Inter school athletic meet 2013 gmc

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inter school athletic meet 2013 gmc

09/24/, 25th INTERZONE JUNIOR ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP, YOUTH ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP , JUNIOR WOMEN, G M C BALAYOGHI. Inter-School Athletics Competition Athletics Records (/51 - /18). 田徑 比賽破紀錄名單. List of Record Breaker of Inter-School Athletics Competition. / undergraduate catalog .. McKendree's athletic program boasts Coach Harry Statham, the most . high school and college transcripts. .. Students who have been re-admitted to the university must meet these same (GMC) at the first year/sophomore level and the Professional Officer Course ( POC) at.

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Students collected plastic packets, bottles, unhygienic materials other garbage etc, and dumped it in the nearby GMC dustbins. Apart from cleaning the water level of the pond and putting wooden platforms for the turtles to take rest, students also placed dustbins around the pond and distributed leaflets among the local people to create awareness for the preservation of turtles.

The NPS students also put up posters and banners around the pond to create awareness among the masses in this regard. Addressing a Community Meeting organized as part of the event, students of the school tried to create awareness among the masses about the preservation of turtles. Of the 29 species of freshwater turtles identified in India, 20 are found in Assam, and temple ponds in Assam are known to house a dozen species.

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Even the extremely rare black soft-shelled turtle — categorized as extinct in wild by International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN — finds a secure home in a few temple-ponds of Assam. However, there is an urgent need to adopt scientific measures for ensuring the long-term survival of the turtles in these habitats.

The Ugratala Temple pond is facing several problems requiring scientific interventions. One of the major problems here is the turtles have little breeding space and they are habituated to a diet that is not natural for them.

According to the local populace, the Ugratara Temple pond houses over turtles.

inter school athletic meet 2013 gmc

Due to the community's budget constraints, they were forced to improve on their facilities in piecemeal fashion. The first true expansion of the novitiate occurred in when the main house was renovated.

Mother Teresa Memorial Inter - School Athletic Meet 2018

It was determined that a new chapel was needed in order to handle the number of inhabitants. A new building would have been too expensive and so it was decided to add a new wing. The top floor was refitted as a dormitory, while dining and recreation rooms were added to the lower level. Outside, the carriage house that held the novices was moved and a small cottage was placed adjacent to the main building.

Not all the changes were strictly practical.

inter school athletic meet 2013 gmc

The community expands[ edit ] During the early s, various fund-raising events provided the necessary capital to begin construction of a proper chapel. This was formally opened in At the dedication ceremony, the Bishop of TrentonThomas J.

In construction of what is now known as O'Neil Hall was completed.

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The building, designed by the same architect who had created the chapel, provided recreation rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, science labs, several classrooms and a large dormitory. Ina proposal was made to move the novitiate to Blairstown but failed due to lack of funding.

Ten years later, the novitiate moved to Belvidere. This resolved the problem of overcrowding and enabled the separation of the novitiate from the postulant programs, as had been originally envisaged by the Province.

inter school athletic meet 2013 gmc

Founding of the high school[ edit ] With the newfound space,[ clarification needed ] the Brothers decided to establish a high school[ clarification needed ] and in the fall of admitted ninth grade students. A high school grew out of the old postulant program, which had existed for some time.

inter school athletic meet 2013 gmc

The school soon developed high academic standards. The class of had two national merit scholarship semi-finalists, the first of many students in this category. Athletics[ edit ] The St. Football was the most recent addition to sports at St.

Joseph's, with varsity play beginning in the season, with the team playing independently in and beginning play in the GMC White Division in A varsity soccer team was set up in the following year.

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Joseph has won 22 state swimming championships: The lacrosse team won the Non-Public A state championship indefeating St. Augustine Preparatory School in the tournament final.

The team has won the Non-Public South A six times, and and the overall Non-Public A title three timesand Other sports no longer played are water polo and wrestling.

inter school athletic meet 2013 gmc

Joseph athletes are supported by their student fan section, commonly known as the "Falcon Flock.