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james pleased to meet you amazon

Thailand release senshido.info of Print senshido.info Listing: 1. Space 2. Falling Down 3. English Beefcake 4. Junkie 5. Pleased to Meet You 6. Shining, The 7. James - Pleased to Meet You - senshido.info Music. UK pressing of the adult alternative act's follow up to their album, Millionaires. This special UK edition includes two bonus tracks, 'Gaudi' & 'What Is It.

Every moment is exhausting, crushing, and painful. Anxiety destroys your confidence, your productivity, your relationships, and your ability to enjoy life. You can put an end to your suffering. You can start living again. Play It Away covers my entire journey: I read your book in a single sitting. I'm so appreciative of your words because they validate what I've been feeling deep down all this time. After you have the title, cover, and description of your book mapped out, THEN you can start writing.

Bake the marketing into your book Your aim is to create a marketable book. In order to do that, you -- the author -- should try to bake marketing elements into your book that facilitate word-of-mouth and ongoing sales. Here are a few examples: But how are you going to reach them unless you have their email address? You should find a way to collect their contact information at some point in the book.

Why not give them an offer in the sample chapter that sends them to a landing page which collects their email address? Case in point, from my book: Send them a PDF of your book. Have them read it in Preview Mac application and use the annotation feature to leave candid notes. Ask each of these readers to give you notes on the following: When they get bored, stop reading, and check Facebook, When they roll their eyes, Whey they want to share a quote or section with a friend, When they laugh, get excited, or feel hooked, Which sections they loved, and which ones they hated.

They are forcing you to make a great book, and catching all of the things that currently suck. You need beta readers to prevent you from releasing garbage. Get to know your readers and form a deeper bond. Chapters are blog posts.

Book Marketing How to Hit #1 on Amazon's Bestseller List

Think about how your writing can be packaged online and easily shared. Readers love to put quotes on Twitter and Facebook.

Equip them with little bites of wisdom from your book that they can easily share with their friends. Call-to-action to share, review, or buy more. I have two main calls to action at the end of my book. The word-of-mouth is baked in. The second CTA comes immediately after the final chapter: If you want to learn more about baking marketing into your book, check out these two articles: This tactic has worked really well for Tim. For the release of The 4-Hour Chef, he did a promotion where he released a digital bundle on Bittorrent -- a site with million users -- which contained a section of 4HC, deleted chapters, and bonus video content.

The 4HC promo is a unique case with exceptional results, but the principle can be used by any author -- give your book away for free to people who are going to talk about it.

My dream team consisted of: Once I had my list, I reached out to everyone, and gave them my book for free. I asked several dozen influencers if they wanted my book. You might think, "It's unfair! You know all the famous internet people! Do you think I paid for those relationships? With Tim, Tucker, and Ramit -- I reached out through email, offered to help them for free, and eventually became friends with them.

I developed actual relationships with most of the people I met. Some are just loose connections, but most are friends that I've had dinner and drinks and crazy experiences with many times over the years. I don't expect my friends to read the book, nor do I expect them to help me in any way.

I just try to get them interested in my book by making a personal offer that's extremely difficult to refuse.

Here's how I phrase my offer, depending on the strength of my relationship with that person: Loose Connection Hey [nice person that I like but don't know well]- My first book is coming out next month, and I'd love to send it your way.

Not asking for any favors, don't worry -- this is a free gift. I think you'll like it because I talk about managing anxiety and workaholism with play. Do you prefer Kindle or PDF?

See what I did there? Instead of asking if they wanted the book, I asked what format they preferred. The question assumes they've already said "yes" A or B? This is critical for busy people, who receive hundreds of emails a day. It's short, sweet, and makes it easy for them to quickly respond "Kindle, please!

How to Increase Your Amazon Kindle Book Sales by 600% in a Week

A Workaholic's Cure for Anxiety. The reason I'm emailing is because I'm an enormous fan of your writing, and I would love to give you a copy of my book. The article has already helped more thananxiety sufferers rediscover the importance of play, and I'm hoping my book will help many more.

Would you prefer Kindle or a PDF of my book? Just let me know and I'll be happy to send it to you. The first paragraph shows my admiration for their work, and establishes me as a fellow expert in terms they'll appreciate. The second paragraph makes it easy for them to respond to the email A or B? If that happens, it actually validates that your work is good no one pirates awful content. Think of it as free advertising.

If your book is really good, people will pay for it or share it. Paolo Coelho -- the Brazilian author of The Alchemist, and many other books that have sold millions of copies worldwide -- is such a big believer in giving away his books for free that he set up his own piracy site called Pirate Coelho. Seth Godin gained much of his following by releasing his book The Idea Virus online, for free.

It was downloaded more than 1 million times. Hell, even I gave away my first book Recession Proof Graduate for free.

The marketing machines you set up will automatically increase your sales indefinitely. I use App Anniewhich automatically sends me a beautiful snapshot report of my daily ebook sales. For tracking clicks, I use Bit. Continual stream of Amazon reviews. As long as your reviews keep going up, your product is being validated.

James the Band English Beefcake

I knew that Hoehn was rotten! I'm always suspicious of anything with a skewed record. The truth is that I just asked all 30 of my Beta Readers to leave a review.

james pleased to meet you amazon

I even publicly stated why I was doing this two months before release: I never asked anyone to leave a 5-star, or even a positive review. And even when it's not gamed, people still suspect authors of foul play.

james pleased to meet you amazon

Case in point, my 1-star review: We got a fair amount of flak when we launched The 4-Hour Body. Tim just gave away hundreds of advance copies to blog readers. On launch day, he sent out a link to the Amazon page and asked these early readers to leave a review. Getting a foundation of positive Amazon reviews doesn't have to be manipulative or slimey at all.

In fact, it should be harmonious.

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  • Book Marketing 101: How to Hit #1 on Amazon's Bestseller List

I never had to force anyone to leave a review; I just asked. Email 1 -- February 2, Subject: It meant a lot to me, and you made a big impact on how the book ultimately turned out. Anyway, that's it for now. Have a great weekend, and I hope you're well! Charlie Email 2 -- February 7, Subject: Hey [Beta reader], The book is finally up for sale on Amazon: It'd really help a ton. The first popular review of this book is probably going to be THE review that people will see for years to come.

If you have time to write one today, that'd be great. Great reviews usually consist of: Notice the post-script, where I tell them HOW to leave a review. I love this because I only have to set up this marketing machine once, but it can be used forever to generate ongoing sales.

Which parts of your book will people still love and want to discover five years from now? Take that content, and repackage it for a variety of different mediums: Check out how Ryan Holiday uses it to market his work: You should make one or several book trailers that will be in-demand and worth watching for the next 10 years.

People want to form a relationship with the author first. Come up with packages at multiple price points. On a basic level, you could offer the Kindle ebook cheapesta paperback middleand a premium book bundle most expensive. The Land Rush Technique Bulk orders. The second time I got to market a book was when the expanded version of The 4-Hour Workweek came out.

Tim said some of the media he had planned fell through, and we needed to come up with a Plan B.

Pleased To Meet You

What we came up with not only landed The 4HWW at 4 on the New York Times bestseller list, it also laid the groundwork for a massively effective promotion we did the following year. No email receipt needed, but familiarity with book will be important. Buy 4 Copies — Free signed, advanced copy of Becoming Superhuman [note: E-mail Amazon receipt to bonus fourhourworkweek. This makes the ten copies, in effect, free.

Dine and hang out with me and my best friends from tech and all over the world. I will fly you from anywhere in the world to San Francisco, where I will cover all meals and entertainment for 24 hours.

One friend or business partner is welcome to attend if they cover their own travel and hotel. Profitability Too many sellers focus on top line sales numbers rather than bottom line profits.

Focus on bottom growth and account for all costs upfront. Stop averaging everything out, and looking only at your overall sales numbers and margins. Such an approach has helped many a seller rationalize its catalog, focusing on bottom line growth ahead of all other financial goals. As mentioned in a previous chapter, a seller has the option of sending product into FBA without having to provide SKU-level stickers on each unit.

And, if other sellers have sent in a counterfeit product or used-condition product that they are trying to pawn off as a new-condition product, now the new seller may get itself into trouble with Amazon for selling a problematic product to a customer even if it was technically not their product. Amazon responds when customers complain about product quality — and the heavy lifting falls on the individual sale-level brand.

The other complicated issue around stickerless vs. By default, each new FBA account starts off as stickerless. Otherwise, the seller will have to create a duplicate stickered offer on the same product listing. If in doubt, flip everything to stickered not co-mingled immediately upon turning on FBA, but before creating the first FBA shipment. Repackage Unsellable Customer Returns. Unless you sell your product in a generic polybag or generic cardboard box with no logos on the packagingI suggest turning off this repackaging feature immediately, and handling all repackaging yourself to ensure only the highest-quality product with proper packaging is presented to Amazon customers.

Listing Optimization There are a number of sources of data available within Seller Central that can be used to improve the listing quality of your catalog. For many sellers, the process of building and optimizing listings is a one-time deal, as they understandably turn their focus to other operational matters. Use the Sponsored Product Ad campaign reports.

A significant opportunity, however, lies in using the reports from the Sponsored Product ad campaigns. In these reports, you can see the exact keywords that were connected to Amazon customers buying your products. Lifting those terms directly into your generic keywords will improve the SEO discoverability of your listings. And with the generic keyword capacity for words now much larger than ever before, there is room to add many more keywords and get click benefit through SEO rather than paid efforts.

Include answers to previous product inquiries on your product page. If customers are asking product-specific questions, addressing these issues in your product detail page content is likely to improve customer conversation over time. Ask for the category listing report. While you request this report for only a finite period i. Operations And now the biggest category of all. Do you have a clear process for handling returns efficiently?