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of Ridiculousness, Rob, Chanel, and Steelo cheer on some BITE SIZED BADASSES, party with MOMS GONE WILD, and witness a few GRAND EXITS. Wild Grinders and Planet Sheen: Fall Premieres - YouTube Lil Rob and Flipz are playing "S.K.A.T.E" in their skating lot. When Lil Rob Lil Rob and Stubford are abducted by aliens; Emo Crys is nervous about meeting a that he has only talked to online. Wild Kid - “Lapse” | PREMIERE | Chocolate Grinder | Tiny. Rob Dyrdek Wild Grinders Jack Knife's File Cabinet Quarter Pipe Gold Combo Pack . The meat in hard salami can be pork, beef or venison and the three.

He's also the weakest skater out of the team, confirmed in "Swaggerless", and according to Jack Knife. Emo Crys is frequently a skate artist and creates terrible and dark poetry.

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He sometimes goes "girl-crazy". The pilot episodes showed him that he was Lil Rob's best friend instead of Goggles. Jay Jay voiced by Kel Mitchell — An intelligent hipster. He was portrayed to have mysophobia. He's the Backside Grinders' keyboard player. Jack Knife voiced by Yuri Lowenthal — A dull kid with a big heart. He and his family runs a circus in Sprawl City.

He plays electric guitar in the band which he initially used as a saxophone.


In the pilots, Jack Knife didn't have his southern accent. He's the Backside bass player. He only spoke Spanish in the pilots. Stubford Hucksterball voiced by Erin Fitzgerald — The main antagonist of the entire series. He is a child with a short height, but summons his mechanical stalls to make him taller than the Grinders. He frequently aliases Lil Rob as "Lil Slob". He made no appearances prior to the show's official debut.

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She tends to challenge Lil Rob to S. Although she joins the Grinders, she was not shown at all times. She often calls the Wild Grinders as well as other skaters "weenies". She has a crush on a boy name Freddie, although he too is a skater. Lackey Yuri Lowenthal or Officer Lackowski, as he prefers, is Stubford's rent-a-cop sidekick hired by Track to keep Stubford out of his hair. Lil' Rob always calls Gene by his first name instead of calling him "Dad". MTV viewers might know Dyrdek from his starring role in the reality series Rob and Big -- you know, the adoptive parent of Mini-Horse, the man who performs as alter-ego "Bobby Light" or the guy who tried to teach bulldog Meaty to skateboard.

Yeah, Rob Dyrdek is that guy, but he's also a professional skateboarder who simply refuses to stop chasing glory and an entrepreneur with quite a knack for business. In his hometown of Kettering, Ohio, at the tender age of 12, Rob picked up a skateboard for the first time.

Forgoing his senior year of high school, Dyrdek turned professional at the age of 16 while simultaneously becoming one of the founding members of the legendary Ohio-based Alien Workshop team.

A regular contender in skateboarding competitions and a staple of street skateboarding videos he's also a co-founder of famed DC VideoRob's legend grew fast. As an entrepreneur, he has contributed game changing shoe design concepts, developed private training facilities for pro boarders and launched companies that include Siler Trucks, Reflex Bearings and Rogue Status, a street wear line that he owns with former blink drummer Travis Barker.

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He also has his own sunglasses company Battle Eyewearfounded the Street League skateboarding league, developed the Wild Grinders cartoon and toy line based on his childhood skate crew and formed a charitable foundation to build skate plazas around the country so kids have a safe place to skate. While conceptualising and building the 40, square-foot, award-winning Kettering Skate Plaza, as a legal place for street skaters to hone their skills, Rob Dyrdek wrote, financed, produced and starred in the feature film Street Dreams, due in May Not one to slow down, Rob continues to think big.

With a goal to "mogul up," he's moved Dyrdek Enterprises into a 25,square-foot industrial -- and fully skate-able -- warehouse and office complex near downtown Los Angeles. That's where we'll see him in Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, a place to dream up ideas and bring them to life.

So, despite his success, Rob Dyrdek won't be slowing down anytime soon.