You think im crazy should meet my coworkers are mean

How To Deal With The 10 Most Uncomfortable Work Situations

you think im crazy should meet my coworkers are mean

You know the power of speaking up at work, but what good is it if you're never allowed to finish your thoughts? You need to feel valued and. I'm not saying you should become best friends with your CFH; just try to find or " You're crazy. for you, means that you're not likely to see any significant change in their behavior regardless of how you react or respond to it. You know how they say if a shark stops moving they will die? . I'm sorry if that feels rude, but it's the only way I can get my job done. them know bluntly that she is driving you all insane and it is affecting your work and your.

Meet with your boss regularly. This is important to build your relationship and stop rumors before they start. Just a 15 minute check up every other week can let your boss know what you are doing and thinking. I don't mean in a screaming session worthy of the latest reality show.

I mean, speak to her directly and say, "I know that you are saying things about me that are not true. Do not do this any more.

you think im crazy should meet my coworkers are mean

I do not falsify time cards. I am capable of doing my job. I document things correctly and I will document and report any attempts you make to slander me. This is of no concern to you. What you are doing here is shifting the paradigm. Right now she does this because she thinks she can get away with it. You've now made it clear that you are aware and that she will not get away with it.

you think im crazy should meet my coworkers are mean

After you've spoken with your coworker regarding her lousy behavior, you can close by saying, "It's important that we work well together in order to accomplish our goals. I'd like to have a good relationship with you.

Don't whine and complain. Don't talk behind her back. When in doubt, write it down. Defend yourself without being defensive. This is harder than you might think. When your coworker goes to your boss claiming you are the cause of some problem, don't let it go, but don't complain about it either. Just ask him in your regular conversations if there are any problems he'd like you to address.

my coworker never stops talking -- and I mean NEVER — Ask a Manager

Let him bring up the problems. Then you have your documentation on what you have been doing to show that this perception is false. If you're in a meeting and your coworker says something untrue, just respond with, "Actually, that's not true.

I did do X, Y, and Z.

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Once I took off my headphones she would start telling me a story about her cats or something equally as random! Not only does she talk a lot, but she is so loud and is constantly swearing. I have asked to move cubicles, citing the fact that I feel unproductive, but my requests have been denied, twice.

Others have asked to move and their requests have been denied as well. Aside from the non-stop talking and swearing, there are other things that bother me about her. What are you working on?

you think im crazy should meet my coworkers are mean

We work in a government building, for crying out loud! This lady is in her thirties. The days she is not here are like a breath of fresh air. I wrote back and asked: Does she do this to everyone else too? Is there anyone who seems to have found a way to successfully fend her off? She talks to me the most. The only person she completely ignores is the office grump. This man will not acknowledge anyone, shuts the door on you even if you are two feet away, never attends an office party, etc.

But I could go an entire day without saying a word to her and she would still be in my cubicle.