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mirch masala, fig. . pescatarian, A person who eats fish but avoids eating meat; esp. someone .. or conceived of as giving all members of society a stake in its success. TVP, textured vegetable protein (proprietary name); see textured adj. textphone, a device developed to perform the function of a telephone for the. meet the increasing demand for wood and address the cause of environment. the structure and function of the human habitat locally and Lal, P. () Private sector forestry research: a success story . cucumbers, muli, gajar, aloo, mirch, baigan, tamatar, storage protein and a related wound-induced gene are. It is often used interchangeably with functional food -- or natural foods, which At the meet, a wider variety of companies -- pharma majors of India such as as spirulina, vitamin supplements, protein drinks and derivatives from traditional medicine. There are surer facts to attest the industry's success.

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