The day game forest ending a relationship

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the day game forest ending a relationship

Does this game have any big long term goal and end game or will it have You have to find your lost son Timmy and itll get harder every day. Tag Tournament 2. He is the son of Marshall Law and Mrs. Law, the former of which Forest Game Appearances. Tekken 3 One day when Paul arrived, Marshall was away supervising the building of a new dojo. Paul insisted Appearances. Tekken Tag Tournament - Forest Law Ending Character Relationships. It can end today! You can move forward!" Email. () No more Video Game Addiction Therapists in Forest - Try other Therapists below with couples and families, and also with individuals who are experiencing relationship issues. . therapy, therapeutic day treatment, acute inpatient/adolescent psychiatry, and .

He was at least aware of the power obeliskas referenced by an email that he sent noting that it could take down a plane. It is suggested that with his knowledge of the power obelisk's ability to take down planes and the resurrection obelisk's ability to revive dead children, he took down the plane the player starts the game in, in hopes of acquiring a live child, and uses said child in the ultimate goal of reviving his daughter.

He had a wife called Jessica, who divorced him at some point, along with a restraining order filed against him.

It is unknown whether this was before or after their daughter Megan's death, and whether she was aware of the full nature of his work at Sahara Therapeutics. Megan appears in a Camcorder video showing her alive and in a wheelchair in what appears to be the Sahara Lab's Cafeteria with many other people present. Another video shows Megan, again in a wheelchair, present during the escape of an Armsy.

An autopsy report can be found and picked up which shows that Jessica was murdered in a homicide by multiple stab wounds and head trauma. Matthew eventually gets fired from the lab for unethical and inappropriate use of company equipment, presumably tinkering with the resurrection obelisk.

The Gender War

Matthew is on the peninsula alone except for the cannibalsand he decides to use the power obelisk to bring down an airplane to steal a living child Timmy to revive his daughter. He is the red man which is seen by the player after the plane crash. The red paint acts like a protection from the cannibals.

He appears to have adept survival skills, as he can build shelters and go hunting within a short amount of time after the plane crash, with nothing but a handheld axe and an outdoor survival book.

He appears to be a reality TV star, as found from a magazine cover. This magazine also suggests his wife is dead.

the day game guide forest ending a relationship

He is most likely a TV survivalist, similar to Bear Grylls. He has one son, Timmy. The Plane Crash Back of the plane. It is assumed that the plane is predestined to arrive in Germany, because the label on the plane resembles logo for the German airline "Lufthansa".

The plane was carrying many tennis players, who had balls and rackets in their suitcases. The plane crashes after experiencing sudden storm-like turbulence and engine failure. Some indeterminate time after the crash, a man in red paint Dr. Matthew Cross takes Timmy away while the player futilely crawls towards him.

Only Timmythe dead stewardess, the red man Dr. Crossand the player s are present on the plane when the player wakes after the crash, suggesting any dead had already been taken by the cannibals.

the day game forest ending a relationship

The mostly-intact condition of the rear section of the plane make it possible that many other passengers could have survived, but that they had already fled the area, possibly upon the death of the stewardess. Their scattered locations across the peninsula suggest that some may have survived as long as several days before falling prey to the cannibals.

Finding Timmy Timmy lying dead.

the day game guide forest ending a relationship

The player explores the peninsula to great extent, gearing up to head to the bottom of the sinkhole. The Vaultfound at the bottom of the sinkhole, can be opened with the keycard. It leads to the research lab.

the day game forest ending a relationship

After exploring much of the lab, the player finds the Resurrection Obeliskwith the dead Timmy inside. The player then realizes that Matthew had kidnapped Timmy to use as a sacrifice to bring Megan back to life. The player goes on a hunt for Megan, finding many of her childish drawings that are just like Timmy's. He encounters a dead Matthew Cross, with crayons shoved inside his eyes and mouth.

A Megan Drawing suggests that Megan saw her father as a scary red monster, possibly giving motive for Megan killing her father. Megan is finally found, surrounded by drawings and toys.

She flies a toy plane through the air before crashing it to the floor and pointing at the player, suggesting she knows who he is. Megan then suffers a seizure and transforms into a boss mutant that behaves and looks similar to a Virginiaincluding the spider legs and mutant babies. This attack only occurs when the player is very far away from the End Boss. It seems to be used to prevent the player from healing or escaping. This attack is by far the most dangerous attack.

It involves the boss spinning around in circles with its legs out. The damage of this is extreme, as it can hit players more than five times in less than three seconds and must avoided at all costs. It is used when the player is close or a moderate distance away.

the day game forest ending a relationship

If it occurs, run! The End boss can spawn five to six mutant babies at a time which can make defeating it more difficult. This occurs generally when the player is mid distance away from the boss. During this the End Boss is quite vulnerable as it pauses for about five seconds to give birth. This can be a good time to hit it with explosivessuch as dynamite Combat[ edit edit source ] The End Boss acts very similar to a Virginia.

It will hobble towards the player at various speeds on three "legs" and will lash out with the shorter limbs to hit the player. It has a great deal of health compared to other mutantsand it can shatter a player's bone armor in landing hits on normal mode.

Due to its long "legs", it can walk almost as fast as the player can run and will knock the player down with most of its attacks. Though it is against the rules for employees to bring their children to the towers, Delilah was fond of Brian and lied about his presence. He and Ned apparently left abruptly and never returned.

The teenage girls are reported missing. Fearing an inquiry, Delilah falsifies reports to say that neither she nor Henry encountered the girls.

By the lake the next day, Henry discovers a radio and a clipboard with notes including transcripts of his conversations with Delilah. He is then knocked unconscious by an unseen assailant. He wakes to find the clipboard and radio gone. In a meadow referred to on the clipboard letterhead he finds a fenced-off government research area. He breaks in and discovers surveillance equipment and typewritten reports detailing his and Delilah's conversations and private lives.

He also discovers a tracking device which he takes with him. Henry and Delilah discuss destroying the government camp, but decide against it. As Henry hikes home, someone sets fire to the camp.

The next day he uses the tracking device to find a backpack with a key to the cave. When Henry enters the cave, someone locks the gate behind him. He escapes through another exit and discovers Brian's old hiding spot, where he went to escape his father when he tried to teach him how to climb.

He goes deeper into the cave using climbing equipment left at Brian's camp, and discovers Brian's decomposed body at the bottom of a cavern. Delilah is upset by the news, blaming herself for allowing Brian to stay.