Rose bowl swap meet 2014

11 Things You Should Know About The Rose Bowl Flea Market – I'

rose bowl swap meet 2014

Featuring over vendors and buyers every Month. The Rose Bowl Flea Market is one of the most famous markets in the world. The Rose Bowl Swap Meet. / By: Miri Nadler He happened to arrive right when the largest flea market west of the Mississippi was scheduled. Of course, we had to go to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet! My dad has his own strategy. The Rose Bowl Flea Market is one of the most famous markets in the world. Celebrating 50 years of continued success at the world famous Rose Bowl in.

He happened to arrive right when the largest flea market west of the Mississippi was scheduled. Of course, we had to go to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet!

My dad has his own strategy when it comes to swap meets. He began his rounds, and quickly got disoriented. It became clear my dad would not be able to see everything at this flea market. In fact, it would probably be impossible for his to see an eighth of all the things in the market by just making a quick once over. Here are some things we learned rather quickly. Get there early, but not too early.

rose bowl swap meet 2014

There are several different kinds of tickets you can buy. I quickly started researching places around town that sold furniture — whether it was new, used, antique, vintage, or reclaimed. Once I started researching places to shop, I realized everything I wanted was well outside of my price range. Craigslist was good for some of the smaller things, and I was still firmly avoiding IKEA, so I felt like I was running out of options, and fast. I gathered my notes the following weekend and embarked on my trip.

We Love LA: The Rose Bowl Swap Meet

I arrived around 8am and was instantly transported into a place where everything I could have ever imagined materialized right in front of my eyes. What exactly did I get for that much you ask? Let me tell you: However, had I not read those tips on Yelp, I may not have been as successful as I was.

Here are some great tips to make your Rose Bowl Flea Market visit a success: Dress for the weather and the walking.

rose bowl swap meet 2014

Wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and maybe an umbrella to shield you from the sun. Bring your own water.

11 Things You Should Know About The Rose Bowl Flea Market

The producer retains the rights to restrict, exclude, or evict sellers or exhibits, which, because of their method of operation, noise, or other features, become objectionable or which, in the opinion of the producer, may detract from the general character of the event as a whole. This includes persons, things, printed matter, or anything else the producer judges to be objectionable. If the above-mentioned action becomes necessary, the producer may retain the rent paid as liquidated damages for breach of the agreement.

The seller is advised that the producer assumes no responsibility whatsoever to insure the safety or protect in any way, the property of the seller from fire, theft, malicious mischief, accident, or other cause. The seller is charged with the responsibility of protecting his own property at all times during the event.

Information must be presented to the manager of the event or appropriate enforcement authorities. Due to the family atmosphere of the event, the management reserves the right to reasonably restrict the sale of printed material, photographs, books, and magazines in order to maintain a proper moral and wholesome environment. Excessive noises such as stereos, radios, televisions, shouting, amplified voices will not be allowed if such noises disturb other sellers or shoppers.

We Love LA: The Rose Bowl Swap Meet

All sellers setting up a canopy in a space must have it properly anchored and constructed. Each seller shall hold the management harmless from and indemnify the management against any injury that may occur in a sellers space due to the use of a canopy.

If a seller erects a canopy, the management reserves the right to require the seller to take it down at anytime due to windy conditions; however, the management will not be liable for this decision.

The management will not give refunds if it requires the removal of canopies.

Rose Bowl Stadium

Electricity is very limited, with no guarantee. A seller who does not occupy an electrical space may not run a cord to these spaces without prior approval from the management.

Sellers may not have electrical cords in the aisles. The management shall not be responsible for any damage or injury that may occur as a result of electrical cords or wiring.


This ticket remains the property of R. Unless you have received prior management approval. Any vendor caught selling stolen, counterfeit, black market, illegal merchandise of any kind or any food or beverages, is subject to having said merchandise confiscated at the event, may face arrest by local authorities, immediate eviction from the event and loss of selling privileges without a refund.

rose bowl swap meet 2014

No vendor shall physically alter the grounds of the event in any manner, including driving any objects into the ground to secure canopies, securing their merchandise or canopies to the fences, or painting or marking the ground in any way. No open flame or BB-Q cooking is permitted at the event. At this time RG Canning does not require proof of Liability Insurance, however each vendor is completely liable for anything that happens in their selling areas and for the products that they sell, as well as their method of operation.

rose bowl swap meet 2014

We strongly recommend you review your current insurance coverage with your insurance carrier. If your current carrier does not include this coverage, we suggest the following company; SwapPRO Insurance, or swapproinsurance.

Pre-purchased reserved spaces will only be held open until 6: Sellers arriving after 6: Cancellation vendors begin moving in around 7: Cancellation vendors must arrive prior to 7: No trucks or trailers. Always see our website for any changes. As a permanent vendor you will receive a discount on your space each month.