Illustrate the relationship between stimulus and response

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illustrate the relationship between stimulus and response

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. She also writes a blog for WebMD (The Art of Relationships) and is the relationship expert on WebMD's. Relationship between Stimulus and Response. By S. Loewe. See allHide authors and affiliations. Science 18 Sep Vol. , Issue , pp. Response: A reaction to a specific stimulus. made in the development of ' response' by the odd relation of subterms within its own symbolic vernacular. That is.

One possible model of causal linkages between variables is shown in Figure B. The model shows the influence of two major stimulus variables, incomparability and novelty, and treats them as independent dimensions. Both these stimulus variables influence intention to try the new product by means of the cognitive response variable, relative preference. However, incompatibility also has a direct effect on intention to try the product.

The intention to try the product in turn influences the intention to seek information about the pro product.

illustrate the relationship between stimulus and response

Information seeking from personal sources and from impersonal sources are shown as being independent of each other. The intention to seek information then influences the intention to investigate the product.

illustrate the relationship between stimulus and response

The correlations obtained in this study seem to support this type of causal linkage. Other such causal models can also be conceptualized.

Between Stimulus and Response

These causal models can be evaluated by means of path analysis Blalock, ; Van De Geer, for various products and a general causal model could be developed. One interesting observation can be made from the model in Figure B with respect to causal ordering of the variables.

The model indicated that the consumer first determines her intention to buy the product and then decides to seek information or investigate the product. However, when the actual behaviors are performed the order is likely to be reversed, so that the results from investigating or information seeking will determine whether the consumer will try to product or not.

The causal ordering of the behavioral intention variables, which are represented in Figure B and were included in the study, is therefore the reverse of the order in which consumers are likely to actually manifest these behaviors. In summary, stimulus and response variables in relation to new products deserve more attention from marketers and marketing researchers. This paper has examined interrelationships between certain specific stimulus and response variables.

Implications for future research have also been outlined. The major areas for further research are identification and classification of stimulus and response variables into meaningful categories, operationalization of variables, and identifying causal relationships between variables. Finally, one could extend the S-R type model and consider the moderating influences of individual characteristics and other important factors. This is a new lowfat yogurt drink which tastes like a rich, creamy milkshake.

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illustrate the relationship between stimulus and response

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Stimulus-response theory | psychology |

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Stimulus-response theory

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illustrate the relationship between stimulus and response

A stimulus appears as an energy pattern which can affect the behavior of an organism, particularly of man. It is experienced by man through his senses of vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. There are four aspects of a stimulus, namely: A response is the behavior that is manifested by a living organism which is the result of an external or internal stimulus. It is the activity of the organism or of his body parts as a reaction to the stimulation of his senses. The detection and receipt of the stimulus by an organism and its conversion into a signal is the response of the organism to the stimulus.

The response may be cellular or physical, or it can be behavioral. An example of a cellular response is when a person exhibits allergic reactions to certain substances that he ingests. An example is the feeling of sadness and loneliness when a loved one dies. A stimulus is any agent, condition, action, or activity which arouses a positive or negative reaction while a response is the resulting reaction towards the stimulus.

illustrate the relationship between stimulus and response