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till we meet again dvd kopen

Find the newest movies and TV shows to buy or rent. Dig deep into genres to find your favorites. Watch them on your phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV. Find great deals for Till We Meet Again (DVD, ). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Official Australian Release DVD / Region: ALL NTSC / DESCRIPTION: Judith Krantz's novel adapted for television Till We Meet Again follows the fortunes of.

Once there, vocalist Chris Martin said that they became obsessed with recording. The band released it as the album's lead single because it was the track that made them want to record a second album, following a "strange period of not really knowing what we were doing" three months after the success of Parachutes. According to Martin "one thing kept us going: Then other songs started coming. Some of their new material, including "In My Place" and "Animals", was played live while the band was still touring Parachutes.

They visited five continents, including co-headlining festival dates at Glastonbury Festival[18] V and Rock Werchter. Coldplay spent most of out of the spotlight, taking a break from touring and releasing a satire music video of a song from a fictional band titled The Nappies while recording their third album.

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A Day in the Life charity album. Martin described Viva la Vida as a new direction for Coldplay: It became the band's first number one on the Billboard Hot[82] and their first UK number one, based on download sales alone. Upon release, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends topped the album charts worldwide, and was the world's best-selling album of In that time, it soldcopies; the BBC called it "one of the fastest-selling records in UK history".

Coldplay performing in October After performing the opening set on 14 March for Sound Relief at the Sydney Cricket GroundColdplay headlined a sold-out concert later that same night. It was also released as a free download from their website.

The song received very positive reviews, and the music video features the actor Simon Pegga close friend of Chris Martin, who plays a violin-playing Elvis impersonator. Mylo Xyloto[ edit ] Main articles: The band finished recording the new album in mid They confirmed several festival appearances before its release date, including a headlining spot at the Glastonbury Festival[] T in the Park[] Austin City Limits Music Festival[] Rock in Rio[] and Lollapalooza festival.

It was released on 3 June On 12 AugustColdplay announced via their official website that Mylo Xyloto was the new album title, and that it would be released on 24 October On 23 Septembertickets for Coldplay's European tour officially went on sale.

till we meet again dvd kopen

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till we meet again dvd kopen

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Thanks for an unforgettable evening!! That was a very great show. And yes, we finally Elly, a. Oh, what the hell, I loved every song they played!! And all the solo-parts the guys played were I went to your concert together with my brother in Zwolle The Netherlands early this year. Waited afterwards by the wrong bus crewbus but hey, it was only below 10 degrees Celcius so we kept busy jumpin' around to stay warm! I lost allmost 10 kilo's of weight It was all worth for!

Saw your show for the first time back in the 80's for the Fahrenheit album with Jeff Porcaro Together with Carlos Vega he was the best groovy, soulfull and passioned allround ghost-notes drummer ever in Ahoy Rotterdam.

After the dead of Jeff I can imagine the pain for Mike en Steve of losing him because I know what true brotherhood and love means I thought Toto was finished There could never be another drummer like Jeff.

Judith Krantz's Till We Meet Again - DVD PLANET STORE

And there he was Never heard of the "not tall"- man My God, what a great drummer. Simon, you take Toto across borders they've never been before! There's only one thing Charlie Watts called me saying he was a bit dissapointed that you copycat him in a little Stones intermezzo during your Toto-concert.

He ensured me that he never had and never will copycat you during his new tour. Mike, I hoped that all the bassplayers I play or played with could hear your performance. You're the most realiable, steady, rockin', not ever-false-notes playing- bassguitarist I ever heard. I'm still looking for that kind of bassplayer. Could I borrow you from Toto? For just let's say ehm Bobby Kimball impressed me also. The one and only leadsinger of Toto!!!

Offcourse together with Steve and David Why the hell did you ever left home and gave your chow to some straycats? And with the other hand I can Fast Forward it. The man can't even playback himself Steve, what can I say, I'm sure my mum didn't name me after you but after McQueen but I'm proud to wear the same name as the second legend on guitar.

As you always say, Jimmy was no. Your partner back home must be very happy with your quick fingers! I mean; I esume you type your letters or e-mails to your home just as quick as your solo's Same for you, if you're searching for a nice band to play with Our reportoir contain some evergreens like: I'm sure you'll pass the audition. Last but not least Especialy a part of the end-solo in Georgy Peorgy Live at the Zenith; you know, with the guy who can't playback himself?

I begin to wonder if YOU know what the notes were you've played during live solo's? And by the time I can play your solo so so, you come with some new amazing stuff! How the hell could these big claws move so fast over the keys?

My neighbour is moving out. I even made the owner of my local music store happy when I showed a picture of your equipment, saying I want to buy that.

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Toto, I hope we meet someday person to person, especially David. So I can wake him that his keyboardstand isn't a keyboardstand but a drumstand Greetings Steve Drinhuyzen Holland Hi, guys!

I just read the reviews from my fellow Toto-worshippers about the Zwolle concert. I have to agree that the concert was really awesome apart from the acoustics sometimes but this time I missed my all time favourite "I'll be over you".

The last time I heard it live was in Groningen and I had to use two handkerchiefs to wipe my tears then!! I hope that you'll choose Groningen again the next time you tour in Holland! His voice has the high pitch I remember Joseph had and he really complements Dave's, Bobby's and Steve's voices. Apart from that he has great legs! Love you all, especially Mike! And that in my home town!!

Together with my father who is a TOTO fan for a long time and my brother in law I got in line to get in. What a wall of sound these guys produce!! Sometimes not that great due to the bad acoustics of the IJsselhallen.

Till We Meet Again Part 3

I had a great time. It was all that I expected and more It all sounded perfect and they played all the songs I'd hoped for. It started with a part of Childs Anthem within the intro, and they just kept on going. There were no flaws what so ever. I'm still in ecstasy. Keep it up, and I can't wait until you guys return with a new album and a new tour!!!! TOTO-ally out of this world, so good, funky, pure rock etc.

You all played fabulous last night in Zwolle. Your great musical talent brings goosebumps to my skin whenever I hear great songs like: I don't think it gets any better. I'm listening to Toto since I was a teenager. Always enjoyed their music very much. Till a friend askes me to come with her to the concert. No doubt; Yes, I'll come!! I never thought they would play so extremely well live. I had a great view to the stage and could see the expressions on the guys faces. I could see that they were playing with their heart and soul.

While listening to every note they played and sang, as loud as it gets, I got the shivers. So very well played. Rocking like I never heard before. Simons solo let the air in my lungs vibrate and Steve almost let me weep.

Bobby was singing like it wasn't from earth, unbelievable. But now I heard it with my own ears. David was also wonderful at the keyboard, a real performer! Mike was in his own world, playing the stars falling out of the sky. Love it, love it!!! Guys, thank you for a wonderful unforgettable evening. And next time you'll come to The Netherlands, I'll be there!

I can't stop loving you! Unfortunately, the tickets for 17 february are sold out. Otherwise, I was there to. Thank you Steve, for the plectrum. My nephew 8 years old was infront of the stage and he's got it under his pillow now! Love, Nicky from Amsterdam Last year November we went to see Toto in Oberhausen and we hoped to see them again really soon.

till we meet again dvd kopen

It was a very pleasant surprise to find out that they would come to our hometown. So, yesterday we took our bicycle and went to our 5th Toto concert ever. Showing up early payed off, because we had front row places.

till we meet again dvd kopen

What a great view we had! We thought the band would never get better than what we saw in November. Boy, were we wrong! What we saw last night was times better. The guys were really having fun on stage and so was everyone else who was there Steve blamed it on his silly shirt.

All our favorite songs were played and the fans were singing along and screeming their lungs out. I'm sure there were a lot of people who had sore throats at the end of the evening at least we did.

So, once again, Steve, Mike, Simon, Dave, Bobby, Tony and the audience, thank you, thank you, thank you very much for an unforgettable evening. And like we said before, hopefully we will see you again soon. Keep on rocking, you guys are the best!!! The first time it was in november in Amsterdam. November was good but now it was even better.

The show rocked from the first note they played till the lights went on. They were on a roll. Bobby was giving one off his best performences.

And then the solo by Mike, funky!! And what can i say about Steve, well, he played his guitar like he was playing a woman. Rock and roll all over the world. Off course with David it was fun all over the place. And the solo by Simon, it was like a wake up call for mother earth.

So I can really say they where playing like they where knocking on heavens door. It was one off the best concerts i've seen by Toto, and i can't wait to see them again on monday in Amsterdam.

till we meet again dvd kopen

So keep the music and the fun allive. This time was special. The band, especially Steve, was in a "silly mood". During the whole concert Dave and Steve were making jokes, for example; Steve once referred to Dave's penis. The show seems to be shorter than the previous one I visited, the one in Amsterdam in november