Meet and greet teacher ideas for pre

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meet and greet teacher ideas for pre

Many new teachers, or teachers new to Pre-K, ask how to begin the year. . See the School Unit page for my beginning school activities and lessons. . very nervous but at the same time very excited and I can't wait to meet my tiny students . Aug 27, The big key to a successful parent meet-and-greet experience is If you're a rookie, you can ask other teachers for ideas about what typically. Aug 11, Many schools offer an open house prior to the start of the school year. On this day , parents and students come to the school, tour the classroom.

Meet the Teacher: Ideas for a Successful Open House

We applied for our daughter to be enrolled at a local charter school with a health living focus. They called us the week before school started and with an open spot. It was our first kid, first time in schoolfirst time as a parent at a meet-the-teacher event.

Meet the Teacher Tips: Making the Most of Meet the Teacher 1. Show up a few minutes early. This will give you and your child a moment to take a deep breath, exchange a hug, and put on your happy faces.

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Listen and only ask questions pertinent to the whole class. If you want to know how the teacher will be able to keep your strong willed child focused and organized — SAVE this question for a private meeting either in-person or by phone. The meet the teacher is a very general get-to-know you meeting and is NOT for 1: Sign up to volunteer. I always put my contact information on the list and offer to cut and prepare projects at home.

I was sent home from Meet the Teacher with a stack of papers and asked to make these stars.

meet and greet teacher ideas for pre

I love that her teacher was willing to welcome me into the classroom community in the capacity that I was able to handle. Ask for the classroom wishlist. If your family is in a financially sound place, ask the teacher if there is a classroom wishlist or supplies that need to be purchased for the classroom.

Many times teachers purchase items for their classroom with their own pocket money.

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When parents who can help out — teachers are able to do more science projects, hands on art, and maybe even cook with the kids.

Take pictures of the classroom. This may sound silly, but I like to take pictures of the classroom and print them out. Ask students if school seems like a scary place, a safe place, or a place like they've never seen before.

Meet the Teacher Tips for Parents

Take notice of what they are most curious about in the classroom and encourage discussion. Take the class on a "walk-about" campus tour. Locate and identify important places: Along the tour, introduce the class to important people like the principal, counselors, nurses, librarians, and custodians.

When you return to the classroom, walk through daily classroom routines including school dismissal, safety rules regarding running, and after-school transportation. Have a special treat to end the "walk-about" tour to celebrate each student's arrival into a world of exciting learning and new friends. Relieve the stress that some students bring with them to school by using these fun activities to break the ice.

Make Play Clay Mix together 3 cups of water and 3 cups of flour. Add 2 tablespoons of baby oil or vegetable oil; 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar; and 1 cup of salt.

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To make the play clay colorful, simply add food coloring. Store the play clay in baggies. The clay can be refrigerated. Stars in a Bottle Fill empty plastic soda bottles with glitter and water. Add food color if you'd like. Hot glue the bottle top onto the bottle so it cannot be reopened. These shimmering bottles are great to use during quiet time, as they may help children relax.

meet and greet teacher ideas for pre

Buckets of Colors Ask students to help fill small buckets of assorted crayons or chalk to use for art centers or sidewalk play. Sorting the crayons or chalk pieces allows students to use their hands while contributing to the classroom. Welcoming Friends Assign a greeter, either a student or a parent volunteer, to hand out friendship bracelets as students enter the classroom. If you don't want to make them ahead of time, set up a station for students to create their own.