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strawberry shortcake meet blueberry muffin cake

And when you get to meet her. You'll love her berry Straw-ba-ba-ba-ba-berry Strawberry Shortcake! She's so ANGEL CAKE . BLUEBERRY MUFFIN (O.S.). This is a list of Strawberry Shortcake characters. There are (at this writing) four distinct . Blueberry Muffin has been Strawberry Shortcake's friend since the very Strawberry Shortcake met urban artist Orange Blossom during her trip to Big Apple Overly polite Angel Cake seemed to take the "Angel" portion of her name a. Game Features Blueberry Muffin dress up: Meet in this new game with Blueberry , a friend of Strawberry Shorcake. Strawberry Shortcake and the cake.

Coco Calypso[ edit ] Coco Calypso is a carefree tropical girl, who lives in a pineapple-shaped hut on the Seaberry Shore, a locale far removed from the residents of Strawberryland proper.

First introduced in the episode, The Mystery of Seaberry Beach, she was depicted as a long-distance pen-pal to Strawberry Shortcake.

Coco Calypso enlisted Strawberry's help as her seaberry harvests were being stolen. In the end it turned out to be a misunderstanding between her and neighbor Seaberry Delight. Her pet is a parrot called Papaya. Voiced by Melissa Deni. Seaberry Delight[ edit ] A seaberry is a fictional pearl-like berry that grows underwater in the waters off the aptly named Seaberry Shore. Seaberry Delight is an oceanic enthusiast, spending as much time swimming in the ocean as she does on land.

She lives in a shell-shaped cottage in a hidden cove, which is only accessible by swimming underwater. When Strawberry Shortcake and her friends first encountered her, they thought that she was a mermaid, but she is really just a girl. She was first introduced in the episode, The Mystery of Seaberry Beach, in which she mistakenly thought that unwitting neighbor Coco Calypso's Seaberry harvests were wild fruit and free to take.

The issue was resolved by the end of the episode. In her storyline appearances and in her BanDai doll releaseSeaberry has ordinary blonde hair, but when PlayMates later produced a doll of her, they changed her hair to a distinctive aqua color. Her pet is a sea turtle called Kiwi. Voiced by Abbey Leib. Sea Serpent[ edit ] A yellow lizard and an in-story character introduced for the episode, Legend Of The Lost Treasure, the Sea Serpent is a villain character who enslaves some mermaids and owns 2 red fish.

She turns after a close brush with death where she must save herself or her golden sand dollars in an earthquake. Voiced by Pam Carter. Voiced by Marissa Maliani. Crepes Suzette[ edit ] Although her name with altered spelling and even her pet remain the same since her s introduction, Strawberry Shortcake's French friend Crepes Suzette's image has undergone an extreme makeover for the s.

She sports long, wavy pink locks, and Eclair is similarly pink. She operates a chic boutique in the heart of Peariswhen she is not visiting Strawberry Shortcake at her home in Strawberryland.

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Crepes Suzette is voiced by Caroline Iliff. Frosty Puff, a warm-hearted girl from icy-cold Nicelandwas one of these new foreign friends. Although it is not obvious by her cold-weather appearance and attire, Frosty Puff's scent is that of Blackberries, a first in the Strawberry Shortcake toy line.

Her pet is a penguin called Freezer Pop. Voiced by Samantha Triba. She lives in a tree-house in the Tangerine Bosque, a lush tropical rain forest, presumably in the Strawberry Shortcake version of South America, though no country name has been given.

Tangerina has a pet monkey called Banana Bongo. Voiced by Caroline Iliff. Raspberry Torte[ edit ] Another of Strawberry Shortcake's earliest friends, Raspberry has undergone more changes than most for her re-introduction in the s. For one thing, her last name was altered to " Torte ", apparently since American Greetings didn't like an unseemly connotation that the word "Tart" has acquired, though a tart and a torte are markedly different types of desserts. Also, while Raspberry's new pet in the s retains the name "Rhubarb", it is now a raccoon, instead of a monkey, as in the s.

Although the "new" Raspberry can be brash and thoughtless, she is generally seen as the athletic and fitness fanatic of Strawberryland. Her home was originally announced in the series to be Raspberry Fields, but was changed to Raspberry Meadows some time before her debut in the Sweet Dreams Movie, Raspberry turned out to be a total tomboy but doesn't mind wearing a dress.

Voiced by Haley Hyden-Soffer. Lemon Meringue[ edit ] In this incarnation of the franchise, Lemon Meringue remains the glamorous go-to girl of the group for anyone who might need help with their hair or general beauty tips. She even runs a beauty salon out of her home on Lemon Lane in Strawberryland. This characterization was transplanted nearly verbatim into the re-re-boot of the line.

Her pet, however, in the edition, was changed to a yellow skunk named Sourball. In this new updated version, Lemon Meringue seems to have an especially close friendship with Raspberry Torte. Voiced by Mary Waltman. The Berry Fairies[ edit ] Apparently meant to replace the Berrykins of the s series, the Berry Fairies serve a similar purpose to the Berrykins in the new series in the sense that they are entrusted with giving the fruits in Strawberryland their unusually large size, their scent and abundant quantities in the new series.

Year 4[ edit ] Characters who change their looks in year 4, along with the rest of new characters introduced in the said period of Strawberry Shortcake series. Starting from year 4, a number of characters change their looks to be more aged than in previous periods. The stories of the episodes also start to revolve around more mature things such as getting jobs, making a band, driving a car, and even becoming a movie star.

Apricot[ edit ] In this incarnation of the franchise, Apricot is depicted as being close to the same age as Strawberry Shortcake and her friends. Now apricot-haired Apricot is the new girl in Strawberryland, and feeling insecure, resorted to telling tall tales of wealth and accomplishment in an attempt to win friends.

She soon learned her lesson, and was welcomed warmly into Strawberry Shortcake's wide circle of friends. Cherry Cuddler[ edit ] A new updated character design was produced for a s Cherry Cuddler, but she never actually appeared in a storyline.

She was introduced direct-to-toy-line by Playmates, however, surprisingly paired with Crepes Suzette as her baby sister Crepes Suzette in this continuity also has a cherry theme and fragrance. Plum Puddin'[ edit ] Originally introduced as a male when the franchise was first introduced in the s, Plum Puddin' was changed to a girl in Still a girl when she was reintroduced, she was added to the ever-growing line-up of Strawberry's revival in While still a brainy character, she's also a bit of a walking disaster.

Banana Candy[ edit ] Formerly Banana Twirl, on joining the ever-expanding cast of the Strawberry Shortcake revival inshe is now known as Banana Candy, her former vigor and energy seem to have translated into workaholism, for she runs the small town of Banana Boro all by herself. As in the s, she seems destined to remain petless [3] Banana Candy has long, brown hair and is a mechanic. However, PlayMates' Doll version of the character has bright yellow hair.

Watermelon Kiss[ edit ] Strawberry Shortcake's friend Watermelon Kiss is a sunny, summer-loving girl who loves horses and being outdoors.

Strawberry Shortcake: Meet Blueberry Muffin

Her name is the same as a simple cocktail drink made with Mountain Dew and Strawberry Schnapps. She is also known for a spectacular plate-spinning act. Watermelon Kiss was shown with green hair in animation appearances and other art, but when PlayMates released a doll of the character, they made her hair pale pink.

Her name is apparently a play on famous western sharpshooting celebrity Annie Oakleywhile also evidently referencing oatmeal cookies. Seemingly around the same age as the recently as of more grown up Strawberry Shortcake, Annie Oatmeal hired Strawberry and her friend Angel Cake to work as hands on her ranch. In her role as Strawberry's employer, however, Annie Oatmeal is depicted as less of a peer, and more of an authority figure, something new and very different in Strawberry Shortcake's previously carefree world.

Carmel Corn[ edit ] A surprise new character introduction in the "Big Country Fun" DVD, Carmel Corn this unlikely spelling is from the DVD packaging is a hard-working farm girl, whose motif appears to be that of triangle-shaped candy corn.

With the help of Strawberry Shortcake and her friends, a large Country Fair was thrown, all of the animals that had "disappeared" were returned, and Carmel Corn's farm was saved.

Lime Light is initially a selfish, self-centered spoiled child star. She blames Strawberry Shortcake for being jealous and eventually figures out she was being selfish, but was eventually reformed by Strawberry Shortcake by the end of the episode, and, as of then, she starts thinking of others. The Purple Pieman usually traversed throughout Strawberryland and the surrounding areas in a cart drawn by Dobbin, his horse.

He was much the same as he was in his original form, though given further depth and humanness of character. An 'evil conscience' is not mentioned this time around, and the Purple Pieman at last reforms in time for the series finale. The Purple Pieman has a flock of Berry Birds, which he uses to steal berries and eavesdrop on the denizens of Strawberryland.

The Berry Birds are nameless in the rerelease. He is voiced by Cork Ramer. In a number of ways, her personality stayed as it had been before. As in the '80s, she chided the Pieman for his ridiculousness. Unlike her '80s form, however, Sour Grapes had a greater sense of morality this time around.

Also changed was her position in the crimes; whereas before she had suggested schemes herself and often talked the Purple Pieman into them, this time she was the follower and it can be argued that she followed out of affectionate familial devotion. Despite her shortcomings witnessed in the episode "Queen For a Day" and despite her initial reactions to the children in the aforementioned feature movie, she was repeatedly shown to be quite maternal and intelligent.

When excited, her personality often changed from that of bitter adult to playful young girl. Though irritable, to emotionally reach her for the better was not at all a hard task. An allergy to strawberries, a suspectibility to headaches and hints to poor physical health in general further added to her depth of character. The 'first' reformation of this character occurred in the episode "Dancin' in Disguise" and while she remained partners with her brother throughout the series, she did wish for things to be different.

I've locked the game using this item. Fruit Flute Tune obtained by collecting strawberries. The icon looks like a flute with a green musical note.

Increases sweetness by 4. Sugar Drops--obtained by collecting strawberries or by random gift from Blueberry Muffin.


The icon looks like snowflakes. Increases sweetness by 1. Fruit Flavor--obtained as random gift from Blueberry Muffin. The icon looks like a large water drop. Increases sweetness by 2. Flower Power Powder--obtained by collecting strawberries or as a random gift from Blueberry Muffin. The icon looks like flowers. Sunburst--obtained by collecting strawberries or as random gift from Blueberry Muffin.

The icon looks like a smiley sun. It adds 2 plant food to strawberry and blueberry plants. It subtracts 2 from gumberries.

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Enter your garden either by selecting the garden on the map or by pressing the B button at the garden gate. Scroll through the berry inventory using the right or left control pad buttons. When your desired berry is in the middle, highlighted slot at the top of the screen, press the A button to plant. Now the growth enhancers you have obtained are shown in boxes at the top of the screen. To grow strawberries and blueberries, you only need the default enhancers. They are the watering can, the plant food, the weed wither, and the harvest basket.

It doesn't matter what order you apply enhancers. I usually start with water, then add plant food, and finally weed wither. To scroll through the enhancer menu, use the right and left control pad buttons.

When the icon of the desired enhancer is in the highlighted box, press A to apply it. You simply apply water, plant food, and weed wither over and over until the blue and pink growth bars on the right side of the screen fill up to the top. If it happens before the timer the pink striped bar on the right side of the screen runs out, scroll to the harvest basket and press A to pick the berry.

strawberry shortcake meet blueberry muffin cake

If the timer runs out, the berry is automatically harvested. Don't worry about running out of water, food, and weed wither. You have unlimited quantities, and you can add as much as you like. Once harvested, your kitty cat will tell you the level of your berry. If you did not get the desired level, repeat steps 2 and 3. I have grown level 10 bubbleberries using this methods. Occasionally it will not grow big enough.

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If you see the time running out and the berry is small, use the fruit flute tune 1 to increase its size. This flute is the one with a purple musical note in the background. They have different requirements than the other three berries. You will have to gather the strawberries found within the game to obtain the necessary growth enhancers.

You need the loud cloud and any of the sweeteners fruit flute tune 2, sugar drops, fruit flavor, or flower power. You will need several of these enhancers.

When your desired berry is in the highlighted box at the top of the screen, press the A button to plant. As with the other berries, add water, plant food, and weed wither. After you have added this combination a couple of times, scroll over to the loud cloud and apply it.

Watch the blue and pink growth bars on the sides. Continue to apply the loud cloud until the pink bar gets past the halfway point.

Then scroll over to the sweeteners. Apply any sweeteners you have. You should see the blue bar move up. Continue applying water, plant food, and weed wither until all the bars are at the top.

strawberry shortcake meet blueberry muffin cake

If you have any sweeteners left, use them. It never hurts to add more. Saving the game and resuming it with the password contains a glitch--you cannot finish the game. It resets your checklist and you can never clear the tasks from the list. Thank you to Legoguy and Baby Boo, my own sweet little berries, who helped me by collecting those strawberries over and over again. Thank you to CjayC for providing a forum for gamers everywhere to gather and share information.

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