn the Medal of Honor and humiliate himself on national television. During a New Year's Eve celebration inForrest persuades Lieutenant Dan to join him in the shrimping business as his first mate, in an effort to fulfill his promise made to Bubba earlier in Vietnam.

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Dan later invites two prostitutes, Carla and Lenore, to his New Year's Day party, both of whom he eventually kicked out of his apartment for insulting Forrest when Forrest rejected their advances. Forrest apologizes to Dan for ruining his party, who replied by simply wishing Forrest Happy New Year.

That night, Forrest was awakened by a group of people with flashlights breaking into an unlit office. Mistaking it for a power outage, Forrest calls security guard Frank Wills to inform him about the break-in, inadvertently initiating the Watergate Scandal and leading to Richard Nixon's resignation in August In that same year, Forrest was honorably discharged from the Army with the rank of Sergeant.

Shrimping Boat Captain[ edit ] Upon his return in AugustForrest finds his Greenbow house filled with memorabilia capitalizing on his fame as a ping-pong player in China. When someone pointed out it was bad luck to have a boat without a name, Forrest names his boat after Jenny, which he calls, "The most beautiful name in the whole wide world. Later Forrest was visited by Lieutenant Dan who, just as he said he would do on New Year's Eve ofhad come to be Forrest's first mate.

relationship between forrest and jenny

For several weeks, the two had no luck catching shrimp. However, things changed when the area was hit by Hurricane Carmen. Forrest's boat was the only one left standing and they found themselves with a monopoly of shrimp. Under the name Bubba Gump Shrimp Companythey soon became very wealthy. Apparently having faced his demons during the storm, Lieutenant Dan thanked Forrest for saving his life in Vietnam, and Forrest assumes that Dan without actually saying so made peace with God.

Home in Alabama[ edit ] Forrest returned home to Greenbow in September when he learned his mother was dying of cancer. After her death, Forrest stays and leaves his shrimping industry in the hands of Lieutenant Dan and retired to mowing and cutting grass and lawns, as he apparently enjoys doing it. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Dan participated in a substantial investment into what Forrest says to be "some kind of fruit company. With the money he got from the Apple Computer investment, Forrest spent them on renovating the church he frequents, establishing a medical center at Bubba's hometown and gave Bubba's family Bubba's share of the investment money that is enough for them to never work again.

Jenny returned to Greenbow and moves in with Forrest. The two spent time together catching up, and Forrest later describes it as "the happiest time of [his] life again. She stares transfixed for a moment, and then starts throwing every rock she can find at it, before collapsing in despair, and now Forrest truly understands the ordeal she had been through as a child. Another night, July 4,Forrest asked Jenny to marry him, but she turns him down, saying "You don't want to marry me.

relationship between forrest and jenny

I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is. Wanting to restart on her own, Jenny hails a cab very early the next morning and leaves before he wakes up. Running[ edit ] Forrest's new-found loneliness leads him to take a run "for no particular reason.

Forrest Gump (character)

Eventually, he criss-crosses the country several times over a span of three years. I totally agreed; I am the kind of person who tends to get irritated with rambling strangers, but it is important to remember that you never know who is talking to you, and what they may be able to teach you. Expand your horizons, we are all different. Gump tells him the truth, disguised in a poorly defined word. My dad also went on vacation, so this probably made me cry when I was a kid.

Stupid is as stupid does. Forrest repeats this line plenty of times throughout the film, something Mama Gump taught him as a young, not-so-intelligent boy. Forrest is called stupid a thousand times throughout his life, but he is never phased.

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Oh, to be so calm and patient with mankind. Some of the absolute smartest people I have ever met in my entire life double up as some of the dumbest, because? Just because you are a genius does not mean the dumb things you do are not dumb. Who knew anything about shrimp before Forrest Gump? You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it.

Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. Not to mention well, definitely to mention, but not right here his loyalty to Jenny. If you need to clear your head, go for a run. Running is a huge theme throughout Forrest Gump, dating back to the first time kids throw rocks at the poor little braced up kiddo and Jenny, the already-love-of-his-life, tells him to run.

Forrest does not only run from bullies, but he runs for football, which gets him into college. That particular run comes from his personal heartbreak after he asks Jenny to marry him, she declines, though comes into his room to make love to him, only to disappear in the morning.

We can see a clear change in the character of Jenny, when she finally returns to Forrest to escape from the drugs culture that she has become embroiled in. One evening, Forrest asks Jenny to marry him. Jenny has now left again, and a few years later when she writes to Forrest to tell him to come and visit her, we find out that Jenny has had Forrest Gump Junior.

We now find out that Jenny is dying, and she asks Forrest to marry her. They get married, and finally the love that they have felt for each other throughout the whole film is cemented.

Jenny has always loved Forrest, but thought she was helping Forrest by running away from him, only for her to realise as her life is coming to an end that she and Forrest make each other happy and that is what love is.

She is undoubtedly messed up, and trying not to let Forrest get too close because of it, but her true feelings of love for him are undeniable by the end of the film. What are your thoughts on Jenny from Forrest Gump? Let me know in the comments below!