Team scores wont show on hytek meet manager

Running Meet Manager

team scores wont show on hytek meet manager

Display Version & License Options. 6. Setting up a BCSSA Meet in Hy-Tek Meet Manager. 8. Import swimmer meet entries from Team Manager; separately and a slow “A” swimmer will not scores points in the “B” event. If you tried importing meet results from Meet Manager into Team Manager Note : If abbreviation already matches, contact Tech Support for further possibilities. You will use the computerized swimming competition software (Hy-Tek's Meet results on official forms, list all new records established and maintain scores . or team in the center lane in a pool with an odd number of lanes, or in lane 3 or 4 .. e) compile a list of results from the preliminary heats for display as soon as.

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team scores wont show on hytek meet manager

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