Make it wearable finalists meet team nixie pixel

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make it wearable finalists meet team nixie pixel

Ultimately, the team that won the competition, and the $,, is Nixie, which hopes to mass-produce a wearable drone camera. “From team leader Christoph Kohstall, project manager Jelena Jovanovic, and team member Michael Niedermayr, what started off as a flying. These Guys Have a Bold Ambition: They Want to Make a Wearable what the team behind Nixie Flyable and Wearable Camera wants to do. this technology to the next level and Nixie is among one of the finalists. via Petal Pixel Meet The World's First Wrist Watch To Sport A Wooden Circuit Board.

Box Pukalani HI Help support our channel https: This cheap, brushless motor quadcopter is great for carrying your action camera GoPro or similar to take amazing video shots!

This drone is also very agile and fun to fly without the camera. Check it out here. For all things drone: The Bugs 3 can be purchased on it's own like we did and can add your own camera or you have the option of buying their camera rigs making it 5. Long Flight Times and the ability to carry a GoPro make this very appealing to anyone in the hobby. Have we ever saved you money or helped you pick out your favorite RC?

Consider saying thanks by supporting us with one of these awesome options below! Send it to P. Got this from gearbest.

You can watch this video in P 60FPS! Electronic components, Plastic Remote Control: About m Transmitter Power: It's also extremely fast. Find it here http: But only recently has its price dropped dramatically. Pro's - Low price GPS quadcopter that comes with an included stabilized gimbal. Slowly descends to a landing when battery power gets low. Also extremely fast return to home. Con's - Gimbal camera mount is sized for GoPros. Other cameras can fit, but may require some slight modifications of the mount to hold them securely.

You see me bump into it at Believe this can be modified to allow further distance, but am unsure how to do such at the moment. Electronic Components,Plastic Kit Types: Intermediate Level Remote Control: Above m Detailed Control Distance: At no cost to you, I do receive a small commission for sales resulting from these links. You may download this excellent, and no kidding free video editor here http: Find it here goo.

Cons - Some quality control issues. Recommend checking and tightening all motor mount screws and prop nuts before first flight. Hold there until you hear three quick beeps and one long beep, 4 press upper left shoulder button to bring the motors to idle start. Up upon this Cheerson CX23 offers Live Telemetry to radio control so you have all the critical information on your radio screen. Not only that, it offers a solid link live video using 5. With a mAh 7.

Cheerson CX23 offers a very good control range and solid video downlink up to meters or more. Should you go out of control range, it will auto return to home and land. Its small and very easy to carry and store, it stable, quiet and powerful thanks to its brushless motor setup and at the same time it is fast should you want to enjoy some sports flying.

And Start making money from your Youtube Videos. Follow me on Twitter: There are drones which are meant for play, there are super autonomous quadcopters for photo and videography. These days, these drones are extremely useful to take your aerial experience to the next level. You can find it here: Due to its size, its good to fly outdoors in mild winds. JJRC always makes El Cheapo Toy grade quadcopters but this time they seem to have improve a bit of quality on this model.

Crappies Camera system, Jello Filled videos and Crappy Still shots, extremely noisy geared motors, Too big to fly indoors, not much range on the radio, Cheap quality camera and Pan tilt system that might break easily on first crash, Camera Gimbal and power cables are too thin and break very easily. Well seeing the Cons and Pros, and watching the video, you can decide for yourself if you wanna get this Quadcopter.

I believe there are better Choices out there. Available from Amazon here https: Yet nice and stable at low rate for aerial video purposes. But in this video I limited the range that I was flying to just over meters, as this black quadcopter gets difficult to see at that range.

Cons - Not for beginners. Requires manual flying, is difficult to maintain orientation all blackand does not have altitude hold. And generally, brushless motor quadcopters are just not safe in the hands of a new flier. You really should be experienced in the following skill before considering this quadcopter. Yet many large 7. The battery had 7. Also to be fair, the battery was not yet conditioned, and it was lifting the weight of a SJCAM while being aggressively flown.

Buy it here https: But as seen in video, it really is 2MP p. Cons - Kind of pricey for a toy grade quad. This quadcopter is mainly for those who want to impress friends that don't know any better ;- - Does not have altitude hold. Share the videos and photos to the LCD display at anytime anywhere Headless mode: Completely solving loss of orientation problems One key to return: It can find its way home easily, reducing your fear of losing it 2.

Ensures the stronger anti-interference performance and powerful signal 6 axis gyro: For more stable flight and stronger in the wind HD camera: Take photo or video of the pleasure flights degree eversion: Professional cool and exquisite all-directional rolling Specifications: Q - A Color: Mine was 2MP producing p 30fps video. About minutes Flying Time: About 8 minutes Control Distance: About meters Copter Size: Above 14 years old Remote Control: About m Charging Time h: This definitely won't be winning any cash prizes, or getting any awards for durability or long range, but right out of the box everything just pretty much works.

If you want to damper around in the back yard at the idea of FPV racing, this is your answer. Keep in mind, ours came with a foreign charger as mentioned in the video, so you may need to pick up an after market charger. Sorry about the audio! Buy this drone here - http: Yet its light weight combined with powerful brushless motors help make it an amazing flier. More power for its weight and less likely to require maintenance.

Yes, with practice you should be able to do loops and rolls with this: A brushless motor quad that does not require FAA registration! Con's - It's still fairly new. Spare parts and spare batteries are not yet available. There's just too much power in these motors for a beginner to safely handle. Carbon fiber, composite materials engineering Frequence: With brushless motor, provides strong power to the quadcopter.

With 3K carbon fiber arm and landing gear, better intensity and lighter weight.

make it wearable finalists meet team nixie pixel

Can be mounted 5. With highlight LED lights, make it more dazzle beautiful and colorful night light. Syma X8 brushless conversion with stock RC - Step-by-step how to! Click here to see my video update: Although this wont yield the best results, it is the simplest and cheapest method to getting your quad flying with brushless motors. My build proves, that to have a stable flight, you will need a custom flight controller, such as in my other build link at the bottom.

Use the steps in this video to get your groundwork in place. Before you leave a negative comment, understand that I have already achieved a stable flight, and this build in particular was a proof-of-concept, that the stock RC can indeed be used in a brushless conversion.

And YES, for the last time I already have a Phantom 3, and this was not a replacement, and never will be a replacement for any DJI product. Link to brushless build with custom flight controller: Thank you for all your kind support! One key to return function makes it easily to find the way home. With Headless Mode, no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying. The quadcopter dan fly both indoor and outdoor.

It can realize 3D tumbling. Possible for HD aerial photograpy. I actually didn't know what to expect in the mail but was surprised to find a very well constructed and professional looking craft. I currently fly a phantom 3, so inevitably i will draw a lot of comparisons. The model i received comes with an empty gimbal for a gopro. The flight quality thus far has been overall nice, but i've been having issues getting the compass calibrated.

They are working on having the app help with this, but at the moment you only get flashes to indicate what's going on. I was able to get calibration in my cramped back yard, but it refused to calibrate in a more open space but surrounded by bridges i was at least a few hundred feet from anything metal After walking around and turning in circles for a half an hour i finally got a calibration and it flew very nicely.

You can easily disconnect the gimbal for storage or to just fly without it. I did find that the craft becomes back heavy without the gimbal attached, and may account for some of my finicky flights. The landing gear has two positions, lower and upper, you only need the taller upper if using the gimbal. The controller is also overall really well thought out: The range extender is a handy little snap on box, no extra wires or things sticking out.

The gimbal accepts a gopro, im told it's designed for a hero4. I currently have a hero3 black, and was told it may experience some jitters, which was totally accurate. The overall gimbal performance test was great, a bit more floaty than the very locked on phantom 3, and i only experienced the jitters during sharp movements. It has a plug for the gopro to allow FPV live view on the smartphone, but you cannot control the gopro, and i didn't see any indication that it was providing power either.

Could be that it has less function with my hero3, as it's intended for the hero4. Thus far i have not been able to get the live feed to work. Some more than minor concerns: The first is the battery pack, or rather, the way it connects to the craft. It has tiny little notches which you have to align to tiny slots on the underbody, and if you aren't careful it's easy to wear down those notches.

The second is the compass calibration. On the phantom 3 it's super simple: The compass seems very finicky in calibrating and it took me numerous times to figure out just how slow to rotate and how long to wait for confirmation blinks. Hopefully this can be improved in firmware, they did mention they're working on more app functionality. Another thing i noticed was that the charger and battery get very, VERY hot when charging. Firmware updates Since i received it, there have been several updates, it's good to see they are pushing development more, and have informed me the app is being updated as well.

Watch me crash it into a rock and keep on flying: You can point the camera up and down and right and left remotely while the quadcopter is in flight. Perfect for aerial video purposes. Remembers the direction the quadcopter was pointed when headless mode is activated, even if in flight.

Con's - Video has some jello. You'll need to guess or fly in closely to allow visual confirmation of the set gimbal angles. Will require the pilot to be registered with the FAA. Equipped with 2-Axis remote controlled adjustable gimbal. Wide angle camera can realize swing in four directions with one press. Strong ability to resist the wind. With Headless Mode,no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying. It has 6-axis gyro which can have more stable flying and be easy to control.

You can find the Syma X8C here http: Free online Quadcopter Flight School http: Find it here from LighTake http: Pro's - p HD camera with wide angled lens. Can remotely tilt camera full down or horizontal. Con's - Over grams. Will require FAA registration. And here is its flight demonstration Specifications: RC Quadcopter Control channel: About m But I was easily flying past meters Charging time: About mins Flight time: About 10mins I averaged about 9 minutes Quadcopter battery: Possibly for slightly improved performance in the wind.

The code of this project is based on the code of a pong game for the monochrome OLED display. You can find the link for the original code in the description of the video below. I modified the code to work with the color OLED display, I added the splash screen, and the score, and the game Over screen. The project needs two libraries in order to compile.

By adjusting the values of these variables you can change the difficulty of the game.

Turning Crowds Into Light Canvases With PixMob

You can set the ball speed, the paddle speed, the paddle height and the maximum score in order to make the game fit your taste. That's it, upload the code to Arduino and have fun! As always you can find the code of the project and links for the libraries in the description of the video below.

It's working, but I'm having problems understanding the RF24 library. Kindly supplied by icstation.

make it wearable finalists meet team nixie pixel

Discount available on this item: It's a Colorduino V1. But at what point did you work out that the display was fitted the wrong way round?

This video show how to download u8glib, import the library in Arduino IDE, and run the HelloWorld example in the library. Details can be found at http: You can use it to programmably control LEDs, make sound, make light or temperature-aware electronic projects. Check out these student projects at Mount Holyoke College to get some ideas of what you can do with it: If you would like to purchase one then email me at 0miker0 gmail. It does not consume a lot of energy and seems ideal for outdoor use.

Associated with a pressure sensor BMP module, it is relatively easy to achieve a very compact altimeter for hiking. You have to check it out! Join the Facebook group: Home Integration II now available: Welcome to my Arduino Home Integration tutorial using an Android ecosystem.

Alright, so basically in this tutorial I am going to walk you through a small project I completed. So the purpose of this project? If you are someone like me, you'd probably have a billion remote controls that you use for your television, your satellite box, your audio system, your AC, Blah blah Basically, take a walk. In the age of smartphones, don't you think this is highly unacceptable?!

So in this tutorial, I will show you how I controlled everything listed above with my Nexus 7 Introduction: Let me know in the comments below if you were able to finish this project too! Just turn on captions and select your language in settings Hallo!

Make It Wearable Finalists | Meet Team Nixie

Ich werde dich lehren, wie man es machen. Was ist das Ziel dieses Projekts? Also in diesem Tutorial werde ich Ihnen beibringen, alles oben genannten mit einem Nexus 7 zu steuern Hola!

Benvenuti nel mio tutorial Arduino Casa Integrazione con un Android. Se sei una persona come me, si sarebbe probabilmente avere molti telecomandi per il televisore, decoder satellitare, sistema audio, il vostro AC ecc Ogni volta che si desidera accendere il ventilatore, la luce o televisione, bisogna camminare!

Nell'era degli smartphone, non dovremmo cambiare questo?! Want to reach out to me? Build a simple driver circiut on a breadboard no soldering required to amplify the Arduino's output pins to provide the necessary current to the LEDs, and create your own light show!

How Slow is Arduino? But what penalty does that impose on instruction execution times? Find out how direct port bit manipulations can speed things up ten fold. Plus a little look at interrupts. Sends sensor readings for every degree moved by the servo values sent to serial port to be picked up by Processing Processing Code: Maps out an area of what the HC-SR04 sees from a top down view.

Takes and displays 2 readings, one left to right and one right to left. Displays an average of the 2 readings Any questions are welcome!

The new software is much easier to setup and supports almost all transmitters. You can download the Arduino sketch here: Our project is based on an Arduino Mega and an MP3 shield from elechouse. You can the review of this shield in this video: The system is composed of two servos and a blue LED.

The movement is controlled in 3D around an hemisphere shape.

make it wearable finalists meet team nixie pixel

Our 3D Printed design turns this display into a google glass like form factor. It easily clips to your prescription glasses, and can display any kind of device with Composite Video like a Raspberry Pi. Learn more about Make It Wearable and see highlights from Finale event at http: To find out more about Team Nixie, see their work at http: Got it working within 10 minutes using the u8g library.

Additionally I changed the lamp from a ceiling mount to a desk lamp. This is my first attempt on this prototype and also my first Arduino project in general. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or if would like to use a portion of this video please email us: Stepper motor used was this one: The fish is actually just a rubber fishing Lure. The wire came from the gardening section of a craft store - think it was called stem wire?

We're planning to revisit this project with a heavier duty stepper motor with more steps per revolution so we can make the movements even more realistic. Check out my Tindie store trigBoard is available https: More Information here - http: Most of the details are in the Video.

More Details, Source code and Construction Tips but no drawn circuit diagrams yet are available if you contact me on the MegaJolt www. No, I won't build one for you unless you are prepared to pay consulting engineer hourly ratesbut I will describe and help you build your own. Yes, I know the Gemini is hardly an impressive Street Machine, but its my daily driver parts-getter that I'm testing this stuff on while I build my Triple-Webered Hemi Charger where the final version is intended for.

Nixie Wearable Camera Drone Wins $, In Make It Wearable Contest (video)

Enjoy the glowing plasma Tacho! Playback rate control - click here to reset to default. Volume control - click here to reset to default. Framerate control - click here to reset to default.